Beautiful Colorado . . .

cottageprairespyThis post is coming to you from a cottage in a garden in an apple orchard in Durango, Colorado.

In fact, the door is open. Come on in.

It’s around 8am and the sun is shining, although it is a bit chilly.

There is a window seat in this cottage and this is how the sun is coming in through the trees and window shades . . .

windowseatI love the difference in color in the two windows.

Yesterday was an internet impossible day because the wi-fi here was under the weather, and when I drove into town, I forgot all about the computer and headed for the nurseries.

We lost our best nursery in Santa Fe a couple years ago, so I now make a yearly pilgrimage to Durango to get my bedding plants, and see my sister friend, Valerie, of course. There is a new nursery here that knocked my socks off, and Val’s. We spent most of the afternoon there. I  am going back and will try to get some photos.

My favorite flower is the Tuberous Begonia. Yes, I have a lot of favorite flowers, but that’s ok. There’s no maximum. Anyway, I literally could not breathe because this nursery had the biggest and most beautiful selection of Tuberous Begonia I have ever seen. Some of them now belong to me (grin).

The rest of this post is going to be photos, because I am trying not to think about anything but what is in the moment. All my decisions can wait til later.

Here is the view straight out from the porch . . .

viewfromporchand if you turn to the right . . .

viewtorightBetsy’s cottage is on the other side of that footbridge.

And if you turn to the left . . .


Ponds and streams are all over the property. That’s the main house where there are B&B rooms instead of cottages.

And if I just stay on my porch . . .

rockersonporchI could sit in a rocking chair and sketch in my journal – hmmm.

Yes – I think I will do that.

Scenery brought to you by the Apple Orchard Inn, Durango, Colorado.

14 thoughts on “Beautiful Colorado . . .

  1. Eileen Barton

    Beautiful scenery and love that little bridge! Can’t wait to see photos of all the flowers that you purchased.

  2. Mary Darling

    Beautiful pictures. Our son and DIL are moving to Colorado – I might just get to Durango.

  3. Vivian

    That little cottage reminds me on my new little house nestled against the Oakland hills…except my house is next to a freeway. Heh.

    Love these photos! I still do plan to sign up for your Colorado trip :-)

  4. Elaine Golt Gongora

    I have so much to see in the USA. This looks like a delightful place to be.

  5. Susun

    Such a lovely spot! Thank you for the pictures and can’t wait to see the nursery flowers. Also, your journal sketches, hint hint!

  6. Diana in Texas

    Such serenity. B R E A T H E……….and take pictures to show us. Enjoy.

  7. Carolyn Blocher

    Ah, I’m in love with the Apple Orchard B&B, one of these days when I need a retreat I’ll visit. Very lucky you.

  8. Joyce Fisher

    I love Colorado. In my past life I skied there and I have taken a couple of workshops there. It is a place of pure beauty.

    I love those rockers os the porch!

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