Santa Fe Sketchbook 2015


I’ll be honest with you. It was a difficult decision whether to offer my Santa Fe Art Journaling Retreat in 2015.

Part of the struggle was that scheduling changes at my classroom venue made things uncertain regarding guaranteed availability dates. I also signed on for another year’s lease at my gallery and know it will take lots of time to do justice to that.

But on the other side of the table was the satisfaction of seeing people have so much fun, enjoy my city so much, and especially, the look in artists’ eyes when they finally admit they can draw!! The teacher in me can’t stop quite yet.

So I made changes. First, a new name: Santa Fe Sketchbook. It s still about art journaling, but our art journals are really sketch-based, and this name says that better, I think.

Second, I have a brand new, beautiful classroom right in the building with my gallery, so why not use it? It is in the heart of downtown – a block off the plaza. You go out the door and you are *there* in the middle of Santa Fe. Our other place was 5 blocks further away.

The only downside is size – the other classroom was twice as big.

So, the third change was to limit attendees to 8, and offer two dates, since the late September date did not work for everyone.

Eight students will mean lots of time for individual attention (when asked for – I don’t hover).

Fourth change: I lowered the tuition by $50 and am offering an additional $50 Early Bird Discount for sign-ups by the end of January. That makes an affordable retreat much more affordable.

So many of you have emailed saying you hope to attend one of these retreats “someday”. I have to tell you that someday has to be in 2015, because it will be my last year of live teaching for the fore-seeable future. My last hiatus lasted more than 5 years. I don’t know what the duration of this one might be.

2016 will be devoted to large and detailed and complicated art projects – which I love to do and never have the time for. Then, I will see where I go from there.

So, if you want to join me for a dream trip to Santa Fe and learn to paint that window at the top of this post, or the page that follows (and many others like it), come on down!

Here’s the info page link with dates and details:


If you missed the announcement of my new, free magazine, ART-Full Life, please see the previous post.

One thought on “Santa Fe Sketchbook 2015

  1. Suzi D

    Santa Fe Sketchbook 2015 makes me want to head West & do the course all over again. It’s amazing ….. not to mention a ton of fun! :)

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