Happy In My Own Skin . . .


“From the Depths of My Heart”, Kiln Fired Glass, Sterling and Fine Silver, © Jessica Wesolek,2013

This time, I went missing for three whole weeks!! OMG, where have I been?

Have I been navel-gazing and contemplating the meaning of it all? No.

Have I been whining and crying about too much to do in too little time? No.

Did I take my planned trip to Tubac and bask in warm weather and warm-hearted sisterhood? No.

Then what in the world have I been doing?

I have been making art, my friends.

Making art and that is all.


“Rainbow Raven Coasters” Kiln glass silkscrened with powdered glass. © Jessica Wesolek 2013

It has been many years since I have felt like this. That I am absolutely firing on all cylinders.

When I made a promise to myself in my twenties that I would live by my art, or die trying, I knew that there would be much compromise made between what I longed to create and what I would HAVE to create in order to keep a roof over my head, and some food under that roof.

Because I was always being “creative” in some way, however, I have never been unhappy in my commercial endeavors and have, in fact, enjoyed them.

But there is nothing in this world as amazing and all-encompassing as the JOY of immersing myself in art for me – making whatever I want to make and learning, learning, learning in the process.

I have been logging 12 hours studio days one after another. Luckily, the studio is well warmed by the new kiln, which is running all the time. I don’t know or care what time it is, or whether I remembered to eat something all day.

I am making art.


“You and I” Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, and kiln-fired glass. © Jessica Wesolek, 2013

I think I mentioned last time (so long ago, it seems) that I was about to take a workshop in Powder Printing at the Bullseye Glass Resource Center here in Santa Fe. I was excited, but I had no idea that I would fall head over heels into a new world, and LOVE it SO much.

Being reminded of how it feels to be completely absorbed in art making, has reminded me also that artists are the luckiest people alive.

And yet they spend more time soul-searching, self-doubting, and indulging in self-sabotage than they do making art.

If they would just put all that energy into making art, there would be none left for worrying about making art.

I speak to me as I speak to thee, because I am as guilty as anyone of barking up that very wrong tree.

Today is Thanksgiving, and I am grateful for so many things: my family, my health, and my dear friends (such as you).

But this year, I am reminded to give thanks for the greatest gift of all . . .

That I can make art.


“Wild Horse Canyon” Image powder-printed with reactive glasses and kiln-fired. © Jesica Wesolek 2013


“Family Ties” Sterling Silver and Reactive Glasses Kiln-Fired. © Jessica Wesolek 2013


Nightlight, Kiln-Carved Cathedral Glass. © Jessica Wesolek 2013

Happy Thanksgiving, my dear friends!

13 thoughts on “Happy In My Own Skin . . .

  1. Susun

    Oh, Jessica. My daily meditation today was about play time and creating and how it transforms your life, taking you from head to heart without those nasty little critics taking over. And here you are, showing by example EXACTLY what Deepak was addressing! How I long to feel passionate creatively again! The last time was when I actually managed a sewing machine with my granddaughter to make a purse with fabric remnants and accessories. We were ecstatic! Thank you for this wonderful reminder and may you enjoy a bountiful and joyful holiday season.

  2. Ann Cumbie

    These pieces are ALL so beautiful! I think my favorite is the Wild Horse Canyon. I am thankful for a friend such as you. . . talented and inspirational. I think it is so wonderful when we can immerse ourselves in any art medium that makes us forget the time of day and all that is around us. I am thankful that you are willing to share your thoughts and talents with us. Happy Thanksgiving and Hugs!

  3. Jerrie

    Oh Jessica!….you have entered into my world of glass!!!! There are so many questions I want to ask you….What kind of kiln?, do you use a base glass of bullseye?, what coe?, Waaaay back when Thompson Enamel was located in Highland Park, IL I was a frequent visitor & loved to talk shop ..in the early 80′s when fusing was just getting started, I ran the hot glass dept in a local studio & help write the early published fusing books…..You are going to make me get back into my glass
    studio!!!! There are so many way wonderful techniques we could talk about…

  4. Jeanne

    I am so excited for you and about what you’re doing that I am speechless. I see your work, I feel your excitement, I know you are an artist. Truly you, and we, have much to be thankful for, my friend.

  5. Diana in Texas

    Have missed you like many others of us, but so glad to hear about your new venture and adventure. We all benefit from the art you make, so please keep on keeping on and share with us whenever you can. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, too.

  6. Louise W

    Jessica, you never cease to amaze me in your energy and creativity. I love these pieces and this makes me want to branch out from my stained glass to kiln glass. Maybe my Christmas present to myself this year!

    Happy Post-Thanksgiving!

  7. Lynn

    Jessica, how absolutely lovely these are. Your titles make each one so personal and appealing. So you are learning new techniques and so eloquently expressing yourself at the same time. That doesn’t always happen!
    How I miss the creative and convivial company of you, Betsy, Sandra and now Chris!
    Sending love to all at the holiday season, Lynn

  8. Christine Newman-Aumiller

    How wonderful! It seems that every time one thinks the end of the road has been reached, another fork appears and life begins anew!

  9. Timaree

    Wow, these are greeeaaattt! Love them all with the more abstract ones my faves. So love the “Family Ties” and “You and I” especially but all are really nice. You are definitely onto something. I almost got into glass beadmaking but the cost was high and my eyes were going so I declined. It’s a great thing to become immersed in something new when it comes at just the right time! Sounds like the infusion of newness was a good spark for you.

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