A Real Treat of Art and Music . . .


There is much I don’t share with you, but not because I don’t want to.

I just have a hard time being a BRIEF blogger. I always want to wait until I have a big story to tell – or a whole batch of small ones. By that time, many treasures have fallen by the wayside.

I came by this video by a circuitous route and was SO charmed that I have to share it with you – right now before it gets lost in my pile of things to share.

This is a music video by Irish singer, Lisa Hannigan, The song is Lille and it can be found on her album called Sea Sew (find it on iTunes).

As this haunting and beautiful song plays, Lisa turns the pages of an incredible two volume pop-up book which illustrates the story. The book was created by Maeve Clancy, another Irish artist.

You know how I love great music and great illustration. And I really loved the whole personality that came through as Lisa turned the pages.

The work put into this project is mind-blowing to put it mildly.

I was so charmed that I watched it three times!!

And then I went and bought the album.

Here is the video link


And here is Maeve Clancy’s site where you can see more of her creativity.



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6 thoughts on “A Real Treat of Art and Music . . .

  1. Eva Erlendson

    Thank you. I loved the music and have always loved pop up books. Great combo. Went on to listen to some of the other tunes by Lisa Hannigan. Nice way to start my day :)

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