Fashion Footwear and a Site for Sore Eyes . . .

newcre8itsiteWho would have thought that I would redesign my website TWICE in 2014?! Not me.

But, I have been craving clean and simple, so I want my site to be easy on the eyes AND the brain..

I actually get the jitters on most blogs and websites, and I don’t want folks to feel that way when they visit my site.

Two exciting headings have been added: Art Journal and Gallery.

Neither of those links work right now because they are not finished. One will lead to my Santa Fe Gallery and the other to a collection of my journal and sketchbook pages – just for fun and inspiration.

All workbooks have been grouped under the Art Books heading, and Workshops have their own page. This should make things less confusing.

If you have a moment, I would really appreciate you giving the new site a run through because there is no better way for me to find links and things that don’t work.

Remember, we already know that “Art Journal” and “Gallery” links do not work yet.

Please let me know what you think.

Now, what about the Fashion Footwear?

I know you are all aware of my passion for fancy shoes, but this is really more about the ankle thing.

Everybody at both the Santa Fe and Manitou Springs Retreats watched me limp around for the duration – a pitiful sight indeed.

And that is a long span of time! This ankle hasn’t wanted to heal for two and a half months now.

One of the gals in Manitou is a retired nurse and she let me know that it never would heal unless I gave it some kind of support.

I guess flip flops don’t provide ankle support. Who knew?

So I got this . . .braceThe pieces of leaf and possible Husky hair were not part of the original design – I added those inadvertently.

But, I feel like I’m really stylin” because this brace goes so well with my flip-flops.

And more importantly, I guess, it’s working. My ankle is actually starting to heal and I am much less gimpy already.

This lovely ankle-wear can be found on Amazon for only $12, in case any of you are jealous and want to look this cool.

And, while sitting with the ankle elevated on a pillow, I decided to do a SIMPLE sketch of one of my flower beds.

I mean to sketch my flower beds every year and never get around to it, and every Spring, I have no idea what is where.

Actually, I never have any idea what is where, but a girl can dream.

So, I started my simple sketch, and something got ahold of me – some detail devil fairy or something . . .

gardenplotWho in their right mind would commit to such detail? Not me. I must have been possessed.

And now, I have to add color to all that!


To learn to draw like this for very little money. The Sketch Journal One and Two Sale ends at midnight tonight. Even if you don’t have time to work on the lessons now, you can get the savings and work through them at any pace that suits you – Whenever . . .Whatever, That’s our philosophy, right?

And, actually, by the end of Sketch Journal Two, you WOULD be able to draw the sketch above. You too could be possessed by a devil fairy!

Speaking of devils and fairies, reminds me that it is Halloween. Boo!

And Happy Anniversary to me. 25 years with the same guy! What?

Must be the fashion footwear that keeps him around.

18 thoughts on “Fashion Footwear and a Site for Sore Eyes . . .

  1. Diana in Texas

    I love the new look. It really is “clean and simple.” The only link that failed was Draw Simple. I did not see that you had mentioned that one. Love all your wonderful illustrations. Seems very easy to access whatever, whenever. Congratulations and keep wearing that ankle support. My kids just kept telling me “Mom it just takes longer to heal ‘at your age’.” Yeah, I needed to hear that!

  2. Nancy

    I like the new icons, and they worked for me, as they were supposed to. (minus 2 as planned) Glad to hear your ankle is FINALLY healing!

    Happy Anniversary…25 years is wonderful!

  3. Linda in Seattle

    Very nice and clean design, and easy to navigate. Everything worked fine that I tried (even your ads – I made a purchase!).

    Happy Halloween and Happy Anniversary!

  4. Judi Middleton

    Hi, Jessica~
    I last sent you a comment about your beautiful dogs. Today, I have to tell you that you “crack me up” with your humor! I’m so glad that you are back to posting, and I really enjoy them.

  5. Nancy De S

    Hi Jessica!
    All looks good, the only thing is each link does not open in it’s own page except for the blog.
    Where is your store in Santa Fe???

  6. Dora

    The links all worked for me except for the two that weren’t supposed to yet. I read on an iPad so I don’t see anything in the sidebars. Perhaps, a link back to the home page would be good for readers like me.

  7. Jeanne

    Like the new look of your website, jessica. Clean and simple. I’ve given up on other websites that were too convoluted to follow. Glad your ankle is better, and I see it still isn’t very cold in Santa Fe…. :-D And congrats on reaching 25 years with Mark!

    I’m thinking of getting the SketchJournal workshops, but are they different from the Love This Journal workshops, which I’ve already done? I’ve also done the Travel Journal. Or are these 2 totally different?

  8. jessica Post author

    HI Jeanne,

    TOTALLY different, Different approach, different content, different focus.

    Nancy – the gallery id downtown at 219 Shelby – across from Pinkoyote, And . . . links on the website are not supposed to open in different windows – just those that go to an external address. Moving around inside the website is supposed to be a trip around inside the website. There are choices on each page to return to the main pages.

    Thank you, everyone for taking your time to help me out here.

    Dora = I know that Ipad does not show sidebars and I am trying to figure out how to get around that.

  9. LynnInColorado

    Love the new site. From a former rheumatology NP…What does your nurse friend say about sneakers rather than flip flops with the brace??

  10. LynnInColorado

    P.S. I was trying to find one of your iPad workbooks and it took me awhile to realize that “iPad Art Studio Series” was the entry point, but probably just me.

  11. Anonymous

    HI Lynn – of course, my nurse friend, along with everybody else in the known world, recommends some kind of shoes rather than my flip-flops.

    However, the misery of wearing shoes is for me worse than anything.

    But the ankle is healing – when I am wearing the brace, I don’t limp anymore. Not dancing quite yet, but it’s coming.

  12. Marrianna

    Love the new look on your website.

    Congratulations on 25 years with that delightful husband of yours.
    Are you working on an update on one of the iPad Studio books that used to be in the iPad Studio Package but is no longer available. It is the one about the iPad journaling: Book 2! Keeping a Notebook/Journal – Maxjournal. Linda from our September Art Journal workshop has the full iPad Studio that she purchased a few years ago, and she told me about it. Of course the Maxjournal app is no longer available.

    Keep up the great artwork and writing. I love your posts!!!

  13. jessica Post author

    Yes, Marianna, the next iPad Workbook will be all about journaling.

    But a lot of rewriting has to happen, because, as you say, some apps aren’t even around anymore.

  14. Nan

    I like your new website. Very user friendly and appealing. Please put me on your email list to let me know about future blog entries. Otherwise I discover them by only by happenstance.

  15. jessica Post author

    HI Nan – I would love to, but I don’t have your email address to add!

    If you can see my sidebar here, there is an email subscription link at the very top.

    If you can’t, please email me with subscribe in the subject and I will subscribe you

  16. Suzi D

    Put me on the blog list too Jessica. … Thanks. For some reason, I thought we both already did that! :)
    Albeit a bit late… but Happy Anniversary… hope you 2 are still celebrating!

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