I Can’t Draw!!

paintbrushpageWhen it comes to conversations with creative people, this is what I hear more than anything else. . .

I Can’t Draw!!

Sometimes the “straight line” part of that is thrown in for good measure.

It is a very rare occasion indeed when somebody says “Why, yes, I draw quite well, actually.”

And yet, being able to draw is on the top of the wish list of most creative people.

But, we are taught that we can’t do it, that we must be born with talent, that what we draw does not look “right”, and so most of us don’t even think that wish has a chance of coming true.

And I get that.

It’s why I have devoted so much time to developing drawing lessons that are simple and fun, and which REALLY teach you to draw.

I learn as much as my students do during my art journaling retreats, and one thing I have learned over and over is that ANYONE can learn to draw, and draw well, within a short period of time.

Of course, becoming a person whose drawings are amazing still takes lots of practice and time, but you can learn to draw “OK” quickly.

And the easiest method I have come up with yet, is the one I used in the most recent workshops, Sketch Journal One and Sketch Journal Two.

This method just takes a logical path from one thing to another, sort of like the meanderings of the creative mind. We go step-by-step, encountering and incorporating the things you need to know to do each thing.

I like the approach so much that I am using it for my new series of books – Art Journal Chronicles. Or I might even call them Sketch Journal Chronicles. The jury is still out on that. “Art Journal” takes in a lot of popular activities that have very little to do with sketching or drawing, so “Sketch Journal” may be more appropriate.

My take on the Art Journal is that it is a place to keep moments and memories in a visual form. Doing that with photos and pasted ephemera is a scrapbook. Doing that with drawings of your own is a Sketch Journal.

But to keep one of those, you have to be able to sketch (draw).


Because of a crazy schedule, I never treated my Sketch Journal One and Two Workshops with enough respect and attention when they came out. They were only announced once, were not available on my website pages after that, and were hard to get to in the Shopping Cart.

They deserve better.

So I am putting them on SALE for the rest of this month – BOTH workshops for $85.

It’s only a 5 day sale because, with 15 lessons each, their regular price of $65 is much less than they are worth anyway.

You will be able to create the paint brush page at the top of this post after completing these two workshops, and there is a Sample Lesson from Sketchbook One in the Menu in the header of this blog, in case you haven’t seen that yet.

If you have already taken Sketch Journal One, there is still a SALE for you. Sketch Journal Two will be on sale for $40 for the rest of October as well.

Here is the Link to the Sketch Journal One description page, and you can get to the Sale in the Shopping Cart from there.


The lessons are easy and take very little time, so you can give yourself the ability to draw as a holiday gift!!


6 thoughts on “I Can’t Draw!!

  1. Christine Newman-Aumiller

    I loved your drawing workshops and found them so helpful before our Santa Fe workshop last year. I have another question for you, however. Years ago, you identified a point-and-shoot camera that you felt was a good substitute for a digital SLR. Can you discuss that again? I use my iPhone for many things but would like a camera because my familial tremor sometimes makes it hard to get rid of the shake when I use the phone.

  2. Nan

    I am enjoying working through the Sketch Journal One Workshop after taking your art journaling workshop this September in Santa Fe. It is great fun, and the best thing about it is that time stands still when doing it. I love having an inner guide when drawing and painting. It takes the performance pressure away, Great fun!

  3. Nancy

    I hope you make this same offer again at a later date. I can’t take your journal classes at this moment. After looking at the sample you, I’m convinced your classes are the best for me to take!

  4. jessica Post author

    Thank you, Nan and Nancy. Gad you are still sketching and enjoying Nan. I don’t know if I will have this Sale again, Nancy, but the Workshops will be there when you are ready for them.

    Christine, the info on my point and shoot cameras would be very out of date. The Fuji is now a collector item and very expensive (as I predicted it would be, and the mid range cameras have changed a lot.

    I don’t keep up lately because I use my iPad in the garden so much and my DSLR (still the lightweight Olympus 620) for more serious stuff.

    If shake is the issue, you should look for something that has really good image stabilization, though.

  5. Diana in Texas

    Even though I’ve taken both of these, I’d like to encourage everyone who is in that “I can’t draw” frame of mind that you’ll learn so much and find the confidence to lay it all out there. YES, you can draw. I’ve learned so much from these two online classes. Thanks Jessica!

  6. Jeanne Maxon

    How do I register for just Sketch Journal 2 (I already took SJ 1). When I tried to check out, it just shows both courses together. Thanks!

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