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It’s that time of year again: our first freeze. I knew it was coming all week so I did have time to get ready, but it did take every moment of the week, and I am never really ready.

The first thing was to completely clean out the garden room to make sure it was spider and other-bug free. All the dust, from doors and windows open for the summer, had to be returned to the great outdoors.

Then, the gradual process of trimming plants from the garden, spraying them with horticultural oil, and moving them into the garden room.

Eventually, it turns into a wall of flowers because I can’t seem to let any of them go. Bad enough to say good-bye to those planted in the ground, but if they are in containers, I just can’t resist keeping them.

And I am so excited to have figured out how to hang art on the stucco. The garden room is stuccoed inside and out, and I am afraid of drilling into it. I picture cracks in the walls and splinters of stucco flying through the air. Very scary. So I have yet to hang any of the art I bought especially for that room.

Then I had one of those ideas that causes husbands (even those who aren’t so darned handy themselves) to look at you with *that* look. You know the one I mean.

Anyway, ignoring that input, I used E-6000 to stick metal picture hanger hooks to the stucco. Had to tape them in place until the E-6000 cured. Otherwise, they slid down the wall, leaving snail trails of goo.

I actually had my own doubts about this one – but it worked. By the next day, I could not pull the hooks off the wall and they held the not-so-heavy artwork just fine. . .


This beautiful piece is by Chris Weathers, an amazing paper sculptor who now lives in San Miquel de Allende, Mexico, and does her paper casting on old ruined building walls. We have collected her work for years. This is my fifth piece and it is perfect for a garden room.

I never pick flowers, but last night I thought my Cosmos and Daisies could be lost to frost, so I put a few in vases.

Both the Cosmos and Daisies made it fine through this first freeze, and so did my last couple Hummingbirds, who really should be on their way to Central America by now, but can’t bear to leave the garden. I was so worried about them last evening that I put warm sugar water out in case that would help. We are due for another week of warm weather (at least), so it’s not over yet!

And here is my lovely reading corner with my most precious and prized garden quilt – made for me by Jerrie Hall.

I know the hose is not lovely, but it represents the life blood of the room, and is in constant use, so there is no point in hiding it away. On the shelf above the rocker is my Bose Sound Dock, which turns my iPod into a killer stereo.

Hope I haven’t bored you to death, but this is totally ALL I have done this week, so I thought I would share.

Workshop Announcement . . .

A couple months ago, 34 students took the Travel Journal Workshop, and had a great deal of fun creating their travel journals from trips past, present, or still to come.

Many more folks wanted to sign up, but had scheduling problems.

So, Travel Journaling is now a WHENEVER Workshop. No more scheduling conflicts.

The link for more info in in the sidebar and here:



10 thoughts on “Where Woman Creates . . .

  1. Kath Hobson

    Jessica, you haven’t bored me one little bit. I love having a peak at where artists create..only wish my art room looked this tidy……..and despite the fact that I never get freezes bad enough to kill plants I totally get the bringing them all indoors thing too. Your room looks so lovely with all your beautiful plants inside. Enjoy…and enjoy your warm weather while it lasts…I am just heading into my summer. Oh and thanks for sharing :)

  2. Shelley

    Your plants look lovely inside your garden room. What a peaceful, happy space! I’m SO envious…My husband doesn’t like plants indoors and while I do have some houseplants despite his constant complaints, he would pitch a fit if I brought any of the outdoor ones inside, so they have to take their chances with the winter freezes.

    Your reading corner looks so inviting. A good book, a cup of tea, and a snuggle in the quilt would be heavenly! Thanks for sharing your wonderful room with us.

  3. yogi

    enjoyed reading your weeks rearranging/tidying up. I don’t have anymore room inside to bring my outside plants in… We’ve probably had a bit of frost during the nights up here in Calgary, but I’ve still got some sweet peas blooming. And maybe I’ll be lucky to have my pink poppy and this humungous cosmos (that spent all summer just growing and not blooming) flower for me before they’re killed by the frost.

    It’s a really pleasant room. Thanks for sharing

  4. Carolyn

    Thanks for sharing your lovely space with us. The E6000 idea is terrific. Are you enjoying the chemisa and the asters by now? And how about the aspens. I love Santa Fe but couldn’t deal with the winters! Tucson suits me just fine. We had a “cool” weekend with temperatures in the 70′s.

  5. Jerrie

    Got to tell you a “bringing in the plants” story…… I LOVE the what I thought was a largish plant, “Angel Trumpet” or “Datura”. I special ordered 4 of different colors from a grower in Louisiana. They were about 1 ft. tall. Followed the procedure of starting them in smaller pots and progressing to larger as the plant grew. Kept them on the deck during the warm months. By the 3rd season, they are mature enough to produce those long, lovely trumpet flowers….the perfume is magnificent! By the 3rd season they are as large as small trees but still moveable……..I made plant trolleys to keep them on to still be able to move them inside during the winter. I also put grow lights in the bank of 4 spotlights in my studio…By the end of the 4th season they had grow so tall that they hit the ceiling and started to bend over…my largish plants had become 10 foot trees and showed no sign of stopping…….
    Their downfall came when I tried to cut them back…they never recovered. I tried contacting the grower again, but they lost everything when Katrina hit.
    Maybe they’re up & running by now….but I’m thinking they need a 365 day climate!….or a jungle studio!

  6. jessica Post author

    HI Jerrie,
    We call Datura “Loco Weed” here. If animals eat it, they can get really crazy and sick, so, since I have so many animals, I have no Datura. But, I am amazed they did not recover from the trimming because we have them growing wild by the roadsides and they get just about chopped to death by the mowers, and come right back. Also, they survive the Winters as hardy perennials.

    Georgia O’Keeffe paitned the white ones *many* times.

    I had a potted, weird kind of Hibiscus that looked like a Maple tree in the gallery last year. It went up to the ceiling and out along the ceiling – was amazing. Had to cut it back when we moved to the smaller space and it did not come back. So, I know how you feel.

    Doesn’t your quilt look pretty?!

    Shelley – my husband tried complaining about plants in the house. I complained much louder. Therefore I got to build my garden room – he could get rid of the whole bunch of us.

  7. Timaree

    Hmmm, this looks really nice. I love all the plants you have in there and the nice, neat, very neat and tidy work space. So how long does it stay so neat? Great idea on the E6000 although my husband would worry it would be permanent so wouldn’t like it but I don’t have stucco at present so don’t have to worry about it. I may tell my daughter though so she can hang something on her back patio.

  8. jessica Post author

    LOL – about the neat part. I was just having a conversation with myself about that. It is sort of a race between me and the plants over who makes a mess first. Eventually, they start to drop leaves and blossoms and invite various creatures to make cobwebs etc. I, luckily have two other studio spaces – a computer studio in a spare bedroom, and a single car garage that gets the brunt of the dirty work – and serves as the packing and shipping facility for Cre8it..

    Since there are no bare surfaces in either, my painting and journaling have to happen in the Garden Room. I keep all my watercolor stuff in a fabric covered box I found at Hobby Lobby, so I can carry the whole shebang out to the garden swing all summer. I think I will retain that habit and keep the garden room uncluttered that way. We shall see – grin.

  9. Deb Sims

    You truly must be superwoman to do all you do and garden too! The garden room is beautiful and you are so fortunate to have a place to nurture both your plants and your creative spirit. I’ll be in Santa Fe for a 5 day Tory Hughes creativity workshop the first week in November. I am hoping for some cold weather. Florida is still in the 90′s and 70-80% humidty–YUCK! I’m ready for some real winter. I won’t have a car but I’ll see if I can entice the group to do a field trip to your shop!

  10. Barbara D

    I’m envious to see how clean your creative space is on top of all you do. Gave up on plants last fall when all I seemed to be doing was traveling. Decided that if it couldn”t stand an occasional freeze – oh well. Guess that shows my love of plants. Deb, you must be south of Orlando. I live in the panhandle and we had our first cold day of the season today – 49 degrees, burrrrr when you are cleaning the pool. Not complaining, actually looking forward to wearing different clothes. LOL!

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