Night Lights and Printers and Minivans, Oh My!

nightlights1OK. Cue the Christmas Music . . .

“Night lights drying on a paper towel . . .
Jack Frost nipping at your nose . . .
Yuletide carols . . .”

Enough already. That was terrible, but I couldn’t help it. It got you humming, though, didn’t it?

So, there you have 16 night lights – fresh out of the kiln this morning, washed and ready to be glued to night light hardware like this . . .


Then Mark will attach the rest of the parts when the E6000 cures.

I am loving this way of making images, which is called kiln carving. Basically, you create the image using cut up pieces of fiber paper, which does not burn up, and the glass slumps over them when it fuses.

You can use punches or draw things and cut them out. That is what I did with my signature Jessica bird on some of them . . .

nightlightbirdThe little bubbles are a given with fused glass and are called champagne bubbles.

I have been firing every day to keep up with sales at the gallery. Customers in our village out here are more prone to buying art they can USE, so I have been making things like night lights and cheese plates . . .

cheeseplatesI took another workshop on Reactive Glass Special Effects which was really fascinating. The amber white and turquoiseI  plate shows some of that effect – reaction is what causes the dark outlines around the turquoise bits.

have SO MANY ideas for more artistic glass pieces but I shall wait until we are downtown again, where art lovers are happy to buy something just to look at it – without having to slice cheese on it (grin).

Tuesday, the 10th, Was A Very Fine Day . . .

We got back the money that was stolen through online credit card fraud a few months ago. It took a long time because the bank does not cover a business account with a provisional refund like they do a personal account. That’s a federal rule and I did not know about it before this happened. It took so long I sort of gave up ever seeing that money again, but it came back! Yay!

And I bought a new car (more about that in a moment).

In the process, I found out I have a really high credit score (How did THAT happen? Who knew?) so I could get a car loan for 1.9%. Actually, could have gotten 0.0% but the term was shorter and the payment was bigger and I guess I should make sure I can keep that good credit score.

That was like Santa Claus saying “You’ve been a very good girl this year, so you won’t get coal in your stocking”

And then, they called my insurance company to transfer my policy from a 2003 Caravan to a 2014 Caravan and I was cringing, waiting to hear how much my premium would go up . . . AND . . . they have built so many new safety features into these new vehicles that the rate stayed the same!?!

Geez – could it get any better?


Phone rings while I am waiting for the new car to be vacuumed because there was a piece of lint in it (if they only knew what my van usually looks like!).

It’s Mark at the gallery and he’s having a good day. This was the first day we had put any of my glass pieces in the gallery and he had sold SEVEN of them!!! Talk about some nice validation.

Days like that Tuesday are worth a lot of mileage.

And speaking of mileage . . .

My beautiful ice-green van had 153,000 miles on it.

When a cylinder went bad a couple weeks ago, I fixed her because I love her so much.

Some of you will remember when I first brought her home back in 2005 . . .

mistylattenewThe only thing I did not totally love was the tan interior (Really? With a jade green exterior?) Have the automobile designers run amuck?

mistylatteinteriorBut I got around it by giving her a beautiful name – “Misty Latté”.

She was used, but she had only 31,000 miles.

I used her a lot more for 8 years. We went a lot of places together and the miles piled up.

After I got her cylinder fixed, she ran great for two days.

Then another cylinder started misfiring. Drat!

With my lifestyle, I have to know that a car is not going to strand me on the side of some lonesome highway somewhere.

I had to think about buying a new car.

And THINK I did.

I drove my dear husband crazy. He was in the car business for 40 years, remember, but I can still drive him crazy.

I am not a soccer Mom. In fact, not a Mom of any kind, unless you count dogs and cats.

So, why have I been driving a minivan instead of some sexy SUV all these years?

Maybe it was time for a sexy SUV.

ME: Maybe I should get an SUV this time. I like the Lexus.

MARK: SUVs are much smaller.
The Huskies won’t fit.
You can’t afford a Lexus.

ME: Picky . . .picky.

MARK: A new Caravan will have those seats that fold into the floor and we won’t have to get a divorce because you make me take seats out one more time.

ME: I do like those disappearing seats.

MARK: We ARE moving the business in two weeks.


I still did go out and test drive some SUVs though (don’t tell). DH was right – the cargo space is on top of fold-down deats. The Huskies would be “floor” to ceiling and I wouldn’t be able to see through them to drive.

So, here is my brand new Dodge Grand Caravan . . .

bluenew1It’s rather boxy and the same color as the only nightmare-citrus-fruit vehicle I ever owned, but these headlights are sexy . . .

blueheadlightAnd the interior is beautiful black and light gray . . .

blueinterior1And it has Stow-n-Go seats (the back two are “stowed” in this shot) so I won’t have to get a divorce (for that reason anyway) . . .

bluestoragespaceLots of room for my Trader Joe’s freezer bags.

And the BEST thing of all . . . it has that “new car” smell.

What IS that “new car” smell anyway? Such a mysterious thing. It doesn’t really smell like anything else. And no matter what kind of new car you get, it smells the same.

It is a HAPPY smell. Like Sara Lee, nobody doesn’t like it. All my friends have come around sniffing.

I like the new car smell a LOT.

In fact, I like just about everything about this new car, BUT . . .

ME: “I just have one problem with this car. I think it’s a boy.”

MARK: (eyes crossed a little): “What?!”

ME: “I’ve always had girl cars before. I feel a little peculiar about this.”

MARK: “You should feel a little peculiar about that.”

So I showed the car to my friend, Betsy, without telling her my suspicions.

“I love this new car,” she said, “HE is going to be very happy with you for a long time.”

AHA!  It IS a boy. Women just know these things.

Now I have to be careful picking a name. Can’t be anything too foo-foo if this is a boy car.

Do you have any suggestions?

Printing from Your iPad . . .

Thanks for your great response to my latest Workbook – and for your emails saying it is the best toy you’ll get for Christmas. It is.Unless you are getting an iPad for Christmas, that is. That’s the best toy ever!

To answer a question asked in Comments last time, the Workbook is a PDF. Therefore, if you put the download link you get on check-out into the Safari address window on your iPad, the PDF will open there with a button to tap to “Open in iBooks”. If you tap that, the Workbook will be in your iBooks library.

Your download link is good for 30 days, so you can also download it to your PC to have a copy there too. Just go to the Download link again and enter your Order Code again (NOT your Order number. The Order Code is a long number with hyphens – easier to copy/paste it, in fact.)

And now, for some more great news . . .

If someone can still spend $59 on you for a holiday gift, I’ve got just the thing.

epson310XPEpson Expression Home XP-310 Small-in-One™ All-in-One Printer

Have to credit my sister-friend, Vesta, for this one. It is the PERFECT printer (since my Kodaks are a goner).

Sells at Walmart for $59.

Sells on Amazon with Prime Shipping at this Link

Total ink refill cost on Amazon $37.00 (Same at Walmart.)

Wireless and great app for iPad and iPhone with EASY print window.

Durabrite Waterproof and archival ink.

All in one that makes copies and scans.

Great pass-through paper feed which handles card stock better.

I bought one to make sure it was the right answer and I love it.

IMPORTANT TIP: Choose “Best” quality when printing. “Standard” is not good.

AND, this printer is not real fast, but that’s ok, because we are part of the “Slow Art” Movement. Right?

To be honest, I  just wrote that Workbook for me September Retreat and did not have time to actually do too much playing and printing with it myself for my journal.

But now that I have, I think this whole thing is an iPad life changer.

So many times, I skip a photo that really would enhance my journal page because I don’t feel like going through all the steps of Dropboxing it to the computer to edit and resize in Photoshop and print.

But now, I can just do all that right in the iPad where the photo or illustration resides and send it right through the air to the printer. TOO cool. And I know it will  fit exactly the space I want to put it because I planned all that on my iPad.

This printer is small and lightweight too.

With my new Workbook and this printer, you can have anything from your iPad (or iPhone) in your journal in no time at all

Here, again, is the link to the Workbook (it will be on the website shortly):

And get you a little Epson to go with it!

Maybe it will have that “new printer” smell.


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13 thoughts on “Night Lights and Printers and Minivans, Oh My!

  1. Timaree

    Stud Muffin was a goat we had! He sure wouldn’t have minded someone/thing else named the same! I have a feeling it’s not that unusual a name. Your new car looks like a Charlie to me. Either than or an Henri! I would have liked seeing a pic with the dogs ready to go for a ride!

    Thanks for answering about the IPad. I do believe I’ll be heading over to the shop!

    Love your night lights and cheeseboards too. I like useful but unuseful is good too as long as a person has some space for it.

  2. jessica Post author

    Hmmm . . . one more case of something we like not being good for us.

    But that particular article sounds more like they want to find something harmful rather than that they actually have.

    I figure if the State of California hasn’t put a warning label on it, I won’t die from it – grin.

  3. Pat Allard

    Your great new car looks like a George to me….my wonderful Passat station wagon is a 2002 and has 140K miles on her. She chugs right along and takes wonderful care of me and my loved ones. Her name is Elizabeth because my daughter refused to give me another grandchild named Elizabeth and I just love that name! So I’m thinking Elizabeth needs a study friend named George for a long distance relationship! Blessings to you!

  4. MarionE, Australia

    My sister always seems to have boy cars – her latest is called Patrick because it’s white (she’s literary, hence Patrick White). Her previous car was Graham because he was green. Can you see the pattern here?
    If you apply this system to artists, perhaps you could have Jackson (Pollock – Blue Poles)…??

  5. Diana in Texas

    Congratulations on the new van, Jessica. It’s really pretty. I also love the fold-down seats. I have no name suggestions. I’ve never named a car. We used to refer to a really old car we once had as “old bessie” but that was the only one. I love the creative names that have been suggested, especially the blue van-go.

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