Art Journaling at Walmart . . .


Lynn Pauly fell in love with Santa Fe during the Art Journaling Retreat last month, and has already come back for a visit!

We had a field trip planned to the little town of Madrid, and a good place to meet up was the Walmart parking lot near the highway.

When we pulled in, Lynn was sitting on her camp stool working in her art journal. Something about this just struck me so funny. You come all the way to Santa Fe to journal because it is such an unusual and exotic paradise for artists, and you end up journaling at Walmart!? What kind of hostess am I?

At least, it’s an adobe version of Walmart – vigas and all. (Vigas are those big logs that stick out at the top of traditional adobe walls.)

I was excited to see some of Lynn’s finished pages from the retreat. They are really great, so I will share a few with you . . .


We drew some of our art supplies at the beginning of the retreat, and Sandy Bartholomew, CZT extraordinaire, did a whole ebook on the common design elements found in Santa Fe, which she gifted to our students. Lynn’s right page is embellished with some of those design elements.

Sandy’s book, The Tangles of Santa Fe is available for purchase and download here:

The Tangles of Santa Fe

It’s a wonderful book – check it out.

Here’s Lynn’s sketch of the Horno at the Pecos Historic Park. An Horno is a traditional oven which is still used by Pueblo people today for baking bread. Lynn loved being quiet and alone with the history of the moment, and what a gorgeous spread!


Here’s a spread of an afternoon on the Santa Fe Plaza, which is the center of downtown. There is always lots going on . . .


I love layouts like this, where so much information is artfully arranged in one space. Here is a detail close-up so you can see how complex this is . . .


And here’s a spread dedicated to an unusual variation of a treat we all love . . .


Yes, they put Chile in chocolate here.

I commend Lynn on creating a fabulous journal that truly captures the moments.

So, we met in the Walmart parking lot and headed off for lunch – at a very amusing place called the San Marcos Cafe. It is located next door to a feed store along what is called the Turquoise Trail, and is as rustically charming as can be.

Part of the charm comes with their big cinnamon rolls, and another part is the fact that Peacocks and Turkeys wander freely on the grounds. Like this guy . . .


Betsy decided to share a bite of her cinnamon roll with a couple of turkeys who happened by . . .


And then another couple came along . . .


OK – some for them too. And then . . .


She better grab a bite for herself before it’s too late!


Lynn figures we ought to document this.


We don’t even have a final count, but when they chased Betsy back to the van . . .


We knew it was time to get out while we could. A couple of these cinnamon-sugar-crazed whackos tried to get IN the van. Shades of Alfred Hitchcock!

More adventures in paradise to come.


Sketch Journal One online workshop starts tomorrow. You can start from the beginning, or join this workshop in progress anytime during the following month. If you want to have a lot of fun learning to draw and paint in your journals, this one’s for you!

Sketch Journal One


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8 thoughts on “Art Journaling at Walmart . . .

  1. Bonnie Luhman

    This was sooo fun to read! The pages are totally wonderful but the turkeys were hilarious! This just made my day.

    You should carry some of those Chili Pistachio
    bars so we can have a taste. :-) Sounds exotic.

  2. Bette-Ann

    Stunningly breathtaking Lynn, I could get lost in your art and drift into bliss….Thank you so much for sharing :)

  3. Nancy

    Beautiful! Wonderful! Marvelous! I enjoyed so much viewing your website. It’s the next best thing than being there with you!
    Lynn, you are so very talented!

  4. Janice

    I enjoyed viewing the Creative art by Lynn. It sounds like an impressive retreat with lots of history and laughter too!

  5. Lynn

    Jessica, thanks for such a creative and funny record of our wonderful day last week. I’m so proud that you featured my pages! These three comments are from friends of mine with whom I shared your post.
    You and Betsy are by far the best hostesses ever. Can’t wait to see you both on our trip to Tubac!

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