Merry Christmas from Santa Fe!

lorettolightsIt’s a low key Christmas. Family is elsewhere and we can’t be, because when you are in retail, in a tourist destination, you don’t close your gallery and go away.

I love how the faralitos (what they are called in Santa Fe) line the pueblo architecture¬†of the Inn at Loretto. This is the iconic Santa Fe Christmas shot, but I just took it with my iPhone, so it’s not all it could be. My hands were cold!

Some friends met us at the gallery at closing time last evening, and we went together to the Plaza Cafe, which has been there on the Plaza for more than 60 years. It was warm and crowded with locals, and we had a great little dinner – looking out the windows at the Plaza . . .

plazalights1The city has outdone itself this year . . .

plazalights2plazalights3A crisp walk after dinner, and then home, because the fur children were waiting to hang their stockings, or maybe for their dinner.

Today is about RELAX!!!!

All my best wishes to all of you.

14 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Santa Fe!

  1. Jeanne Maxon

    Santa Fe at Christmas is on my *bucket list* – having seen the farolitos there. In the meantime, your pix warm my heart and day. Thanks, Jessica!

  2. Susun

    Thank you for this lovely
    holiday gift! Just beautiful and makes me long for SF! Have a wonderful time, rest and a magical New Year!

  3. Maureen

    Merry Christmas to you, too, Jessica. Old Town Plaza here in Albuquerque looks very much the same, with luminarias lining the sidewalks and buildings and porches and patios. it’s truly a lovely sight, thanks for sharing the SF version ;)

  4. Ann in Nashville

    Dear Jessica,
    I so enjoyed the pictures. I only wish I could be in your beautiful city at this time of year. I read everything you post and enjoy it all.
    Not much has changed on my end.
    Much love,

  5. Jeanne from Austin

    Hello jessica and Merry Christmas from your friends in Austin! We have never been in Santa Fe at Christmas, but your photos make me long to go. Many years ago, before we knew you, we were there in October when it snowed about a foot, and it was surely magical. So quiet and peaceful and utterly beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful season.

  6. Suzi D

    Happy Holidays Jessica!!
    Just LOVE the pics of Santa Fe at Christmas…. something about the glow & warmth of lights!!
    Hope you two had a beautiful Christmas…that the New Year brings you good health….prosperity…..laughter & Joy!

  7. Lee Sabolich

    Coming to Santa Fe! Have been the delighted student in several of your classes. Where is your gallery?

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