Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere!

ajsnursery1You know I am a gardening nut.

So I have seen nurseries, and I have seen flowers, but I have never seen a nursery or flowers like this.

It’s a new nursery in Durango called AJ’s and it alone would have been worth the trip.

Val and I found it on Thursday and Betsy and I stopped again as we headed out of town yesterday.

Both times I went to AJ’s, I was in less than a stellar mood because on both Thursday and Saturday mornings, the Inn’s wi-fi signal disappeared and I was unable to do many things that needed doing - including your blog posts.

Both times, when I went to AJ’s, I got happy.

How can you not?!?

All the customers in that place had a smile ear to ear – after they got over the initial jaw-dropping awe.

We told the folks who work there that they should have a recorder at the front door to catch the remarks as people come in.

Evidently, this new place is owned by people who know what they are doing. They owned a local nursery, which they sold 10 years ago, and there was a non-compete clause in the sale contract. The non-compete is now over and they are back with bells on – and absolutely fantastic low prices.

Huge baskets of cascading Illusion Begonia cost $22.95! BIG hanging baskets – $27.95 That was the tipping point for me!

And look at these Fuschia baskets! Yep – $27.95

ajsnursery3 You just have to take pictures. I took pictures of Betsy taking pictures – both with our iPads, of course . . .

ajsnursery2And then came the big challenge. Were all the flowers we bought going to fit in the van for the trip home?

ajsnursery4We opened all the doors and the tailgate.

We “stowed” all the seats in the floor.

We pushed and shoved and stacked and re-stacked . . .

And then slammed the doors and jumped in.

I am happy to report that Betsy and I and all those flowers made it back to Santa Fe unscathed.

Now to introduce them all to the garden!

9 thoughts on “Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere!

  1. Jeanne M Raffesberger

    fun day! Tell me, what is that yellow/salmon flower in the foreground? I LOVE it but do not recognize it!

  2. MarionE, Australia

    I love that last photo of your van converted into a nursery itself. It made me smile too so that I must have looked just like everyone else as they enter AJs. Thank you.

    And I look forward to enjoying watching them thrive in your garden.

  3. Susun

    Yes, Jeanne, I was wondering the same thing. My favorite colors for the back garden. I had a similar experience here in Houston yesterday. Cornelius had their annual 20-50% off everything. I went in for two things and walked out with the back of my SUV ( though it IS a compact size) filled to the brim. Now if I can just get them to survive our summer heat. More garden pictures please, Jessica, when the flowers ( and you) are settled in.

  4. Diana in Texas

    You just can’t beat flowers to encourage and give your mind a real “lift.” I know you’ll enjoy your bounty all summer long. Looking forward to pictures, too.

  5. jessica Post author

    Hi Ladies,
    That is a hanging basket filled with “Illusion” Tuberous Begonias, which are the ones that cascade – or “trail” as they say. I got two baskets – one for each side of my front door – they are SO beautiful.

    I had them in red a few years back – but nothing like this.
    Needless to say, I bought some of the food they use at AJs.

  6. Elaine Golt Gongora

    I wish I had a garden. Hope you are going to draw your beautiful new blooms.

  7. Christine Newman-Aumiller

    I am trying so hard to keep plants in my garden but a certain pit-bull mix keeps digging things up as fast as I can plant them. Suggestions?

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