The Backwards, Decorated Hair Dryer . . .

birdbathblueI can’t even express how moved I was by your responses to yesterday’s post. Your friendship is what holds me to the whole blogging idea.

Many comments brought tears to my eyes, and one made me fall on the floor laughing. Vivian – the hairdryer backwards and decorated was hysterical.

The “hairdryer” is a little porcelain bird who sits in a porcelain birdbath and holds water for my watercolor painting. His feet are covered over with clear glaze so it looks as if he is standing in water – even when I don’t have water in the dish.

Those of you who have been around for a very long time may remember that I like to use very special containers as part of my watercolor ritual.

A tip for those who would just as soon recycle a container for their water . . . this comes from my friend, Betsy, who recycles everything.

Fage Greek yogurt containers, with their little fruit cup, make great water containers. Keep clean water in the little cup, and use the larger cup for brush cleaning water. (Eat the yogurt first!)

yogurtcupI tried this and it works great. I wish I liked Greek yogurt more.

Back to the birdbath bowl . . .

birdbathbowlredThey are created by artist, Shandi McConnell, and we carry them in the gallery ($38). I am debating whether to include them in the online Market because we sell out of them so quickly that I never know what color birds we have in stock. The bowls are all this watery turquoise blue and the glaze is crackled.

If you want one meanwhile, email me and I will tell you what we have on hand.

And speaking of special things made by special artists, I have gotten several emails lately about our handmade art journal bags. I am down to the last one in the gallery and must place an order, so once again, I will offer you a chance to get one in the color and pattern you want.

artjournalbagsClick here for full details, and you can order from that same page. The price is $36 and the turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. There is really nothing like these bags – they should be a lot more expensive.

Handmade Artist Journal/iPad Cross Body Bag

or here is the direct link to buy one if you already know all about it

Art Journal Bag Purchase Link

Now, about some of your ideas from last time . . .

Send Sheer Heaven Samples to some craft bloggers for review. This is a very good idea. Sheer Heaven has been featured on blogs and in books and magazines over the years, and that is always a good thing. I have never initiated that, however, and it’s something I should think about.

Can any of you share links to your favorite craft or art blogs in Comments below? This would be good for me, and it would be good for all of you who might like to know about some good blogs.

I also have to make a new Sheer Heaven transfer video for YouTube. Time flies and I didn’t realize how changes in YouTube quality have shrunken my video to a little fuzzy thing.

Problem is, that video has 150,000 views, which gives it a high search ranking, and you can’t just put a new video in that space. You have to start over, and the best thing you can do is put a link to the new one on the old one. See what I mean about how complicated this whole thing is?

Hanne mentioned that the iPad Studio link on the new Cre8it Home page doesn’t work. That is because I am redoing  the page it would link to.

The iPad Studio workshop was written in 2012. You all know how fast iPad stuff gets updated. There are several workbooks that need updating and I don’t have another year to devote to that, so I am dismantling the workshop, and am going to make the Workbooks available individually – as they are updated – or when I write a new one (there are now 13 workbooks instead of the original 11).

That means creating new web pages on my site. They are almost done, and as soon as they are, that Home page link to them will work again.

I’m tellin’ ya – you might get a headache from my sharing some of what is involved backstage here. It’s ok – I have some ibuprofen if we need it.

Word of Mouth . . .

This is the best thing ever. Word of mouth has been the biggest thing behind the success of Sheer Heaven.

As you know, I love to tell you about the places and things I love, and if you love it here, the best thing you can do is to spread the word.

Quinn Creative

I am really glad Quinn’s name came up.

I first met her when she took a workshop of mine at Art Unraveled. She is a lovely person.

She is also an amazing thinker and an amazing writer when it comes to things creative. In fact, I LOVE the way she creates pictures with words.

Her blog is wonderful and is on my very selective list of favorite blogs (scroll down the sidebar for that list).

Her latest book is about a new way to think about your inner critic and I haven’t read it yet, but I love her Raw Art Journaling book and plan to review it here soon. Here it is on Amazon:

Raw Art Journaling by Quinn McDonald

So, that’s enough for today. I am off to our local Studio Tour (local to our little village of Eldorado). There are 90+ artists in it, but I am most excited to see the new work by my friend, Sharon Brush. She is creating a whole new look for her first showing since she moved to Santa Fe a year ago.

She is a master ceramicist. You can see some of her past work here:

I’ll be back tomorrow.



9 thoughts on “The Backwards, Decorated Hair Dryer . . .

  1. Ann Cumbie

    As usual, I went straight to your post. And I love that bird in a bowl. Sending you an email about it.

    Wish I was in El-do’-ra-do so I could go on the Studio Tour. (For anyone else reading this, it’s a joke with Jessica.)

    Don’t let that video get away. I still look at it and show my friends – the really good friends might (and I say might) get a sheet of Sheer Heaven.

    I highly recommend the bag. It is perfect for an iPad and a few other items. I really like my bird on a branch. It hangs on a coat tree in my studio. . . waiting for another trip.

    I’m off to look at the links you gave us.

  2. Eileen

    Love you little bird in a dish…too cute! And the yogurt container idea is so clever! Here are links to two craft sites:

    Another idea for you would be to post pics of projects using Sheer Heaven on your facebook page so that we could share those posts and get the word out about Sheer Heaven. Show how Sheer Heaven can be used in art, crafts, home decor, etc.

  3. Nan

    Try Julie Fei Fan Balzer with Sheer Heaven. She has a great blog, is incredibly prolific and experimental, and has a big following. I’m on my phone and can’t manage a link for you right now.

  4. Christine Newman-Aumiller

    I didn’t comment yesterday because I was reading on my phone. I don’t have any great ideas but just want to say that I would miss your blog if it were gone. After all I’ve been following you in one way or another for almost twenty years!

    I know exactly what you mean; so many “names” just plug their stuff and don’t really excite my creativity. Still, you have to follow your own heart and do what is right for your family. Love you, Jessica!

  5. Diana in Texas

    I’m a real “technique junky” which I’m trying to curb. Other than Cre8it and your Whatever blog, I love to watch the videos from Since I love paint and backgrounds, I love the Tim Holtz line along with Dyan Reveley’s Dylusions line. These have accompanying videos from time to time. However, being able to “draw” is essential many times and I’ve only learned that from you, Jessica. The little yogurt container turned water reservoir is terrific.

  6. Jacqueline Sullivan

    Or you could send some to teachers who do transfer classes so we could use it in class :-)
    Yes, that’s a hint. I don;t have any transfer classes scheduled at this time but may contact you when I do! I just resubscribed to your blog, somehow I lost it in computer transition or something. And then I Read that you are thinking of stopping! I hope you don’t – I love your stuff. It’s been a long time – miss you!

  7. Carolyn Blocher

    Wow! I was away from the computer yesterday and when I saw two posts this morning I wondered what was up. after reading all of the comments from your loyal fans I don’t think there is anything I can add when it comes to missing your always interesting blog, which I often share with others, (I have no idea if any of them are subscribers.) I heard about you in a class by Sandy Bartholomew; as a CZT I was interested in the different ways to get my zentangle patterns transferred, and Sandy introduced the class to your wonderful website. Once I visited, I purchased your online classes and am finally scheduled to attend your September retreat in Santa Fe. You have opened a window into art that pleases the heck out of me.

    As for continuing your blog or not, you have to do what is best for you, not for us. We know where you are. You have our email addresses, so if you stop and decide later to start again, you’ll have a base in place.

    That said, I can hardly wait for September, I actually cancelled another trip just so I could attend.

  8. Sharon Brush

    Hi Jessica,
    It was great seeing you at the studio tour Saturday. As always, you add life and humor to any event! Thanks for the link on your blog!

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