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iPad-Photo-Arts-CoverOh my. You never know where you are going with something.

Two weeks ago, I began the process of updating one of the workbooks I wrote in 2012 for the Ipad Studio Workshop. One app had disappeared and another had some changes and I was just going to update the workbook as a part of my plan to release the individual workbooks from the Studio on their own.

This workbook was about photography – about how to edit and play with photos on the iPad.

The more I got into it, the more it became obvious how much has changed in the course of two years – not just with these couple of apps, but with photography as an art medium.

EVERYBODY is a photographer these days.

OK, one guy in Des Moines isn’t.

But everybody else is wielding camera phones and digi-cams, and photos are flying through the air – Flickr-ing, Instagramming, Facebooking, Pinning, filling email (and I do mean FILLING email.)

Photos abound. Photographic knowledge does not abound.

I remember about fourteen years ago when I was trying to teach Photoshop and Elements online to artists. It was like pulling teeth to get them to accept this new way of working with images.

I was ahead of the times, but the times caught up.

These days, hardly anyone fears Photoshop anymore.

But these days, hardly anyone needs Photoshop anymore either

They are carrying iPads around with them – which contain everything they need to do anything and everything with photographs.

And it’s all so much easier.

But most people are still just poking at things without a clue how to do something on purpose with all these magic buttons we’ve got.

And so I thought somebody should maybe write a simple handbook about how to do everything with photos on the iPad.

And so I did.

But I didn’t call it “How to Do Everything with Photos on the iPad”.

I called it “iPad Photo Arts”. Classier.

This workbook has it all – how to shoot photos with the iPad, and/or import photos shot with something else. How to edit and fix and manipulate and distress. How to retouch and resize and make photo collages that are tastefully designed.

Even how to ORGANIZE all those photos you have on your iPad.

I am fond of all the books I write for you, but I must say I am especially proud of this one.

Somehow, working on this for two weeks, I managed to get everything you need to know into a 70 page ebook (PDF).

And it’s all explained simply in my step-by-step style – so there will be no inner child left behind.

Not only will you learn HOW to do everything with photos, you will learn WHY you are doing it, so you will know WHAT to do to get any desired result with your photos and images.

This wonderfully empowering workbook is $15 even though it is half again as long as the other iPad Workbooks. Any student registered in the iPad Studio Workshop can claim a $5 discount in the Shopping Cart.

Whether you are a photo hobbyist, a photo artist, a scrap booker, collage artist, or that guy from Des Moines, if you have an iPad, and any photos around, you NEED this book.

And you can get it here:

iPad Photo Arts


My Shopping Cart is temporarily refusing to download the new book automatically. I will email you a direct link to the book as soon as I see your order come in. There is no need to email me about the problem – we are working on it.


6 thoughts on “New Book – iPad Photo Arts

  1. Diana in Texas

    I’m still a hold-out from buying an I-Pad, but the walls seem to be crumbling. I’m way too inclined to go off on a tangent in another artistic direction. I must learn to focus on what appears I do best (art journaling) and refine it. Congratulations, Jessica. I know many will benefit.

  2. Elaine Golt Gongora

    I tried to download the book with the number supplied in the confirmation email and it did not work.

  3. RaSonya Pearce

    I just got this book and it is wonderful, thank you so much!! Photomanager has been a fave app of mine for quite awhile, love it. Do you have any recommendations on how to backup the photos in this app to a computer? I hate to sync my iPad and avoid doing so at all cost, thanks to your awesome advice ; ) Is there a simple way to back up photomanager and all my folders/ photos in it? I’ve amassed oodles of pics and would hate to lose them if something happened to my iPad. Thanks!

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