Do You Know the Way to Santa Fe?

thinkingaboutsfretreatNo, I have not quit blogging, and I would tell you all if I ever made that decision. Just been real busy is all.

Creating for the gallery is a very big job and also creating a website for the gallery is a job I can’t seem to get done. I am working on it, though.

But now the Santa Fe Art Journaling Retreat is much on my mind because it is only seven weeks away, and I am planning, planning, planning. Last year, it was SO great, and I want this one to be even better. Aim ever higher, they say.

I did the journal page you see above because I thought it would be fun to put some of those “thoughts” on paper.

I am also thinking a lot about this being my last Santa Fe Art Journaling Retreat – at least for a few years, but maybe forever. Although I have as much fun as anybody, it involves a very huge time commitment, so I just don’t know if I can dedicate that time in 2015. Especially if I still have the gallery.

Anyway, this year’s Santa Fe Retreat has been sold out for some time, but I have very recently had three spots open up due to unforeseen circumstances.

I am recruiting again to fill those three spots.

If you are one of the folks who has told me you would love to come – maybe next year or the next – you might want to think about this year instead because it may well be the last hurrah.

I would just love to meet more of you in person.

Here’s the description page (3 spaces available)

Your Opinions Please . . .

As busy as I have been, I have also been doing a LOT of art journaling. Somehow, it helps keep me grounded – especially when I am doing it in the garden at the end of the day.

It’s funny, but I have had the urge to document the pages as I am creating them – taking photos of each stage as I go along. Thinking through the steps.

And an idea for new workbooks came out of this.

I would find this type of book really interesting and a good learning tool, but what matters, dear readers, is what you would think.

I would call the books something like “Art Journal Chronicles”. They would be e-books like I always publish.

They would have articles about creating art journal pages on different subjects, both simple ones, and more complicated.

There would be step-by-step instructions, but also the WHY of the steps.

Why did I choose this subject?

Why is it interesting?

How should I draw it on the page?

Which colors and paints are best for this subject and why.

I would include photos for you to work from so you can follow along, and then you can take the principles learned, and apply them to your own subjects.

I think I would also like to throw in articles about different supplies, books on journaling, etc.

Would this interest you?

I realize when asking this that I don’t know how many of my readers are interested in art journaling or sketch booking, because you came here from so many directions.

I would love to know if these would be as popular as some of my other books because I love e-books!

Please take a moment to give me your opinion – yay or nay.




12 thoughts on “Do You Know the Way to Santa Fe?

  1. Dora

    I think the chronicling of an art journal page as it was created is a terrific idea! The ideas of also including info on what products are being used and why as well as a list of art journaling books, is, I think, a wonderful idea. Perhaps we should work on cloning you so that we can benefit from all your vital, creative ideas!

  2. myra katz

    Hi Jessica, As I read this it seems to me that I recall finding you at Cre8it a long time ago and that you were happily leaving a gallery behind you because it was “too much”. If I’m mistaken then I’m sorry. It seems to me you are always working so very hard…I hope you get to take a sabbatical when you need it. I would like you to know I do cherish the classes I took from you “back then”, and still use the info I learned. It is finances that has kept me from taking more, but I’m doing well. I still sketch in my Moleskine and show it around. Sometimes people think I’m a great artist…how funny is that! Take care of yourself. Myra

  3. jessica

    That cloning idea is such a good one, Dora. But I am such a control freak, I don’t know who would be the boss! And some fracas might ensue!

    Myra, we go back a very long way. When I first started Cre8it!, in 2001, I had a gallery in Santa Fe downtown. In fact, we had three of them.
    9/11 really cut tourism and we closed two and then the last one in late Spring of 2002. We took a 7 year hiatus and then opened The Art Garden out here in our village in 2009 and had it for four years, in three different locations in our local shopping centers, ending up in the best retail location out here. But, when the landlord got crazy and moved a competitor in next door, we decided not to stay, to change our name to WOW! and move back downtown. It’s a beautiful location and we are currently having a lot of fun with it. A lot of work, but a lot of fun!

  4. mo

    i love your idea for “art journal chronicles” … count me in as a customer for that, for sure. i love to study the construct of a page, why this or why that, what colors are best, what goes where, and the all important “why” behind each decision. what a glorious idea!!

    as for the SF retreats, i’m sorry i haven’t been able to attend, but i have issues that affect my mobility so i know i wouldn’t be able to fully participate. i only hope that one day you will resume having them and that by then i WILL be able to make that short drive up to SF to enjoy your workshop but more importantly finally meet you after all the online classes, lol

    rest and enjoy, that’s my best advice ;)

  5. Jerrie

    An absolute YAY!
    Really enjoyed last years retreat… sorry I couldn’t come this year!

  6. Diana in Texas

    My ART journey goes in many directions. I learn so much from you about drawing and the use of techniques I find no where else. On the other hand, my love of Art Journaling consists of collage, scrapbooking techniques and lettering. I do this type of art journaling mostly because drawing is not my strong suit.
    I think the art journal chronicles is quite interesting. I believe an artist should only do what they love to do and can handle with all the constraints of our busy culture. I’m looking to where you’ll be taking us.

  7. Nancy Kvorka

    Sounds like a great idea for an eBook Jessica, I would be interested. And I am still sorry to be missing the Santa Fe retreat. Last year was great.

  8. Shel


    Definitely interested in your art journal e-book idea. I’ve taken enough of your “classes” to know that it will be a quality product.

  9. Jeanne from Austin

    Yes, I think Art Journal Chronicles is a great idea! It’s a definite YAY for me! I seem to have difficulty thinking of things to journal about, and this sounds like it would be a good jump start.

  10. Nancy J

    I’m new to art journaling and an absolute beginner in all art. I would be interested in Art Journal Chronicles as an ebook. I’ve been silently following you for awhile and, my enthusiasm has grown rather quickly.

  11. Vllaznia

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