Spring Cleaning – YIKES!

manitouchairsThese chairs have nothing to do with Spring Cleaning except that I found this cool photo while cleaning and sorting my shots from Manitou Springs, CO. I took this in the yard of a cabin we stayed at back in 2011. Those chairs are sitting along the river bank, and they spoke to me. More about Manitou Springs in a minute.

All things change – and things go right ahead and change without you if you are not looking. Somehow, my website just grew all these parts until even I couldn’t tell what was going on there. This is not the nicely organized home page I  had a couple years ago. In fact, it’s a mess . . . cre8itsiteoldSo . . . I had to clean it. The idea is to be SIMPLE and make it easy to find things. So, I did this . . . cre8itnewPlease tell me if you think this home page makes it easier to know what is there – at a glance?

Also, please tell me if you think anything is awfully wrong with it.

It is not totally functional, but I am showing you anyway.

I am also cleaning out my mind, and you will hear plenty about that as we go along.

I’m changing lots of things that I do. One of those things is that I think something has to be all perfect and finished before I share it. Things never get all finished, so I don’t post as much as I want to.

So, I am showing you my new home page before it’s perfect. I, personally, am really interested in artist’s processes – the way they slog through whatever they have to do, to do what they do.

I even like to hear about failures – lessons learned by doing things the wrong way. If we all weren’t pretending to be perfect, we would all learn a lot more.

But, I digress.

What about Manitou Springs?

Well, as I think I have mentioned before (like in this post), Manitou Springs, Colorado is one of my favorite places on earth. And I like to take my art journal and my art-journaling friends to my favorite places on earth. I have therefore added a new art and travel journaling retreat to the roster . . . Retreat CO I found some lovely affordable lodging, and ALL the details (plus pictures) are on the description page here:

Mindful Moments in the Mountains

I am very excited, and know this will be one more of those magic times like the other retreats have been.

In all my life-cleaning, I am dropping lots of things, so the things I love can have my time. I LOVE these retreats – because they are so much fun for me, and because of what they do for other people as well.

Art Journaling can change your life, and that’s no joke.

I am playing with the idea of blogging a lot for the next month.

Do you think you could stand it?

15 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning – YIKES!

  1. Heather Dreith

    I like your new look…much cleaner and more restful. And yes, please blog more…you are such an inspiration.

  2. Timaree

    I like the new cleaner site. It’s much more cohesive. I sure wish I could take a retreat but they aren’t in the cards for me at present. Someday I hope!

    Yes, we can stand to hear you blog more. What do you think of Sketchbook Skool? I’m enjoying getting a bit from many different people.

  3. Elaine Golt Gongora

    This does look better. Maybe you should have a Sheer Heaven/Products category and put all your products under that. Also need one for the Workbooks.
    Seems like we are always redoing and rethinking.
    The being perfect and having everything finished before it is let out in the world is a problem we should always remind ourselves about, not necessary. Most people don’t even see what we are worried about. Being perfect even keeps us from drawing or painting!

  4. jessica Post author

    Funny you should mention Sketchbook Skool, because that is one of the things I was thinking about when I wrote about process. That is the main thing I am getting out of it – the peeking into other artist’s processes. And that’s ok because that was exactly why I signed up – I didn’t expect much in the way of lessons, but it’s fun to follow other journalers around and see what they do.

  5. Julie

    Yes Jessica, I can stand more blogs – and I can stand being inspired by your spring cleaning! Please keep at it, and I might get mine done too – spring cleaning that is, even though we’re in autumn at the moment.

    At 65 years old, I’m still telling myself not to keep intermingling procrastination and perfection, and just ‘do it’ – art that is!

    I do like the simplicity and colorfulness of your new ideas for your home page.

    Insofar as your art journal retreats, you couldn’t pop down to Australia and run one or two….. could you???

    Cheerio, Julie.

  6. jessica Post author

    “keep intermingling procrastination and perfection”

    Oh my – that is beautifully put, Julie!

    I would love to pop down and do that, but I don’t fly and it’s a LONG swim.

  7. Betsy

    Hey, I wondered what you had been up to. That is a wonderfully user and eye friendly site. I could use your skills for simplifying/clarifying my garage, closets, and life….

    I know I will love Manitou. I just wish it was happening next month. Oh well.

  8. Diana in Texas

    I, too, love the simplified look of the home page/website. Most of my thoughts have already been aired previously………Yes – more blogging. I get so much from your musings, the process you go through in creating a project. I love the learning process of a class, but I’m not one of “original creative thoughts” most of the time. My right brain needs a “jump start”.

  9. suzanne b

    I like the new look. It’s more refreshing, easy on the eyes – the coloring is dreamy and I like the lettering better as well. Nice job! Now you can blog more!

  10. Dora

    I would love to see more blogging. Please don’t name your sketchbook instructional materials Sketchbook Skool. I know that it may look cool (kool) but it really offends me as an educator. I am afraid that we are going to be raising a generation of illiterates who will no longer no how to spell, read or write. In many schools cursive writing is no longer taught because the thinking goes why do students need to write, they have computers. Well, perhaps they may want to buy a house or car and it would be so much better to be able to sign one’s name instead of making one’s mark.

    Okay, I’m stepping off my soapbox now.

  11. Jeanne from Austin

    More blogging?—Heck yeah! I ALWAYS read your posts first. I enjoy the meanderings of your mind, how you think, what your reasoning is, why you’re doing or not doing something. I could go on, but I want to leave some reasons for other readers to list….

    I love the new look—clear, concise, easy to locate. Artsy too! :-D The one thing I would love to see you add (when it’s ready) is an online Store. There are so many of us who would love to buy wares from your shop.

    And I hope you will keep the Categories section, as it makes it easier to locate the “blog post written about such and such.”

    And about Manitou Springs—We went there a couple of years ago, and jessica is so right—it is a wonderful and beautiful place. Would love to return.

  12. Joyce Fisher

    I, too, like the new home page and please, f you can, blog mrs frequently. I love the days your blogs are in my mailbox.

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