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It is the beginning of a new year and you have been thinking about how you will advance your artistic self this year. All creative people think about this at this time.

I have been thinking about it too - about how I will enhance my own creative endeavors – and how I can help enhance yours.

Every year, I create some new workshop to further this cause, and this year, I puzzled for awhile about what I should do.

I could continue with more and more advanced drawing and painting workshops, or more iPad, but I know that already, some of you feel left behind.

The lament I hear most often is the old blank page phenomenon – “I sit down and can’t think of a thing to put on the page.”That is not about drawing and painting skills. It is more about a lack of access to the creative spirit inside you – who has more ideas than you can even process – if you could just get at them.

Getting at them is a “learned” thing, not one that you are born with. I know how to teach you about this access – in a FUN and EASY way , so I decided that would be the perfect subject for this year’s workshop.

Outside the Box is a year long “romp” through your creativity – also offered in Quarterly Installments.

The supplies are minimal, the drawing  and painting are simple and light-hearted, and the workshop is really about making journal or sketchbook pages based on creative ideas and learning the “process” of creative thinking.

This is my most fun workshop since the old Love This Journal series (not currently available because of video issues).

The second big decision to make this year was the delivery schedule. It seems like anything in the past has been too fast or too slow for some. Whenever Workshops are great, but with no schedule at all, some people put them off and never get around to them.

So, this workshop will try a new schedule.

There will be 4 PDF Lessons emailed to you on the 15th of each month in 2015. You can do them all at once if that’s your desire, or one a week to pace it out. Everybody has a different agenda and this schedule can fit into most lifestyles.

The year long workshop can be purchased quarterly for $60 (12 Lessons), or you can save $40 and pay $200 for the full year (48 individual lessons!) and know that at least once each month in 2015, you will get a creative kick in the pants.

The first lessons go out on January 15, 2015 and the details and Supply List are here:

Outside the Box Creativity Workshop



One thought on “Outside the Box – Creative Journaling Workshop

  1. Anonymous

    How exciting! I am just finishing up Sketch Journal 1 and 2. I want to do this. Leaving in mid-January for a month in South America, but hope to do it when I get back. Already have a zeta Journal ordered to take on the trip. You are amazing, Jessica…..

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