And the Circles, They Go Round and Round

paintingtowelThe holidays seem to make everyone run around like a chicken, but yesterday, I had to sit down and laugh at myself.

There’s a short hallway between my in-the-house office studio and the door to the garage studio. I was doing a lot of computer work, but I also had to load the kiln for a special order Christmas gift, and I guess I didn’t know which of those to do at the moment, because I turned around in that hall and retraced my steps FOUR times as new thoughts occurred to me!

Does that count as running in circles?

Anyway, the “illustration” you see above is a paper towel on which I continually wiped my brush as I worked on a watercolor painting some time back. Sometimes, these towels are too pretty to throw away.

So, a couple of years ago, I created a line of greeting cards from them called “Strokes of Genius”, combining those brushstrokes with quotations from some genius minds from the past.

These cards have done very well in the gallery and I have often thought about showing them to you, but haven’t gotten around to it.

But now is the time because I am onto a new, old thing.

Many of you have been around a long while and you may remember that I used to sell such things as digital files of photos and images for other artists to use in their art.

As is usually the case, I was way ahead of the game and the audience was not there yet to understand the product.

So, I forgot about that for awhile, but I often thought about the idea of selling my cards digitally. For the price of one real life card, you could get a file to print many copies of the card. But I haven’t done it.

I am always reading articles on online business, and last week, I ran across one that listed three Etsy Shops that had made over a thousand sales in one day -  Black Friday. Wow!

What could they possibly be selling? I thought.

So I went to see. One was new age candles and stones and such, one I can’t remember, and the other was selling “Printables”.


While I wasn’t looking, that missing audience has shown up – in droves, I guess.

Because this product suits me very well, I decided to enliven my old Etsy Shop (not the Wow Gallery one) to be a home for my own line of images, and the Strokes of Genius cards are the first “Printables” I put up.

If you are in need of very fast and VERY affordable holiday gifts, this is a great answer.

My printables sell for $5.99 and the product is a high-res PDF with which you can print an 8″ x 10″ frameable poster or Size A2 Notecards, 2 on a page. For little more than the cost of a single greeting card, you can have lots of cards and posters – just add paper and ink.

And you can print as many as you want – as long as you don’t sell them.

A matted print is a great gift and so is a set of notecards. A2 envelopes are available at any office supply store.

I think this will be a fun project for me for 2015 and I intend to add printables as fast as I can create them.

Here are a couple samples of the Strokes of Genius images.

strokespossibilities strokesyoung

Oh, and remember that watercolor garden sketch you all liked so much? I made a printable of that too . . .

watercolorgardenprintYou can see them all at the reborn Etsy Shop here:



5 thoughts on “And the Circles, They Go Round and Round

  1. Nancy

    Amazing to me that even your scraps look like art! The Henry David Thoreau print looks like cattails to me. I’m just starting, and barely doing any better. lol

  2. Cathy in AZ

    Yes, Jessica, you were running in circles. Ha! I love your creativity. You are so witty and talented. You inspire me.


  3. Diana in Texas

    I love your Running in Circles – at least you remember what you were going to do when you got to either location. I also love the “printables” you’ve developed. Yes, I think you’re always ahead of the larger audience; that’s what intrigues me about you and your ART. I make an 8×10 picture from dyed paper towels (a collage) several years ago and it turned out pretty good. At least you can tell the mountains from the water.

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