The Last Tomatoes . . .

One of the blogs I read regularly is the Susan Branch blog – not because I aspire to be as sweet as she is, or to become a domestic goddess, but because I love her watercolor illustration.

And, there is something about living in someone else’s shoes for just a few minutes, that is refreshing. I don’t wear shoes, of course, but you know what I mean.

This lady publishes books and calendars, designs products, and works her butt off – so I identify with that last part.

And she appreciates the small things in life – like cats and squirrels. I identify with that too.

The weather has been terrible on Martha’s Vineyard, and Susan said this:

“This is when the little things in life are really all there are . . .”


We got our first snow in months this week, and really have to celebrate it, even though it came with bitter cold, and wind. With Susan’s thought echoing in my head, I spent some time in my garden room appreciating the small things – like I still had three tomatoes on the vine and it was February 5! Yes, we ate them and they tasted like Summer.

We didn’t eat these, but I was thrilled to have bright red Impatiens to gaze at in February . . .

redimpatiensfebAnd this little bird is still nestled in purple Bacopa blossoms . . .

claybirdAll while it looks like this outside . . .

winteragainSo, I appreciated the heck out of all of this, and then left for Tucson where it is much warmer.

Also, where I am exploring the Gem & Mineral Show.

Then, to Tubac for their Festival of arts, and to strategize my Art Journaling Retreat which will happen there at the end of March.

Sorry I never made that one public, but it sold out to former students before I had a chance, and became a “graduates” retreat. It will be a great creative “reunion”.

And, speaking of workshops, by popular request, I am leaving the reduced price on the Sketch Journal Workshops until Sketch Journal 2 begins on February 15.

These workshops are the BEST and easiest way to learn to draw and use watercolor in your art journal, and that’s the truth.

To clarify because I have had so many former students ask, these Sketch Journal Workshops are brand new. You may have heard some of the principles before, but this is ALL NEW content. Even if you have taken ALL my other workshops (and many people have!), you have not had any of this.

Sketch Journal Workshops 1 & 2

I’ll let you know the best things that happen here in Arizona!


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7 thoughts on “The Last Tomatoes . . .

  1. Cassie

    Your posts are yummy, sister. Whether all of it is edible or not. Have fun in Tucson!! Soak up some sun and REST (I mean it!). Ooohhhmmmm….xoxo

  2. Suzanne B

    Yes, it’s always the little things – so very true!

    I love Susan Branch too, but have never seen her blog, so thank you for sharing that.

    I am envious of your tomatoes and also envious of that little blue bowl with the two red birds – so pretty – I love it! Where do you find it???

  3. Jeanne

    Synchronicity! I was just reading Design Sponge and someone posted about Tasha! Her work is indeed amazing.

    “If you’re always looking for new ceramists to check out, please take a look at my friend Tasha McKelvey’s work – she is AMAZING and has been making it work for years now.”

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