A Brand New Wonderful Thing . . .

artfullifescreenshotIt always amazes me how many switchbacks are on the road to the future.

2015 will be my 15th Year on the Internet as a content creator and business.

How things have changed!

Do you remember when Yahoo Groups were the big thing and had all kinds of RULES to follow? And the only blogs were very personal diaries – often very depressing.

I went on the web because I had an amazing paper to share (Sheer Heaven) with other artists. I knew it would be especially attractive to Rubber Stampers because they were all loving vellum, and vellum was an ill-behaved thing indeed.

This was before anyone was saying “mixed media” and the collage craze was just getting started.

No one at all was talking about “transfer”. Who knew what would become of Sheer Heaven because of that!?

I figured the best way to reach the stampers market was to start a new Yahoo Group called “New Idea Exchange” because stampers were the biggest bunch of experimenters I had ever seen, and Sheer Heaven was surely a *new* idea.

I announced my new Yahoo Group in a couple of other Groups I belonged to then. I got yelled at because one of those “rules” was that you weren’t allowed to mention other Groups.

But I didn’t care about getting yelled at because, I had 700+ new members for my Group overnight.

Those were incredible times with everyone sharing everything. We had great info, great humor, and great fun.

And I grew my following by publishing a free magazine called “Now What?”.

It was hell to create an online magazine in those days – every page was a web page and the software was very difficult and cumbersome. Eventually, the effort wore me out.

I also had a newsletter called “Whatever . . .Whenever”, which was the forerunner of this blog. This blog itself has had FOUR reincarnations!

But the online world has changed dramatically and people operate very differently when it come to connecting.

When “Social Media” first came along, I didn’t know what it meant, and I still don’t “get” most of it. But it sure has taken over because even the most popular Yahoo Groups hardly ever get a new post from anyone.

So, I’ve been knowing I need to do something to adjust to all of this, to increase my following once again, and to make sense of the enormous history of content that sits in my archives. I just couldn’t figure out what the new approach could be.

I tried a few ideas that were not the answer, and then, 3 nights ago, I came out of a deep sleep in the middle of the night with an answer that felt right.

I talked about going in circles last time, and turning back sometimes instead of full speed ahead.

This is certainly that.

Once again, I have a free magazine, but this time streamlined for the modern world.

It speaks for itself, really, but I will say that it feels very good to me – fresh and so much easier to do.

It resides in a blog on jessicawesolek.com, because this time. I am also going to build my own name recognition too. It is hooked to a Pinterest board, which will offer a visual table of contents, so you can easily see articles that interest you, and hopefully re-pin them. And the post links will be on my Facebook page for those who want to follow from there.

You don’t make a living by giving away things for free, but you do build an audience, and the audience will support what you do by purchasing your products. The, you can continue to do things free.

I will post new content very often – at least once a day, but the articles may be as simple as a beautiful photo and a quote (remember Captured magazine?), or as complex as a small art project.

The subject is appreciating the ART in your life in whatever form it takes, even gardening, cooking, and decorating. There will be lots of reviews and sources and ideas – and, most of all, mindfulness. That’s becoming a buzz word all of a sudden, but it is not a fad. Rather, it is a necessity for sane and balanced living.

ART-Full Life will have its own email subscription list, so if you want email notification of new posts, you will have to sign up on that email list.

You can also find all new posts  by following my ART-Full Life Board on Pinterest here:


or Friend me on Facebook here:


All post links will be on my wall as they happen, but I must warn you that Facebook only sends about 4% of posts out to friends, so it will be best to check my wall for new articles. if Facebook is your choice.

Of course, the magazine is actually a blog, so you can follow it on Feedly, or Bloglovin, or whatever you use to follow blogs.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, right?

You will be wondering what will happen to this blog and the answer is that I don’t know, and won’t know until I see how it all goes. For now, it will be as it has been – Whatever . . .Whenever.

Now, without further ado. please go see what you think of ART-Full Life. There are only two posts so far because they are good ones and I did not want them buried by other posts until you all got a chance to see them.

You can read my mission statement on the ABOUT page there.


If you like it, you will do all of us a lot of good by spreading the word and the link around. Thanks in advance for that!


3 thoughts on “A Brand New Wonderful Thing . . .

  1. Jeanne from Austin

    jessica, you are so full of creative ideas that my head just spins. And hurts. I do not know anyone else who is constantly thinking about and coming up with so many original thoughts. And then puts them into action. I really don’t know how you do it. But I am so glad you do.

  2. Timaree

    Mindful living. Sometimes I feel like I am waiting, rushing to wait (my husband is a big part of this) so grabbing some mindful moments are usually with art, once in a while reading a book or being with family but mostly doing something with art materials of some sort and mostly with pencil, pen and watercolor! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    If I ever figure out Pinterest which doesn’t seem so user friendly to me as compared to Facebook or blogging (I usually just save my favorite recipes and stuff to Evernote) I will certainly add your magazine to it.

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