iTangle Is Finally Here!!

itanglecoverMy gosh . . . it’s finally finished. The first and only instruction book for tangling and doodling on your iPad.

I am not a tangler nor a teacher of tangling. But I do know my way around the iPad pretty well (you’d think I should – after writing over 700 pages of iPad art instruction since 2012!).

Because I invited my friend, Sandy Bartholomew, to teach at my retreat last year, about half the attendees were tanglers of one type or another. We even had several CZTs in attendance.

And ALL of them were carrying iPads. And NONE of them were practicing their tangle art ON the iPad.

The iPad is a GREAT tool for making art of all kinds, but as easy as it is to use, the art apps are not only confusing, they don’t come with instructions either!

So, my job . . . figure out which of the hundreds of drawing apps worked best and most simply for this art form, most closely mimicked the real life experience of pen, pencil, and paper, and which also included all the basic operating features of iPad art apps, so students could move on to more complicated apps and understand them better, if so desired. (Wow! Was that sentence long enough for ya?)

I did all that figuring, and then wrote a manual which teaches you how to use the app to tangle, doodle, or do line drawing using step-by-step instructions WITH pictures. Easy as can be. Even my cat can do it – she thinks she can anyway.

Learn to make the right size Tiles and string them, and use them if you practice traditional Zentangle (TM).

Learn to draw tangles with the tangle instructions right there on the page with you – but then make the instructions disappear and leave your beautiful design all alone -ready to enjoy and share on the iPad, or print, or resize, or . . . anything you want because you now have a *digital* tangle design with no need for scanning.

I want to make it clear that this is NOT a book of tangle designs. Folks like Sandy Bartholomew do a much better job of that than I. In fact, Sandy’s three ebooks are great companions to the iTangle Book because you can keep them right there in iBooks and pick any design from them to work with. All right there within the iPad!

Click the SHOP button on Sandy’s blog to access those wonderful books. (The Santa Fe one is my favorite, of course.)

If you are not so traditional in your tangling practice, the iTangle book teaches you how to erase and correct from a bug’s eye perspective (yes, you can erase iPad “ink”), and even how to do some blended SHADING like Sandy uses to make her tangles look 3D.

And, if you are not into tangling at all, this book is still for you, because, of all the iPad art books I’ve written, this is the one that most simply introduces you to line drawing on the iPad. So if you draw rubber stamps designs, or just doodle for fun and creative exercise, this the perfect way for you to learn to do that on your iPad.

I am redesigning my website to present these books better, but I know you don’t want to wait for that, so here is the link to the Shopping Cart where you can buy iTangle right now.

There is even a BUNDLE there for saving $10 on a three book combo, and you can learn to print from the iPad too.

I don’t have connections with any tangling groups, etc.,so if you do, please share this post with them so we can get the word out to all those tanglers walking around with empty iPads!


4 thoughts on “iTangle Is Finally Here!!

  1. Ann Cumbie

    Love the fact that you keep doing these as additional books to the original iPad Studio. All are neatly tucked away in my iBooks. Now to find time to do the new ones and revisit the old.

  2. Elaine Golt Gongora

    I ordered this workbook on but failed to see the downloading link. So I don’t have the workbook can you send me the link?
    Also the one for the updated ipad photo workbook.
    Thanks, Elaine

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