Let There Be Light… A Sheer Heaven Project

shprintThe other day, I got a call from a teacher in San Ramon, California. She had ordered some Sheer Heaven and she and her students got very excited when they used it.

“Where can I find some ideas of things we can do with it?” she asked.

I wish I had an easy answer for that question, I thought.

Of course, there is all the transfer info, the videos, the Transfer PDF here:

And a page of suggestions and ideas for all kinds of media here:

And a page of great art journal ideas for using Sheer Heaven here:

And there are articles on this blog and the old blog and in the old publications and workshops, and OMG . . .

There’s stuff all over the place!

I don’t give Sheer Heaven enough attention. Here it is a fabulous product that no one else has or could have, and it has been out there selling itself for years, and has become known around the globe, and what am I doing about it? Nothing. I am off playing with my journals and my gallery and my garden. And when the orders come in, I am the shipping department – that’s all. And this from a woman who actually owned a marketing firm in earlier life!! Maybe that’s the problem.

Anybody who knew anything about business, would say that is pretty darn dumb! They would kick me right off Shark Tank, and probably holler at me while I slunk away.

So, I am going to pay more attention. I want to find a way to gather all the info on Sheer Heaven in one place. Best thing I can think of is my Pinterest board. Do you have any better ideas?

Someone suggested compiling it all into one book called the “Sheer Heaven Bible”, but I’m afraid that would take until the cows come home – and we know they never really do.

I don’t think blog archives are an effective way of collecting something either – just not intuitive.

Anyway, today I am going to share something I just did for the holidays.

I hope you like it.

You start with a sheet of Sheer Heaven and a cake pan half full of cold coffee . . .

coffeepanI didn’t feel like making a new pot of coffee and cooling it so I used leftovers and my coffee here is not deep enough. You will see what happens because of that.

You soak the sheet of Sheer Heaven in the coffee – right side up.

It is the right side (rough side) that absorbs the dye. The right side will also imprint anything that touches it while soaking. That’s why you don’t soak it right side down against the bottom – unless you wanted to imprint on purpose, but that’s a subject for another day.

After 10 minutes or so, the Sheer Heaven will be a soft cream color, and the more time you soak, the darker it gets.

I went for a golden taupe color . . . about a half hour soak.

shcoffeepanWhen you reach the desired color, pull the Sheer Heaven sheet from the coffee and rinse under running water . . . can’t do that with other paper!


Dry on a paper towel . . .


Here, you can see my too shallow problem. Because I had less than an inch of coffee instead of 1.5-2″, the Sheer Heaven kept rising to the surface at one end or the other. I kept pushing it back down but every time I stepped away for a moment, it came back up. See the two lighter strips at top and bottom? That’s the unwanted result.

Luckily, for this project, it doesn’t matter because the piece will not be displayed flat.

When the sheet has dried thoroughly, print something beautiful on it. I am still playing with my Wild Rose leaves, so I used one of those images. . .

shprintLay a piece of double stick tape along one 8.5″ edge and form a cylinder. I usually overlap just 1/2″.

shtapeWhat you have now has many decorative uses. I often put one of those round stick-up lights inside to make a little mood light.

The cylinder will also fit like a sleeve over a glass vase, and you can fill it with fresh flowers or dried botanicals. Because Sheer Heaven is moisture proof, and I used a waterproof inkjet ink, it will not be a problem if it gets wet.

Another nice trick is to put a floating candle in the vase inside and light it. You can then control the height of the candlelight by controlling how much water in the vase.

Tall plain glass vases are available for about a dollar at craft stores and they have floating candles too.

These make beautiful centerpieces surrounded by dried (or fake) leaves.

I didn’t have any of this stuff around this morning or I would show you how it looks lit.

But I can show you how it looked lit by sunlight in the garden room.


After all these years, it still shocks me how beautiful anything looks on Sheer Heaven.

Make some of these for your holiday table. Any vintage photo looks great printed on the coffee background too.




6 thoughts on “Let There Be Light… A Sheer Heaven Project

  1. Mary Darling

    What a great idea with the Sheer Heaven. Just wanted to tell you that I got my Wish tray and love it. Each time I go into my bedroom and look at my tray, I see different colors. Thanks for the beautiful work.

  2. Marilyn

    I really dislike Pinterest. Maybe others do too. How about its own separate place on your website with info and project pages or even just one page with a list of links each with a short description of what they are about. Although an e-book would be great and you could always just add to that. :-)

  3. Marrianna

    I think Marilyn’s idea of having its own page with links is a good one. Will it be easier and more fun + efficient for you? Can’t say. I never thought about looking at Pinterest for Sheer Heaven ideas. Guess I best get to that soon.

    I haven’t used my Sheer Heaven yet but have watched the videos and read the PDFs. Have you ever done anything with the Sheer Heaven after the transfer? Just wondering.

  4. jessica Post author

    The problem with a page on my site is that it doesn’t get the news to any new people, so maybe I’ll do both.

    Yes, I use Sheer Heaven leftovers as palettes (the back side), as stencil material, handles for my glass stencils, and I don’t do collage, but it’s a great base for that.

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