Just Sitting Around Reflecting . . .

oldgreenchair2“Just Sitting Around Reflecting” © Jessica Wesolek 2013

It’s my favorite holiday again.

I LOVE new beginnings, although old endings are often pretty complicated.

Last night, around seven, we finally closed the door on our empty gallery space here in Eldorado. We are exhausted to the point of numbness.

Much of our display furniture is now at the new downtown space, and artists will be bringing us beautiful works to fill it.

Because the new gallery will only offer handmade, the local animal shelter resale shop has been greatly gifted with a ton of new merchandise from the old one. I love their name : “Look What the Cat Dragged In”.

Mark’s truck and my new van are full of the things that nobody knew what to do with at the last moment, but we will figure all that out.

I loved all your name suggestions for my van, by the way – thank you!

I decided on “Van Go Blue”. Van Gogh is one of my favorite painters, of course, and blue is my favorite color. But an added bit is that my Alma Mater is the University of Michigan, whose rallying cry is “Go Blue”.

We have already taken our first road trip together.

On Friday, I knew if I did not take a break from all this, I would go nuts. I also had two free hotel nights earned from frequent stays at Comfort Inns, and they would expire on December 31.

So, off to Durango, Colorado, to visit my sister-friend, Valerie, in her beautiful gallery (Earthen Vessel). We always inspire each other, and this time was no exception. In just two days, I got re-energized.

I also learned that as much as you think you know, there is always something very important that you don’t know. And you don’t even know you don’t know it!

I had a road service incident because the new van would not start. I thought the battery had somehow run down. Maybe I left the map light on overnight or something?

But the Roadside Assistance Hero said the battery was fully charged. “Try starting it again,” he said, and when I did, he said “Do you have your foot on the accelerator?”

I have had my foot on the accelerator since I was 16 (in more ways than one!).

“Yes,” I said. “Is that a problem?’

Who knew that since about 20 years ago, you don’t touch the accelerator when starting the engine?

EVERYBODY but me, it seems.

I got away with it before, but this vehicle is a lot more sensitive, I guess.

All’s well that ends well, and you learn something everyday.

2013 Was a Very Weird Year . . .

I don’t want to revisit the trials and tribulations, but I am very happy to welcome 2014, and look forward to a very GOOD year.

I am surprised by how many people are glad to see 2013 in the rear view mirror. Did you have a good year?

I loved the Santa Fe Journaling Retreat more than I can even express, and I like that all the rough spots in 2013 had happy endings.

I also will mark 2013 as the year I discovered glass as an art medium, a fact which will change my life in some significant and exciting ways.

But otherwise, I’m glad to say good-bye.

Where Did All This STUFF Come From?

Of course, the gallery move has brought this home, and also, trying to make room in the studio for the new kiln and glass supplies.

Even cleaning out the old van to trade it in for the new.

How in the world did I let this much STUFF pile up around me?

It’s unbelievable.

Even my website has become crowded and disorganized while I wasn’t looking.

So, 2014, for me, is “The Year of the PURGE”.

That’s at the top of . . .

My Resolutions List:

Get Rid of Stuff and SIMPLIFY.

Be MINDFUL in everything I do, and don’t let my moments go unnoticed or unappreciated.

MORE blogging.

SLOW art. Slow art is so beneficial that I may start a movement.

Like Slow Food, every aspect of slow art becomes more special, more rewarding, more pleasurable, and more digestible when you take your time doing it.

Be GRATEFUL – and EXPRESS that gratitude. Even saying out load to yourself that you are thankful for your blessings, makes you more aware that you have those blessings, and therefore, makes you appreciate life so much more.

And, acting on that last one, I want to THANK all of you for your company, your kindness and cleverness, your thoughtful comments, and for sticking around and being friends for all these years.

I do APPRECIATE you, and I hope that your 2014 will be your most creative and BEST year ever.

Happy, Happy New Year!



8 thoughts on “Just Sitting Around Reflecting . . .

  1. Shauna

    I, too, will not miss 2013 a bit! I have a sense of positive anticipation for 2014 that I haven’t felt for a number of years. It isn’t a feeling of hyper-excitement that some events bring, but more one of a gentle (dare I say “slow”) movement helping to carry you where you need to be. It’s interesting you mentioned purging because my husband and I were JUST saying the same thing! Things I thought I just couldn’t get rid of, I no longer care. Not all of course, but way more than I would have thought a couple of years ago. I’m ready to let go of the old so I can accept the new. I wish a blessed and joy-filled new year to all! Thank you, Jessica for sharing your life happenings with us! I value your blog.

  2. Carolyn B

    Love your blog, Jessica, and I appreciate your approach to life. You are an inspiration in so many ways.

  3. vesta abel

    2013 was an awesome year for me! And 2014 will be even better as I travel the earth.
    I deleted tons of old stuff from my brain and mind that no longer serve me and am in the process of downloading new shifts in thinking that will hopefully
    Ascend me to higher levels of creativity! Yes, there is an app for that!
    Enjoy your new Art Space Jess, see you soon!

  4. Lois Manno

    As a fellow new kiln-glass addict, I completely understand your comment about “slow art”. Nothing slows you down more than a 10-hour firing schedule. Plus, working with glass requires mindfulness and deliberation (two traits I could use more of). If you aren’t careful, you’ll end up with cut fingers or a pile of shards. Happy New Year, and here’s to the Slow Art Movement!!

  5. jessica

    I love your take on 2014, Shauna – a lovely way to express it.

    Thank you, Carolyn. Your comment gave me warm fuzzies!

    Vesta, if you ascend any more in your creativity, you will actually dwell among the stars.

    Lois, my new glass pal – good to see you here and our lunch is coming right up – as soon as I regain consciousness.

  6. Timaree

    I was quite happy with 2013 as it was the year I moved back to California. It’s been a super busy year though so I hope 2014 will be slower – yes, slow art is often a good thing and mine is more knitting such as afghans. They take a long time plus I have an Evernote moleskine journal with thin gridded pages. Too thin for paints so I am using colored pencil and some pen in them – 6 colored pencils to be exact, with a warm and a cool each of red, yellow and blue. This has certainly got me going slow so I need my faster watercolors to go into other books when I just can’t do slow! Happy New Year and hope your new gallery will do great!

  7. Jeanne

    jessica, funny how so often your and my thoughts seem connected. I was just thinking that my Number 1 resolution is to be grateful, and my Number 2 is to purge my possessions. Like Shauna, “things” I have hung onto for years are no longer important. And Vesta, thanks for prompting me to include my brain as another place to purge. It is also important for me to make my resolutions an everyday thing, and not just a January whim. I am grateful to you for sharing your humor, your creativity, your inspiration, your friendship, and yourself.

  8. Lynn

    So excited to hear you and Mark are in your new space in town. And I love your chair photo, seems I have one very similar. Good memories of that day! Here’s to a mindful year of friendship & creativity.

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