Whatever Is MOVING!


I have not posted here since February because an accidental fall broke my hip on February 6, and I have been recovering from surgery since.

The other thing I am trying to heal is the confusion in my online life. What to post where is a biggie.

Back in December, I launched my Art-FULL Life blog which is hosted on my artist site (jessicawesolek.com).

I am leaving the Whatever blog here so archives can be accessed, but from this date, I will only be blogging on Art-FULL Life. Much simpler.

If you are Subscribed to this Whatever blog, you do not have to do anything. I have transferred your subscription, and you will now get post notices from Art-FULL Life.

If you are not subscribed and want to be, you can make that happen at this link:



2 thoughts on “Whatever Is MOVING!

  1. rochelle

    Hi Jessica,

    I just wanted to say thank you for the hydrogen peroxide in the fountain trick. I can’t wait to try it. And thank you for also telling me that chlorine will destroy my pump. I’ve used a a couple times and hope i didn’t already ruin it. I appreciate the tips!

    Huntington Beach, CA

  2. Jim Miller

    We have had a fountain (enclosed jpeg) for the past 20 years and every summer (in Colorado) we have the algae problem. We tried everything, but the peroxide process works pretty good. We still have to clean the little screen (my wife’s idea) at the bottom intake, but not as much and the water is algae-free. Thanks for a great idea — easy and cheap!
    P.S. I am a graphic/conceptual designer and photographer and Lu is a gardener. The “ART of LIVING” makes our lives very special.
    Jim and Lu

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