Random Thoughts and Images . . .


Last week, I put away the Windex in the refrigerator.

I think this may be a sign.

I didn’t put the roll of paper towels in there, but still.

Is anyone else feeling unplugged so far this year?

I am always operating in overdrive, I am always overwhelmed (recent ponder: is anybody ever just plain “whelmed”?), but I usually have a grip, ever so tenuous, on the steering wheel.

This year so far, I think my grip has slipped.

So, I’m just going to float along on the tides of all that I cannot control, or organize, and hope for the best outcome.

When I am in this mood, I tend to really notice details (ok, except for the Windex thing).

I was checking that my iPhone was not stuck on one of those new filters, when I noticed the scene above through the Camera app. (No, I can’t see my iPhone screen without my glasses either, but I was wearing a stronger pair.)

I shot the picture to make sure there was no filter, and because it seemed to say a lot about overwhelm. If that is just 5 square inches of my desk, what hope is there?

Anyway, many friends have that Filter problem with newer iPhones running the newest system (iOS7). You take what you think is a normal photo, and it turns out all yellow, vintage looking, or worse.

Here’s the solution to the problem.

When the Camera app is active on your phone, you will see a set of three overlapping circles in the bottom corner of the screen.

iphone1If they are shades of gray, you are ok – no filter is activated.

If they are red, blue, and green, it means a Filter is turned on.

iphone2Tap the circles icon to access the Filters control page . . .

iphone3Tap the Filter you want to be set – in most cases, “None” which is in the center. Interestingly, System iOS7 on the iPad does not add filters to the camera app.


Suddenly, it’s Spring in my mind. Or maybe my mind is just sprung. It all feels the same.

I am watching the birds starting to look for nesting materials in the garden. There are lots of them because the word has gotten around that Husky fur is what the upscale nest needs, and daylight savings time is nesting time AND Husky shedding time.

I pulled into the parking lot downtown the other day, and spotted this bird in a tree . . .

amgrybirdIt wasn’t in my New Mexico Bird Identification Guide. Hmmm.

It’s one of the Angry Birds, isn’t it?

I love that somebody did this.

How can it not bring a smile – (once you figure out you are not hallucinating).

Then, I started thinking about how cool photographs are everywhere.

So when I later parked at Target, I noticed that this was in front of me . . .

targetbark© jessica wesolek, 2014

What an awesome example of texture and color harmony and wonderful, random, accidental art.

It’s out there . . . keep your eyes open.


12 thoughts on “Random Thoughts and Images . . .

  1. Cathy in AZ

    I have the 4S. Unfortunately, since the OS7 update, I have constant problems with the camera. I have found many others have the same problem. I will be ok taking photos or videos for awhile and then the camera crashes and is unusable. I have found that I have to do a complete shutdown on my phone to reset or restart everything. Then my camera will work again for awhile and I will have to shut it down again. Just a tip for anyone who has the same issue.

    I have played with the filter. Kind of cool.

  2. LynnInColorado

    Thanks for the iphone tip! Along the line of “random thoughts”, I’m REALLY enjoying your iPad Studio Workbooks and am constantly amazed at how very well you explain things. I have written some patient education stuff and I know how difficult that is.

  3. jessica

    Thank you for the lovely compliment, Lynn. I am so glad the workbooks are helpful for you.

    Cathy – I have updated to iOS7 on my iPhone 4S and have not yet had a problem, but thanks for the warning. I will know what to do when it happens.

    I do have the very latest update of iOS7 because Apple had a security issue and everybody should upgrade who is able.

  4. mo

    thanks so much, Jessica, for the info on the iPhone. i myself am still living in the stone age with an unsmart phone, but everyone i know has a smart phone of one kine or another, so i’ve sent this info along to them in the event they have a smart iPhone ;)

  5. Christine Newman-Aumiller

    So glad you’re thinking spring. I’m still thinking snow days, unfortunately!

  6. Timaree

    I haven’t had any troubles except for me doing something silly with my phone. It’s doing it’s best to keep me on the straight and narrow! I love your statement “Suddenly, it’s Spring in my mind. Or maybe my mind is just sprung. It all feels the same” Could I post that one on Facebook giving you credit of course?

    I have got to get to my workbooks I have so far but the little I have done was fun. I just bought that printer you recommended a while back. I’ve been struggling with an older (not by much but pre Windows8) that hasn’t been working well for a year now and finally said “enough”!

  7. Diana in Texas

    I’ve still not come forward with phone-tech to the point that I’ve encountered this, but I may in April when I get to upgrade my I-phone. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy this transition in the weather/seasons/time change. It’s hard on some people, especially me. Thanks, also for your dedication to teaching us and sharing.

  8. jessica

    LOL- I love it, Diana, the idea that we have to progress enough to screw up! Ain’t it the truth?!

    Timaree – you may absolutlely use that quote with a link back – maybe it will bring us more playmates here.

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