Pretty In Pink

newlightpinkpeonyI know you all enjoy garden photos, so I thought I would share a few.

I was very sad this year because one day my Peony bush (the dark pink one) was full of buds - a couple dozen or more. The next morning, there were four, and I sprinkled a cool thing called “Critter Ridder” (made up of peppers etc.) around under the bush. I still lost all but one, and I started wondering who eats Peony buds. We don’t have deer in this neighborhood.

Then I remembered seeing a ground squirrel, which was different because they haven’t been around in a few years.

I Googled and sure enough, squirrels eat Peony buds.

Here is the one hardy bud that actually got to open – with the help of some ants. Did you know that you shouldn’t shoo ants off Peony buds because they do help them open?


When I was in Durango, I bought another Peony bush with just a couple buds on it – and brought it in the house every night! I really wanted a Peony fix!

It turned out to be the beautiful light pink kind with the luscious blossoms you see in the first photo. There were only two blossoms, but they floated my boat.

The AJ’s nursery in Durango also had another one of big favorites, which are difficult to find – Monkey Flowers (mimulus).

Here is a very pretty pink monkey . . .

pinkmonkeyThey remind me a bit of orchids.

Last time, I was sharing my paintings of fantasy flowers.

Well, this time I have a fantasy flower photograph . . .

wildsnapdragonThe flower is actually a wild Snapdragon, which I am so lucky to have all over my property, and it would be SO cool if it really had this foliage, wouldn’t it?

But that is a Polka Dot plant (Hypoetes) behind it, so this is sorta like a fantasy flower.

NEWS . . .

I had to cancel the Art Journal Retreat in Manitou Springs. That location just did not have the pull to get us enough students to satisfy the hotel. Too bad – maybe we will try that again sometime.

The Santa Fe Retreat is officially full, but we have one space opening up due to a cancellation, so let us know if you are interested.


The last photography retreat I held was wonderful (2010) but a little too short.

I have been asked when I could do another one, and there hasn’t been time.

With the Manitou Springs cancellation, I now have space in October, so I am thinking about a 5 day “Mindfulness” Retreat for Photography right here in Santa Fe.

I have a great classroom right downtown at my gallery which is perfect for reviewing our photos.

Is anybody interested? I can hold it for as few as 6 people and a max of 10. More than that and we run out of reviewing time.

You need a camera that let’s you choose at least some of the controls, and you must bring an iPad. Not only would we compare the iPad camera for its strengths, we use the iPad to be able to get your photos on a BIG flat screen TV for study and review.

You do not need to know anything, or you can know a lot because you can ALWAYS get better.

I am thinking early October – like around the first week.

If you are interested, please email me:

THANK YOU for all the quotes and sources last time – great choices.

14 thoughts on “Pretty In Pink

  1. Joyce Fisher

    Your photos are beautiful and I wish I could come to that retreat, too but time and finances prohibit my doing both So, I will see you for the iPad classes, I can hardly wait.

  2. Izzy (deb) cleary from AZ

    Lovely flower power photos. I love the first photo with the light pink petals. It is so very sensuous. What’s its name? Thank you!

  3. Louise W

    So enjoyed your first photo retreat and would so love a longer one; but, alas I’m scheduled for 2 big trips this year so will have to pass. Will then be relocating to MN in 2015, so will start watching for something after that.

    Your flowers are beautiful. All my peonies were beautiful this year. Will miss then when I move.

  4. Eva Erlendson

    I love peonies. I actually have one that is 25 years old. It smells better than most roses. We had a house for 14 years and I didn’t want to leave it behind when we moved, so dug up the tuber (which is about as long and big around as my arm) and moved it. It’s doing fine here at my new home, for the past 12 years. It usually takes a new peony to bloom properly about 4-5 years here in Washington state.

  5. jessica

    I got my first one in 2005 and I really don’t have it situated correctly but I didn’t know better then.

    But, after 9 years, it really was full of buds until that squirrel got full of them!

  6. llynnda

    Must ask question. Do your peonies smell like roses. I have peony that is over 60 years old and it is the most aromatic flower even better than roses that don’t seem to smell anymore anyway. I also have a new beautiful deep rosy red that smells like dead grass. Any of the new peonies do not seem to be aromatic at all. Would love to hear from others about this phenomena.

  7. Judi

    In love with that light pink Peony! What a gorgeous photo! If I could draw or paint, I would love to have this hanging in my studio. Perhaps you would consider making prints?

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