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You Don’t Have To Have an Exciting Life . . .


You don’t have to have an exciting life to have an exciting art journal.

In fact, although travel journals are wonderful things, some of my favorite art journal pages are about nothing at all.

The amazing success of the TV show, Seinfeld, was due to the fact that it was about nothing – just the everyday life moments of the characters.

On Tuesday, October 8, a very ordinary day, I felt the need to point out to myself that I actually had gotten many things accomplished since greeting the dawn.

Enough for a whole journal spread, in fact. (Done with ink and water soluble markers used from a palette, in my Stillman & Birn Beta sketchbook).

Let’s take a closer look . . .


The window in my studio is double hung. This means that both sashes move. Every Fall, it is a major, two-person production to shut the window for the Winter, because when you shut the bottom sash, the top one moves down enough in sympathy, that you can’t lock the window. Usually, I have to use a broom handle to hold the top sash up tight while Mark leans over the bench shears in a very dangerous stance to pull the bottom sash down and lock it. So far, no body parts have been cut off, but we still face this task with great trepidation.

JFTHOI (just for the hell of it), I thought I would give it a try by myself last Tuesday. I got on a step ladder, leaned carefully over the bench shears, and snuck up on the bottom sash, slamming it down before the top sash had a chance to notice. The lock could be set!

I danced for joy, but got off the ladder first. This little miracle deserved a journal entry!

Earlier in the day, I had packed a whole box of colorful sponge balls to send to my sister. That was just plain cute enough to go in the journal.


Tax Extensions always seem like such a good idea in April, but the devil comes back to bite me in October! A piece of everyday has been about THAT. I hate THAT.

To escape THAT, I wrote and published a blog post, did a couple greenhouse chores, and went over to the gallery to help Mark move a cabinet. It was heavy and it hurt and I got a sliver. Had we only known a lady would buy it the very next day!

Then, I stopped in the market for some *essential* vittles.

All of that could be easily forgotten in the flotsam of my days. But, now it never will be.

This is the best part of sketch journaling (my name for illustrated art journaling). Everyday moments and everyday things are great subjects for drawing and painting.

Because I know how to draw and paint everyday things, I am able to record my everyday moments.

So, I have created a BRAND NEW art journaling workshop series about just that . . . learning to draw and paint everyday things in your art journal.

I am very excited because I will use a BRAND NEW blog format for the workshop, and I have lots of BRAND NEW tricks and tools to make my teaching even better.

Better still, there is just enough time before the official start of the HOLIDAY SEASON which eats everyone’s life it seems. Not mine, but most people I know.

So, I will run the live session of this BRAND NEW workshop between October 26 and November 23, 2013 (four weeks).

The workshop will be held on a private blog. Conversations will be in the Comments. Lessons will be videos and slideshows and PDF step-by-steps. All lessons can be downloaded so you can keep a copy. At the end of the 4 Weeks, the blog will stay there permanently so you can always access it.

I am currently trying to find the best place for students to upload and share their journal pages. Any suggestions?

Note to all former Love This Journal students: This is all BRAND NEW content, but with the same great FUN content as the Love This Journal workshops had.

We will learn to draw and paint things and then explore ideas for basing journal pages around these illustrations.

CLICK THE PICTURE BELOW to see the detailed Workshop description page . . .



Let’s sneak in a fun workshop and a lot of art making before the HOLIDAYS are upon us! Sneaking up on my window worked, so sneaking might be in season!


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