Product Photography and a Road Trip . . .

chileearringsAs I mentioned, I used to do a lot of product photography for catalogs, brochures, etc. and I also used to act as art director on photo shoots when I worked in San Francisco.

Sets were elaborate, lighting took hours to get right, and shoots took all day. And that was only if the client was cooperating.

At one point, we specialized in jewelry because it was a “specialty” – really hard to get right – and my partner at that time was a really great jewelry photographer.

HOW things have changed.

I am creating our online Market for the gallery, and I have to make good photos of my jewelry.

I still have my professional studio lighting, tents, umbrellas, etc.

I even have a more modern digital lighting and light tent set-up.

But I’m not using any of it.

Last Saturday, my friend, Betsy, and I went to a few of the studios on the annual Art Tour in our village.

One visit was to see my friend, Sharon. Her new work is awesome and she had already sold seven pieces by lunchtime! Yay!

Our second stop was to visit Penny Truitt, another ceramic artist I really admire.

She does some amazing sculptures for a gallery on Canyon Road, but at her studio, she also had some great little tiles she does for fun, which were also affordable.

I got a set of three I will frame in a shadow box, and another that reminded me of local adobe ruins. I just thought that last one could hang out with me in my greenhouse studio, where I have other interesting ceramic things.

And that was a fortuitous decision, because as I sat there doing some jewelry photography – with ONLY indirect daylight and my iPad – my eyes landed on that last tile and I sat my chile earrings on it.

Wow. I loved that shot (top of the post).

So, I got those other tiles out (glad I haven’t framed them yet). and set some special Jasper bracelets on top of them . . .


bluemattejadeThis was such a perfect “set” for my jewelry!

NOTE: The greatest thing about this Jasper is its matte finish, which feels cool and smooth in a very unusual way. I’ve never felt anything like it, and they are hard to put down. I found a very limited supply of these in Tucson and can’t get any more until maybe next year (I hope!)

Anyway, it is truly incredible that you can now do beautiful photography this way – with just an iPad, some indirect daylight, and some artistic props. It looks just as good as the stuff that used to take us an entire day! If you had told me about this then, I would never have thought it possible. Goes to show you never know what can happen.

Betsy and I have rented a couple of cottages in a garden with duck ponds, in an apple orchard, outside Durango, CO, and we are leaving this morning for 4 days..

Sounds like a dream for art journaling, and we will also be spending time with my friend, Valerie, and her wonderful gallery.

Yes, I will be taking you along.



8 thoughts on “Product Photography and a Road Trip . . .

  1. Dorothy ( dorothyag)

    Love it. AS you say how things have changed. I do it this way too. :-)

  2. jessica Post author

    Hi Mary, The artist only made a few of the tiles and they were all sold out during the tour. Sorry – you kinda had to be there.

  3. Diana in Texas

    Just love, love, love your Jewelry. Looking forward to your posts from the duck ponds.

  4. Hanne

    Sorry if this is going off on a tangent☺️
    I’ve been trying to put into words and trying to find a solution to a ‘problem’ I have with photos taken to help sell one of the objects.
    Like your pictures here it’s the marriage of two beautiful objects. If I buy one I miss the other and the image/essens/’feeling’ I get when I see them together.
    It’s the same when I see wool stacked in many colors and just buy one or two colors for the sweater. Or towels etc. – sometimes I’m really disappointed.
    So if I’m buying online I need pictures of the object alone – because I don’t have the possibility of handling the object.
    I appreciate the lure for the photographer where the resulting photo is the main object etc.
    So maybe I should buy both the tile and the bracelet/earring…… with a photo of them!

  5. Deb Spindler

    I’d love to buy a pair of those chili earrings they are so cute! Is that possible?

  6. Christine Newman-Aumiller

    Serendipity is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Hope you find some more of it in Colorado.

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