Change and Creativity . . .


Change and creativity go hand in hand.

If you know someone who “hates change” and never likes to entertain new ideas, that person is probably not very creative.Not that he doesn’t have the potential to be creative because everyone does, but he is just not open to the experience.

My family is very creative and there are a lot of people in it, and at family gatherings, they pretty much drive me nuts with an agenda that seems to change every 15 minutes or so. Don’t pay attention, and you’ll surely be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The internet has affected more CHANGE than anything in human history and consequently, affected CREATIVITY more than anything ever has.

And that brings me to why I am thinking about this subject this morning.

When I conceived the duration and schedule for my new “Outside the Box” creativity workshop, I knew that I would need a substantial minimum enrollment in order to make a commitment for a year’s worth of work.

One of the big changes I have made in my life is that I no longer short-change or undervalue my time and talent. I think the concept of free everything on the internet has done as much harm to artists as good, but that is a topic for another day.

There was a time, just a short while ago, when making the quota I set would have been easy. But that has changed too. There are “workshops” on every blog and every website now and many potential students are over committed. The slow economy doesn’t help either.

So I have been driving my friends and family nuts for the last week or so about whether I should cancel this workshop and disappoint those who did sign-up, or go ahead and commit to a lot of work that won’t be properly compensated.

The decision was made more difficult by the fact that I have most of the lessons for the first three months done, and I KNOW what a special workshop it is.

One great friend suggested a schedule CHANGE as a compromise. (Thanks, Betsy!) Maybe if we took this three months at a time. If that works well, we can always go on to the next Quarter.

I liked this idea and decided to expand upon it by offering each month individually as well, so those with income/outgo restraints could proceed month by month.

Therefore, Outside the Box is officially changed to a three month workshop with 12 lessons for $60, running January 15 through March 15, 2015. Four Lessons will be emailed on the 15th of each month for you to work through at whatever pace you want.

Also, as of their release on the 15th of each month, each set of 4 Lessons will be available for $25 – like a mini workshop.

You can sign up now for either one or three months here. First set of Lessons will go out on Thursday.


If you have registered for the year long course, you will be charged only for the Jan-March session ($60). If you used PayPal, a refund ($140) will be issued before the 15th.

I hope these changes expand the audience for this workshop because it is one that can change your whole approach to creative thinking. And . . . it’s really fun.

In order to reach everyone, I have to post this to both of my blogs. Sorry for the inconvenience of a repeat.

2 thoughts on “Change and Creativity . . .

  1. Marrianna

    And to think I already have all the supplies I’ll need! This is great. I’m still using Nan’s 2015 motto from a few blog posts ago: “Love it and use it, or let it go.” It’s hard to not shop for more supplies but my best friend spent 3 hours on Saturday organizing my supplies in the IKEA 4×4 cubes in labeled plastic tubs, as well as my 8′ table that looks out the south facing window that has tons of bright Flagstaff sunshine.

    Plus I’m laid up with a broken ankle for 6 weeks. The knee stroller is a great invention and economical to rent. I have too many steps to get outside or into my garage to make it possible for me to explore. I’ve been housebound for 10 days except for the visit to emergency care on Sunday, Jan. 4, for the xrays, and the following Wednesday to the orthopedic office for the final determination, more xrays, and a tall walking boot (of which I cannot use to walk on). I am grateful I don’t need surgery. Netflix and Amazon Prime have been keeping me company as does Facebook and email.

    Your brave ingenuity, Jessica, is an inspiration! I haven’t used my Sheer Heaven yet but I foresee it on my near horizon. I’ll make sure and post photos to my blog and let you know.

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