Time On My Hands . . .

Well, you KNOW I can’t be saying what that title sounds like I’m saying, right? If there were any extra time around here these days, I would sleep! Not sit around talking about it.

What I mean is “time on my hands” literally . . .

In Tucson last February, I was blessed to run into a guy who had some watch charms. There are watch charms all over the place, but the keyword here was WATCH. They really work – they really are a watch.

So, I wanted to make charm bracelets with them, and I have finally gotten around to it. This one is a bit Southwestern with the turquoise color and spiral charms. (no, that is not real turquoise or this bracelet would be way too expensive to be fun!)

I have made a few so far – Here’s another (these are just detail shots of the middle section) . . .

I have put them in the gallery (AND on my website!! More about that in a minute.)

Displaying a dangly bracelet is challenging in a retail setting. You have to arrange them just so, and then as soon as a customer tries them on, they end up in a messy heap.

I thought up a great display idea that I want to share. I think it is pretty “uptown”, but it was inexpensive and easy to do.

This is a cork tile (from Amazon) in a shadowbox frame (from IKEA). I had to trim the 12″x12″ cork tile to fit, but that was easy enough.

This will stand on its own or hang on a wall. I love the way it looks, and I just know I am going to come up with additional ways to put this to work.

You can see all of these on my jessica website (and buy them too!)

So, about the website . . .

Well, the Queen Bee around here (that’s me) issued an edict to the minions around here (that’s me), that there would be a completed art website at



Everything else must be put aside until it was at least mostly done.

So, poor me, I had to set aside all the fun of downloading videos from MobileMe to save them from a horrible death, and building elaborate defense mechanisms for my poor Morning Glories to save them from a horrible death (cages and sticks and black pepper and cat clumps, and something is STILL eating every shoot that escapes the cage, and makes a run for the trellis! Grrrrr!) Suggestions?

Anyway, all that had to be put on hold while I returned to my website project. I wasn’t even allowed to have my Sunday morning coffee!!

I put the Watch jewelry and the hand-stamped pendants I showed you before on the site, and I put most of my gallery card shop on there, and I haven’t quite developed the photography section yet, which will be done as an incorporated WordPress site so I can show the photos the way they should be shown.

But, I would love for you to visit, and make sure it is all working (except the photography).

The idea is that I will have a place to showcase and sell my own art – the stuff I create for the gallery, and maybe some work that won’t even go to the gallery.

Anyway, so far, so good, I think . . .

Please tell me what you think:


14 thoughts on “Time On My Hands . . .

  1. Adèle Farley

    I love your ‘Jessica’ site and all that is on it . The watch charm bracelets and the display are great. I guess you never stop and I admire your energy and all that you have accomplished.

  2. Christine

    Your website is easy to navigate. Love all of your cards and clouds and clocks and more! I am loving learning about the iPad even though I haven’t posted much. It’ll come.

    Thanks for all your hard work and teaching skills.

  3. Jeanne

    First, what a great idea to use cork for the background for your jewelry. It’s natural, colorful, and a great foil.

    Second, what a great website! I like everything about it—it’s easy to navigate (very important) and the photos of your sale items are simple and uncluttered, also very important. Prices and Buy Me are right up front, descriptions are, well, descriptive. Great job!

    One question, that may have been answered and I didn’t notice: Are the chains in Great Expectations included? If so, perhaps the length should be stated. If they’re not included, perhaps that should be stated!

    And oh yeah, I love your jewelry and cards. Do I see members of your furry family as some of your models?

  4. Annette Geistfeld

    Looks good, Jessica! I like your font and style. It’s fun and easy. Way to go!

  5. Marilyn

    Your website is amazing. And your quotes and photos are stunning compositions. I am so happy for you. I read everything and it makes me feel alive and thinking how wonderful the world is. tiny edit…You need an l in always on the Irish Blessing card.

  6. Peggy Schroder

    Jessica, I think you can tell how much I like your new site. I love ALL of your jewelry pieces. I was looking for a pendent so similar to this in Ireland and you present it to me on a silver platter. Well not quite, but it sure felt that way. Thank you! I’ve bookmarked your shop.

  7. Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

    Great site!

    Here are my suggestions:

    Put a thumbnail of i.e., the charm bracelet as the link through for that section and with each section. We love visuals and that’s what gets us to click through to another layer.

    AND make sure you put a set of social media buttons for each item. That way, we can all ‘share it’ on our Face Book pages with our audiences which will help to grow yours.

  8. Jerrie

    Hi Jessica!
    Thought your” Jessica” website is a great beginning!…
    Love your pendant jewelry…(You know me,….I got an idea!)
    Individual charms with the classes & workshops that you teach on them, so your students can collect them…….maybe even put “Sheer Heaven” on one too!

    (I can’t turn myself off sometimes!)

  9. Hermineh Miller

    Love the jewelry. It’s a little hard to see some of the detail because the background is too similar in value to the beautiful metal. Have you considered using a darker cork board?

  10. jessica

    I have, Hermineh, and thank you for suggesting that. Remember our photography workshops where we had the problems about exposing very dark and very light in the same photo? That is the problem here. The jewelry has highlights that are the brightest, so a dark background makes even more problems than a mid-gray one.

    Many years ago, my advertising agency specialized in jewelry accounts in San Francisco because we had a photographer who was awesome at jewelry photography, and he was a rarity indeed! It’s the hardest thing to photograph, so if anyone is having trouble, don’t feel lonesome!

  11. Anne Lloyd

    Nice website! This reminded me to ask you about the classified website you set up awhile ago. Is that over, or am I looking in the wrong place? I have an iPad to sell, and thought it might be of interest to someone in your audience.

  12. jessica

    HI Anne,
    That idea died for lack of participation, I’m afraid. Email me about your iPad. I may have buyers for you in my iPad studio workshop, and I can also put it in the blog on Sunday.

  13. Anne Lloyd

    Thanks very much, Jessica. That’s too bad about the ad site, because it was a great idea. I appreciate your note on the iPad. I’ll send a note in a little while.

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