Someday, My Prints Will Come

Casita-with-Blue-Window“Casita with Blue Window” ©2014, Jessica Wesolek

Do you know how it is when seventy hundred people have told you for 10+ years to do something, and then one day, you finally do it?

Weird. That’s how it is.

I have never actually offered my art for sale online – despite 10+ years of cajoling.

Well, now I am going to. Here’s how it happened . . .

Our tourist season here in Santa Fe is just around the corner. Our gallery has a wonderful selection of high color, whimsical artwork hung all over the place.

Looks great.

Except it’s not MY wonderful, high color, whimsical art.

Why not?

Because I don’t DO IT!

I do everything else instead, thinking I will get around to painting as soon as I am done with all that.

Ha! I’m NEVER going to be done with all that - who am I kidding?

So I set myself a “job” this week – to create a painting a day. There will be 6 altogether because I already completed this one yesterday.

AND, I am going to offer prints for sale both in the gallery and online (with free shipping!).

Prints are the same size as the originals this time (6″x6″) printed with archival inks on my very special inkjet vinyl which is waterproof and tear proof.

The sheet size is 8.5″x11″ so a variety of trims are possible for matting and printing, but the cool thing is that it can just be tacked to the wall or even hung on a clipboard because the print can’t be torn or damaged by moisture.

I used to make printed pinwheels on this vinyl and keep them in the garden!

Prints are hand-signed by me after they are printed, which is why there is no signature on the one above. That signature makes the print more valuable.

Prints are $20 and ship free within the US by regular mail.

I will have a webpage for these when they are done, but right now, if you want this one, here is a direct purchase link

Casita with Blue Window

A casita is a tiny house and this series will be cozy casita scenes and maybe some Entradas (entrances – gates and doors).


As you all know, I have been easy with usage of my images over the years, but this is a little different.

Because this is part of keeping me in paint (and pet food), it is NOT okay to print this image for personal or any other use. I.E. it is not ok to print it from the blog and hang on the wall, like you do with a lot of my other stuff. I’m fine with that a lot of the time, but this art is for creating income. Everybody needs a little of that!

Brilliant Watercolor

A reader left a comment on the watercolor post (thanks, Ernie) about yet ANOTHER brand of watercolor paint I have not tried, called Mission Gold, which she said is the Inktense of watercolor – super brilliant.

Oh dear.

But I must not get distracted right now, I must not get distracted.

Also, if my work got *more* bright and brilliant and color saturated, would it actually explode in a sunspot?


11 thoughts on “Someday, My Prints Will Come

  1. Mary Darling

    This is beautiful. I’m going to wait until you show us all of them and then choose.

  2. Vivian

    I love it!! I just submitted my order. This will look fantastic in my Oakland house. I have a Santa Fe theme going on. This Saturday I move!

  3. Jeanne Maxon

    I’m with Mary – can’t wait to see them all and then choose one – or two? :)

  4. llynnda

    I am so glad you have come to your senses! I have been listening to you for years and could hear the unhappy painter inside calling to get out, but if your friends and others couldn’t influence you I sure didn’t think I would be able to. Congratulations on a long trip home!!!!

  5. Deb Sims

    Hooray for you, Jessica! i’ll be back in Santa Fe in October and will bring my Tory Hughes Art Safari pals to see the new gallery!

  6. Timaree

    Well you are really going to have to get these painted now because we are all waiting to pick from the lot of them! I haven’t heard of those paints. I’ll look them up but I am not ready to buy more right now either. I was thinking of buying the palette you showed though. It should hold plenty of color choices.

  7. Diana in Texas

    Super Fantastic. Can’t wait to see the collection you offer for sale. It will probably be: “Now who can choose just one?” Keep calm and Paint on…………..

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