Drawing and Painting on Your iPad . . .

ipadartstudio600It really is fun taking apart the workshop I spent a year putting together.

That sounds very strange, I know, but all things change and the changes around here are actually causing the wind to blow. Or maybe that is just Spring in Santa Fe doing that?

I decided some time back to take apart the iPad Studio and offer the workbooks individually, so iPad users could choose their areas of interest. The original plan was to just update the books, but that has only worked out on a couple of them. Some have been completely rewritten (iPad Photo Arts), and some are brand new workbooks that were never part of the Studio (iTangle and iPad Printing).

Choosing which workbook comes next has sometimes been a bit serendipitous . . .

We have been having wonderfully warm Spring weather, and amazing things have been happening – like the Santa Fe River actually having water in it . . .


 I cross this footbridge on the walk to the gallery from the parking lot.

OK, OK, I can show you at least one picture of this mysterious gallery. Vesta took this one when she was here . . .


 Two interesting things:

That’s the Santa Fe Plaza at the end of the block.

Our name (WOW!) reads the same backwards as forwards – good for when the door is open. We won’t know whether we are coming or going – which is not unusual.

There will be much more gallery to come. but back to the next iPad Workbook . . .

Or at least to the Hummingbird part of the story . . .

My friend, Betsy, spotted the first Hummingbird last Saturday, so I got the feeders out.

But then, we had this really weird late freeze come through on Monday (yesterday). I was very worried about my Lilac buds, and about the Hummingbird feeders freezing – and I was reminded of the time (2011) when my “pet” Hummingbird would not leave me and I had to heat the feeders with clip-on lamps.

I thought I painted a picture of that. Did I? Couldn’t find it.

Then I remembered my iPad. I was painting a lot in the Art Studio app then . . . and sure enough, that’s where it was – not even finished, but there.


I was working in layers – a pencil sketch, ink layer, and paint layer. Here’s how it looked with the pencil sketch layer visible . . .

warmfeeder2So great to be able to turn those layers on and off! Messiest pencil sketch ever!

And it started me thinking how much I LOVE the Art Studio app.

I actually call it my “Photoshop killer”. If I could have only one art app, this would be it.

I wrote a book about it.

That should be the next Workbook I release, I thought!

Luckily, that book required very little updating, even though this app gets updated all the time. It is the greatest art app ever. It has everything the other high-end art app have, and most of what Photoshop has as well. And it only cost $4.99! Your can create art AND do image-editing AND combine it all together.

This workbook teaches you how to draw and paint on your iPad just like you do in real life. And how to bring photos “into the picture” so to speak (like for collage). It’s a must-have if you really want to “do art” on your iPad.

It’s a 50 page PDF Workbook again, and the cost is $15 (again).

Here’s the link:

iPad Art Studio Workbook, Drawing & Painting on the iPad

All download issues from last time have been fixed. Just put the long, hyphenated Order Code (NOT the Order Number) into the box provided and the book is yours.

NOTE: If you are a student of the iPad Studio Workshop, you already own this book (Workbook# 10).

8 thoughts on “Drawing and Painting on Your iPad . . .

  1. Diana in Texas

    Just how long am I going to be able to hold out for an I-Pad? Have to update with a new I-Phone first. Certainly have something to look forward to.

  2. jessica Post author

    No, Lynn. There were no significant changes. I just had to reword some stuff that referred to other things in that Workshop.

    So, your copy is just fine.

  3. LynnInColorado

    Sorry… I have my order code, but don’t know where the provided box is.
    P.S. Your gallery looks wonderful!

  4. Shauna

    I have a question that showcases my lack of techie knowledge. Are Apps only for mobile devices and if so, is there an equivalent program to the Art Studio App for a MAC? I mean one as complete (and inexpensive) as this App. When I have the money that I can put toward a non necessity I SO want an !Pad. My kids (adults) have them and love them. I wasn’t all that into it until I saw your workbooks – LOL! Congratulations on your gallery! It looks very inviting and I look forward to seeing more! Thanks!

  5. jessica Post author

    HI Shauna.
    Most apps are for mobile devices, but some also have a version for the Mac. Mac apps usually cost quite a bit more – like $39 or so, but are still a lot cheaper than software programs.

    Most apps for the Mac require at least the Mountain Lion system.

    I don’t think there is anything like ArtStudio though.

    Have those kids get you an iPad for Mother’s Day!

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