Let There Be Light . . . and Other Stuff

brushpaintingBrushes . . .

Sketch Journal Two has begun and the first thing we are doing is learning to draw and paint brushes – a favorite subject of mine always. I love drawing art supplies.

This sample is a work in progress in which I am attempting to paint with watercolor on canvas. It’s not easy – I have tested all kinds of additives and am not thrilled with anything. Also, the piece will need to be varnished or sealed somehow when finished. I don’t like the watercolor canvas at all – or painting on absorbent ground. My goal is to get the same look I get on Arches cold press, which this does have so far. Wish me luck.


For your enthusiastic support for putting my work and my gallery online.

Since somebody mentioned the glass night lights, and I have some on hand, I started with them. The gallery website does not exist yet, so I will be using my “jessica” site for awhile. I haven’t done much with that one and I should.

Here’s a reminder of what my night lights look like . . .

bluebirdbranch goldenstars

The design is done by a method called kiln carving. You create and cut your design from a special, thick paper made of ceramic, and then let the glass slump over it when fusing. The design gets “carved” into the back of the glass. The result is very pretty.

And here’s the page with all of my current lights.:


Coming VERY Soon   . . .

A brand new iPad Art Book, called “iTangle”.

All about how to tangle, doodle, and draw on your iPad. It also happens to be the best simple introduction to the basics of how art apps function on the iPad.

Yes, I have been busy – now where are those elves?!



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