The Great Posting Experiment . . .

ceramicbirdAs my loyal readers for so many years, you have heard a lot of strange things from me, but this may well be the strangest post ever.

Why? Because I am contemplating saying good-bye.

And I am contemplating out loud.

Change is a good thing, but things on the web have changed SO much, that BIG rethinking is in order on my part. I am not feeling happily engaged and satisfied.

Maintaining a personal brand in these times of social media madness is an insane thing in my estimation.

When I look at some of the blogs I follow, and some that I don’t, my eyes actually jitter with the busy-ness, the ads, the pop-up pages that won’t close, or at the very least, require a “hunt” for the little X you must click to get them out of your face so you can read the post behind them.

I am hooked on binge-watching “Madmen” in the evenings. I really abhor advertising and its affect on EVERYTHING in life. The ads NEVER stop hounding you. I understand some advertising must be necessary, but I feel like it has beaten me senseless.

At the side of most blogs is a list of TEN or more social media sites. “Follow Me” here, “Like me there”, be my “friend”. How can anybody possibly have that much to contribute to so many venues?

Blogs and artists I once followed because their “stories” were so interesting, now have nothing to *say* between the sales pitches and the listing of schedules that could kill a person.

Here, at Whenever, I have not gone that route (although yes, my own schedule could do me bodily harm – but I try not to LIST it).

This blog is a quiet place where we share some ideas and some mutual love and I like it that way. THAT is the pay-off. But, it’s not enough.

This blog has pretty much stopped producing income for me, and I cannot “spend” my time without helping support my family.

Think about that saying for a minute; “Spending time”.

It no longer means whiling away the hours in some leisurely fashion, does it? To quote Ariana Huffington, we perceive ourselves to be experiencing a “time famine” because we are truly out of whack in our understanding and management of time.

I surely feel that famine.

I am running a full time Sheer Heaven business and a real life gallery, and trying to create my own art in the minutes between. Sometimes, the whole thing is just too big a job, and to consider creating a social media circus to add to the mix is just a DUMB idea.

But how else to grow the audience here? Do *more* blog posts? Would that enliven things? Does that even make sense?

To the left and right of me, I see favorite bloggers taking extended “vacations” from bogging, and I actually do that sometimes without announcing it. You know how I can “go missing”.

It doesn’t do any good. You just get more confused about your role in the whole thing when you get back to it.

Many of you have written that you appreciate it when I share my “process”, my thinking, my attempts at problem solving with you. Sometimes, you say you learn from it.

Well, put on your seat belts because I am about to do that in a very big way.

I have so much going on right now in all corners of my art and business life that I can’t see the forest for the trees myself, and I need to ferret things out.

I have talked to dear friends and sister friends, and my dear sister, about this and their input has been so helpful.

So, I figure if I throw all this out there and share with you dear friends, even more good ideas will come from it. I truly solicit your input whatever it may be, and in turn, I will tell you everything I learn.

I will reply to your comments and we will have a conversation that may be good for us all.

I am sure there are others out there who face dilemmas and impossible choices and maybe we can all get some help in seeing the trees and reconfiguring the forest.

The goal is to land in a comfortable nest, where the pieces of my art/business life come together and make sense. To that end, I am going to get them all out, dust them off, and move them around like jigsaw puzzle pieces – until they show me a picture.

The way I am going to do this in public with you is to blog all of it – over at least the next two weeks. Today is the first day of the second half of May and I am going to post something (whatever) everyday – at least until the end of the month.

During that endeavor, I am going to watch results.

I am going to watch my blog stats to see if they go up or down. Does frequency bring more readers?

I am going to watch the “subscribes” and “unsubscribe” on my email notification list, as there will be an email notice everyday for the rest of May, at least. That might irritate some – who knows. (You can join that list here if you want to be sure not to miss any of this saga.)

Interestingly, Mail Chimp seems to be impressed that I get 50-60% of my subscribers to open the emails. They’re impressed. I’m thinking WTF?

I am going to watch sales of Sheer Heaven, my workshops, and workbooks to see how they are affected as I continue to rearrange the website to make everything easier to access – and as I tell you about that process as it goes.

I am going to return serious attention to my wonderful, proprietary product, Sheer Heaven – which continues to sell even though I have been so neglectful of its marketing, but which deserves to be treated as a very special thing. I mean, who has a product so magical that nobody else in the world has? Hello? I should surely be on that bandwagon.

I have begun creating a wonderful online Market for WOW! Gallery, which I will share as I create it. I will watch how it is supported.

This will probably take more than two weeks, but in the end, I will have answers and I will decide to stay or go.

I hope you will join me on this adventure and that you will stick your two cents in whenever you have something to say.

This could be interesting, and we can certainly learn a lot.

40 thoughts on “The Great Posting Experiment . . .

  1. Ulrike

    I have enjoyed your blog posts over the years because they are relaxed. A nice peaceful read at the end of a working day!
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
    Ulrike x

  2. jessica Post author

    Thanks, Ulrike, And believe it or not, these posts will be relaxed as well – even though the subject has chaotic elements -lol.

  3. Eileen

    Hi Jessica,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and would miss them if you were to leave. But if blogging is just adding too much to your schedule and you are blogging mainly as a source of getting income then you just have to do what you have to do. I’ve purchased Sheer Heaven and some stamps from you in the past but a change in income has limited me in what I can buy now. However, I still enjoy reading about new products and what is going on in your life. Have you tried sending samples of some of your products to craft bloggers? I’ve been on crafting blogs where companies have sent the blog owner a product to try out and that way the company gets more exposure for their product. I’ve found products for things I didn’t even know about on blogs. I hope you stick around but wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do.

  4. Gwen Bunnell

    Hi Jessica, I know exactly ho you feel about all the ads and social medial “Junk” clogging up the blog sites. I have been a follower of yours for may years now and have also taken several of your classes. I have enjoyed every bit of your conversations on your blog, the personal stories regarding you, your dogs, your husband, your mother, your sister, and friends. I have followed you as you discussed your on-location classes, the participants, their work and your teaching. I truly love “Sheer Heaven” and your other paper products. I have several of your stamps and books. Please continue!!

  5. Therese

    Looking forward to the next two weeks!!
    I am all for each person doing what they need to do – whatever their heart is calling them to do!!


  6. Glory Mooberry

    Hi Jessica,
    One thing I’ve learned (which many young people may never know) is you have to be present in life. Good or bad, you have to be present to make it through successfully.

    I’ve enjoyed your blog posts and your online classes, as well as Sheer Heaven (although I still have trouble sometimes with it running). Hope you keep your presence – we all enjoy you

    I agree with you about all of the ads, popups, etc. Ick!!! Don’t know how some folks find the time for all the facebook, political sites, videos, you tubes, etc. They must just sit on their computers all day.

    Follow after peace my friend, and all the rest will come together.

    PS – I’ve been wanting to start a blog – perhaps I shouldn’t – - – ☺

  7. Sally M.

    No one can tell you what is best for you. But I am sue you already know that.
    All I seem to know for sure is that nothing in our lives lasts forever except our God.
    Most often, we make changes when something large happens in our lives making us realize we need to change.We are all in transition all the time, we just don’t always know it. If we always do the same thing and add nothing new we stagnate. If we keep adding new activities to our lives without letting go of some things we crash and burn. It is our choice. Women’s Lib told us we can have it all and do it all. They are right. It is just that we can’t have and do it all at the SAME time and remain healthy and creative.
    It will be interesting to see what conclusions you come to.

  8. Vivian

    When you mentioned something “strange” I looked at the cover picture on your blog and what I thought I saw was a backwards decorated hair dryer! “Now that IS strange,” I thought.” I need to read on to see how Jessica plans to use her hair dryer in a unique way. ”

    And then I read about how you are contemplating dropping your blog and my stomach dropped to ground.

    So let me get this off my chest before I become a rational adult. “Nooooooo, you can’t go!! *Stomp*

    You are one of my rocks: steady and creative; insightful and humorous; an artist, a gardener, a buddah, a gift. And you are from the SF Bay Area so you feel like a neighbor. I love to read what you write because it makes me like I am still in touch with you. (All slefish reasons) ;-)

    That being said, I totally get wanting to simplifies ones life. It’s hard to stay grounded when so many things pull at you. No doubt you want to downsize your activities like I am downsizing my possessions so I can live simply in my new little house.

    I will be following your blog more closely now to see what new land unfolds for you. Know
    that I support you in whatever you do and hope to see you in Colorado one more time!

    xo Vivian

  9. Lee Scoville

    I have been in awe of all you accomplished and wondered how you could continue to do it all. Short answer, you can’t. You are right to re-evaluate the situation and try what is best for YOU.
    This internet thing is only going to get worse if Comcast gets the go ahead for consolidating and putting in place a tiered access plan. I have enjoyed and been inspired by your posts and purchased when I could. Now I am 84 and have very low income for “play” so can’t help much.
    I do wish you all success. I am sure you will end in the place you need to be Lee

  10. Christine in Neotsu


    In the spring of 2013, I signed up for your “live” class in Santa Fe. Having done several of your online classes, which I loved and learned a lot, I really wanted to go to Santa Fe and meet you and work with you. Breast cancer stepped in and blocked the way.

    This year I thought I would give it a try again. But my husband was just diagnosed with AML (leukemia), and his outcome is not as good.

    Like the others, I have enjoyed the online classes, and I love the blog without the noise. It’s quiet, simple and beautiful. Like the others, I agree you need to follow your heart. As much as I want to sign up for something right now, my well is dry and creative juices are not flowing (altho tears flow). I love all you have done and continue to do. I have been reading all along.

    Best wishes, and follow your heart. I am attaching a picture taken with my iPhone on the 14th floor of the OHSU Hospital at the top of a hill overlooking Portland, OR, city lights. Believe it or not, it was an art room on the floor where my husband was hospitalized for eight days. A peaceful place in a busy world.

  11. Jeanne from Austin

    My very first thought at the end of the “good-bye” sentence was “Oh no!” I have been reading your blog, buying your products, and taking your classes for so long that I thought you’d be doing it forever.

    Yours is the ONLY blog I open as soon as I see it. The attraction, of course, is you and your incredibly diverse and interesting subject matter. And your art, your sense of humor, your willingness to teach and impart your knowledge and experience. And I could go on and on, but I’m running out of words.

    Like others here have said, you must do what you must do to save your sanity and have a meaningful and satisfying life. If you stop your blog, I’ll be very sad, but I’ll still stay in touch. You can’t get rid of me easily—I know where you live/work. :-D

  12. Marilyn

    Quinncreative and yours are the two blogs I follow “religiously” because they speak to my soul. I do understand that you need to find your focus. I hope that the blog is part of that, but if not, “Them’s the breaks” for me. I wonder what “opening the blog” means. I read my e-mail in a preview bar in Outlook without clicking on it. I wonder if your stats include that? If not, maybe there’s many more folks out there following you than you know. I hope that your choice becomes obvious to you through your review and feels right. Blessings.

  13. RaSonya Pearce

    I am always excited to open my email and see that you have another post for us to enjoy, if you stop blogging I will truly miss your wonderful posts but I understand your situation completely. Unlike the majority of blogs with their blinking, flashing sidebars screaming “look at me” with very little real content, your blog is a serene, creative oasis that I treasure.

    Unfortunately, so many things have changed in the Internet world. I’ve been around long enough to see a good many of the blogs and bloggers I enjoy fade away. Many shifted to Facebook to grow a business, but with the changing rules and algorithms on Fb many are even leaving there or ironically returning to their blog roots. Myself, as a mom to four teens, I’ve always struggled with blogging about my art. It seems it takes longer to post about the art than to make it so I have taken long breaks from blog out of frustration from not being able to balance kids, art and blog. My longest break has been the last two years. My oldest two sons were in a near fatal wreck, spending months in the hospital and now years in physical therapy. They have taught me how to really cherish my time and what I have and to be fully present to the people I love. Sure, I’ve tried blogging again a few times and miss my net friends but it wasn’t the right time or season in my life so I reevaluated and regrouped. I keep peeking in every now and again to see if it is the right time and fit for me, who knows. My point is (you were probably wondering when I would finally get to it)— we love you and your blog but you need to be true to yourself. If you have to drop blogging for other loves then by all means do it with our blessing (we will miss you), but please keep open in your mind the option to return to the blog world (and to us). You never know how things might change.

  14. Diana in Texas

    I must say a “ditto” to all of the previous comments. The busyness of the net and FB can make one A-D-D where art techniques are concerned. There’s always one new things to try. I’ve seriously considered turning off all electronics to have peace of mind to create. I feel your pain but I don’t know what any of us can do about the ads and pop-ups, etc. I’ve been a big fan of yours for many years and contribute all my learning how to draw to you. I always open your email as soon as I get it. You have to do what you have to do. You have so much creative talent which needs to be shared with others and generate income. I like the suggestion above regarding sending samples of Sheer Heaven to some craft bloggers to help spread the uniqueness of the product. I just want to reach out and give you a “virtual hug” and say Thanks for Everything. May you be led to the pathway that brings the most joy to your life. As said before, we never know how things will change in the online world.

  15. LynnInColorado

    Firstly Hugs to Christine in Neotsu…

    Jessica, I can’t believe all that you do. It sounds like you will still be extremely busy even without the blog posts!

    Can you have a successful online business without a blog or something to reel people in as I recently was? I saw mention of you on another blog when I was looking for Zentangle info and realized I wanted to draw, paint, travel to Santa Fe, etc. I don’t read blogs unless I am looking for specific information. Maybe a monthly blog entry? You already have so much interesting information available for people to look back at. I wouldn’t eliminate all that hard work.

    Anyway, that’s my 2 cents…and where oh where did our cent sign go? I found out on this blog when I googled the question. This man may be long gone as I don’t see any entries since 2003, but his blog lives on.

  16. Cathy


    I am typing from my iPad. :-)

    Your blog is the only one I read. All this social media stuff, I feel like I am chasing a train. Watching the cars go by. Trying to see who is inside but I can’t keep up. It hurts my brain. I can’t believe anyone can keep up with this stuff.

    And you are right about the ads. I hate them.

    I like receiving monthly emails of my favorite internet places and then I can choose whether or not I want to go to the site. It slows things down for me. I don’t have to chase or watch the train speed by. I can relax and view a website at my own pace.

    I have a blog but I don’t keep it up. No one looks at it. You did when I first set it up. You are so supportive to me.

    Like you, my time is very valuable. I want personal interaction. I have loved the classes you have taught. I have learned so much from you. I have been thinking like you. I want to step back. If I were to do all of this social media stuff for informing, I would never get anything done.

    Websites and emails are good for me.

    Cathy in AZ

  17. Hanne

    I would be sorry to see you go, but respect your need to follow your inner promptings.
    I revisited on my iPad but could not open the “iPad Studio”! That could be a problem with selling the workbook.

  18. Louise W

    Having been a follower of yours for a number of years, taken many of your on-line classes, met you in person, and been to your old store, I’ve learned a fair amount about you. You are an over achiever. You don’t seem to know when to say “no.” You jump on the new bandwagons. You improve on those bandwagons. You’ve been contemplative. You’ve been progressive. You’ve been overwhelmed. If you find that blogging is not bringing you what you want from it, then it’s time to step away from it. I don’t see you stopping your businesses, and I don’t see you retiring in the sense of the word as most of us see it. If it gives you peace, step away and I’m sure you’ll find another endeavor to keep you occupied. I will be sorry to not see your occasional blogs, but will check on you occasionally. I will also look forward to the time that you put Wow! Gallery on line. Peace to you!

  19. Donna

    I enjoy your blog very much. I want to take some of your classes but haven’t been able to yet.
    You have to do what is right for you first of all!
    I am retired and don’t blog but still find the computer time can overtake my life so I can certainly understand it must be very difficult for you.
    Good luck with your decisions.

  20. Eva Erlendson

    Jessica, I have followed you for many years. You opened the door on digital photography and I have been a fan ever since. When someone asks about my photography, I refer them to you at . I will really miss your online presence, and I personally hope it doesn’t happen. Please consider the ‘word-of-mouth’ aspect of sales. Here’s to keeping an eye on the results of your latest adventure.

  21. Dora

    Jessica, even though I may not have followed your blog as long as most people who have responded, after I found your blog I read all the posts available online. I enjoy your writing style and have learned quite a bit from you. I like your online classes and workbooks and would hate for them to go away.

    I understand that that keeping the blog going and updating the workshops is time consuming and if it is not netting you the amount of money stream that you anticipated, you might be better served by dropping some of these activities. In the end it has to be your decision and what is best for you. I think that you can tell by people’s responses that we would rather that you did not go but we don’t want to be selfish about our needs. Choose what is best for you.

  22. Joyce Fisher

    I, too have followed your blog for years enjoying it so very much. I have taken your online classes because you take the time to thoroughly explain in a manner even I can follow. I am looking forward to the Santa Fe workshop in September. I will miss your blog–it is the first one I have followed and I have learned so much. Good luck

  23. Pia

    I’m seriously fed up with all the social sites (haven’t used them myself, but they get shoved in your face), all the marketing instead of real conversations etc.

    Ignore it and watch the others keel over from exhaustion. ;-) I keep thinking, at some point there must come a saturation point and we can get back to depth instead of mindless chatter.

  24. jessica Post author

    The tone and content of your responses hit my heart full force. This is the reason it is so hard to contemplate not doing this.

    We shall see – perhaps this experiment will lead in a positive direction instead.

    Christine, I can’t even say how sorry I am that you are visited by this second terrible health experience. I send you the best energy thoughts.

  25. Ann Cumbie

    My dear friend. . . . Follow your inner voice. I have taken on line classes, gone to your retreats, been to your galleries and grown to love you. When I see your blog, amongst my deluge of emails, I go to yours first. It is like a letter (which no one writes any more) from a dear friend. I love to see your garden, your dogs, your husband, your work, and read your thoughts (artsy and otherwise). If you decide to go, I will definitely miss you, I still go back and read old blogs for ideas (using a pencil tin for my half pans, and others).
    I will continue to buy your on line classes, your Sheer Heaven, your glass palettes, and attend your retreats. I will probably buy from WOW! when it goes on line. I love what you do. It makes me feel good. . . good about me, good about you.
    In the end, you must do what you must do to land in that comfortable nest. (I love that saying. . . may have to use it myself).
    I look forward to seeing you again.

  26. jessica Post author

    OK, Ann – that one actually made me cry. I love you too and can’t wait until we can get together again!

    You are a delight.

  27. Dorothy ( dorothyag)

    I love reading your blog it is one of the few that I read the minute I see there is a new post.
    I can’t come over there for classes but I have taken a lot of yours online.

  28. Susan

    Well, Jessica .. it’s hard to know what to say. Over the years life has become so cluttered and complicated … I really understand what you are saying … but at the same time, that is why I so look forward to “hearing” from you. It’s really kinda selfish on my part … you’re my fix, the one who helps me refocus on my art when I’m lost in the clutter … but because the clutter is there, I rarely participate … there are so many times I have signed up for your classes only to allow life to swallow me up again and I don’t finish … If you’re lost in the clutter, I’m not much help because I think you need to follow your heart … I will continue to try to follow you as well. You have definitely contributed to the artist I am, the artist I want to be and I would love to see you continue BUT if it is holding you back from being the artist you are ….. ::: sigh ::: I will hate to see you go :(

  29. Nancy Kvorka

    Jessica, I wish I had seen this yesterday. I think I managed to delete the email by accident so I am glad one came today. I too enjoy getting your emails and reading your posts. There are more of your classes I want to take and I really, really hope I can get to another retreat. But if not, my time at the first Santa Fe retreat will be something I will cherish for the rest of my life. You got my going and learning how to paint with water colors and the pencils. I learn from the blog postings too and always enjoy what you have said about your life and environment and everything else. I hope you keep blogging but understand if you do not. I look forward to more items in your store. And finally from you and your posting of blogs you like, I learned about Andrea Joseph, I thank you for that too.

  30. Betsy

    The answer is right in front of you. Create decorative hair driers. Then irons and toasters and whatever else.
    Seriously, you are so talented in your writing, as all of the above comments attest to, what about a monthly fun, interesting, quirky, and informative article in some sort of existing monthly on line or on paper newsletter?

  31. Deb Spindler

    I enjoy your blogs and read every one completely. You have to do what is right for you..
    I’m looking forward to the next two weeks. I may not be able to read each day. Mom has a terminal illness and this is the time that everyone is converging on her to see her once more before she is unable to enjoy company. I’ll get to each one though and enjoy being in the southwest for a while, or seeing your fused glass or learning how to draw a ladder. It takes me away for a while. Thank you for all you do. Deb

  32. MarionE, Australia

    I have to agree with Vivian. Well, maybe not about the “backwards decorated hairdryer”! Although I had the advantage of seeing your next post first, since I came late to this one, so I knew it was/is a cute little bird.
    But I heartily agree with not wanting you to go. I don’t always get to read your posts on the day you post them but I always read them, and I always enjoy what you have to say – whether it’s sharing your own work or that of other artists, new products you’ve found or advice on the best ones for different purposes, or even “just” your musings and thought processes and your many attempts and efforts at simplifying your life – I enjoy reading all of it and I do learn heaps from you. I’ll miss you if you leave us.
    But I’ll also understand if you really need to go, and will wish you well if so.
    Looking forward to the next instalments…

  33. momo

    I have enjoyed reading your post since I subscribed a few years ago. While I would prefer to read you once in a while, I do understand that you must attend to what is remunerative. I will miss you, but I do understand.

    Please do something to keep us connected to Sheer Heaven. We want to stay with in any format you decide to feature.

    Thanks for the fun and for sharing your wit.

  34. Menno

    To Blog or not to Blog that’s the question.

    As you correctly pointed out, making money directly of off a blog takes a lot of time. It may even be a business in and of itself. So as you also pointed out you need to figure out what you want your blog to be. And then you need to figure out what your target audience wants to read. You are doing that now.

    What is wrong with a blog as a public, but maybe cleaned up, journal? Your thoughts on the world around you. It has build you an audience so far. If that audience is large enough, is for you to judge. But Kevin Kelly has somewhere stated a business model of a thousand loyal fans. This works for your artist side, not so much for the sheer heaven side. But part of this model requires contact with your fans, and I think this blog is a very good communication line to your fans. The posts of the last few days may indicate that you have found a route to make this work. But yes it will take time and work, so it may as well be something you enjoy and can view, at least partly, as something you would like to do. Otherwise it may be in your best interest to just call it a day. Not something I would like to see happen. But since this should be about what you want, not what I want, it is your choice.

    O, regarding that mailchimp comment, I read 80% to 90% of your posts, maybe more. But I recieve other list mails a well, and some of them will be deleted without opening. I’m just to lazy to unsubscribe. So even your mail opening rate should tell you that you have a loyal following. Something that is not a bad start if you want to grow up to be an artist. Especially if you will be selling easily mail-able prints for which you don’t need “local/physical” customers.

    But for you to sell YOUR work, you need fans, people interested in YOU and what you have to say. So maybe if you want to be a succesful artist when you grow up, abandoning your blog (and the people following it) may not be in your best interest.

  35. jessica Post author

    How wise you always are, Menno. I hear you and am taking your comment to heart – as I have all of these amazing comments. As always, you are helping me to grow.

  36. Carole

    Dear Jessica, I didn’t respond before because, after reading everyone’s replies, I realized everything I wanted to say, had been said–and better than I could say it. But ten, I awoke at 3:a.m. and couldn’t sleep for thinking about your
    A “real artist”, as I understand it, often has a closet-full of work that the world never sees, because for a real artist it’s the process that’s important and not the result or what anyone thinks of it. If it were the reverse, wouldn’t it lead to more frustration? There will always be someone (or many someones) who make art better than we do. So most of us make art because we love it…as a form of venting or as our own expression of the joy of life and the beauty we see. If you are a “real” artist will you enjoy making art any more than you do now? What if enabling others to make it IS your greatest art? There aren’t many who can teach as you do…and some with credentials out the g—! Believe me, I know.
    Perhaps I do have a somewhat different slant on this. You see, I have ADD. I’m the one NO one listens to, who’s advice no one follows. I wonder, if I had so many dear fellow artists who, not only listening to, but following and, most precious of all, benefiting from, my guidance…would I throw that away? Of course, as the others have said, you really are the one to make that decision. But the reason we want you to stay with us is because we love you. Even though your products are unique and wonderful (and they are), they are
    still only products without you.

  37. Jane Fender

    Jessica, I am one of your silent followers having ordered your stamps, quotes, photo sheets, classes, Sheer Heaven, luminary kits, etc., etc. for years. I enjoy each of your entries and the comments. But I don’t think I have ever posted. I agree with the comments already posted: we love you and your contributions to our quality of life, but most of all, I think, we want you to be happy and make your life the very best it can be! I will miss reading about your life if you choose to end the blog. But please keep the classes and supplies available! I still need to work through some of my classes and will always need more Sheer Heaven!

  38. sherrie keith

    I too am one of your silent followers. Because of you, I started adding more to my journals and have more fun even if I can’t draw.
    But, through you, I’ve started doing more photographs and have gone back and looked at my old ones and find there’s art everywhere we look. Thank you but know what ever, you do need to follow your heart.

  39. Julie

    Please don’t leave, I just found you! I’ve signed up for your Watercolor forJournal & Sketchbook class and am very much enjoying it.

    I am looking forward to reading your previous posts and I hope that you will continue with new ones for me to enjoy.

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