Morning Walk with Teddy . . .


You may remember that my mornings start with this face . . .


And we go for a walk.

All of my three Huskies love the garden, but this one likes to smell flowers.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to sketch the wildflowers we see on our walk – and let Teddy do the choosing.

I took my good camera for photos so I could get close-ups, but the breeze and morning sun are not conducive to good, sharp photos, so I also picked a sample of each and put them in a vase when we got back.


And I added a Yucca pod because Teddy chose one of those too.


We are in the high desert, remember, and deal with drought and monsoon conditions, so our wildflowers never know what to expect. If they manage to come up at all, they are pretty small and usually pretty beat-up.

So, I thought it would nice to give them some attention for once. Like Georgia O’Keeffe, I had the power to glorify them by giving them some size.


These sketches are done with the marker technique I talked about last time.


Notice how the top one is pasted over?

Lots of folks would say that you should just live with your mistakes in your journal.

I’m not one of them. That’s why I love erasers so much!.

I had first sketched the purple flower from a photo instead of looking more carefully at the blossom itself, and although the painting turned out very nice looking, it didn’t look at all like the real thing.

So. I redid it. Let the art journal police come after me if they want. I’M the one who has to look at this page all the time.

I made some interesting discoveries since last time.

My favorite marker set is no longer out there in the 1.0 nib size, but only as a fine liner. I have had these a long time and had no idea.

I tried some Tombow markers, but they did not work as well – wanted to bead up on the Sheer Heaven.

Try any water-soluble marker you have around.

Does Marvy still make markers? I found some of those – but dried out after 20+ years.

Did I ever mention how much I LOVE drawing in boxes? Or grids? Or frames of any kind?

My former Love This Journal students know that, dontcha?

I especially LOVE having things escape the frame – or go from one frame into another.

I have no idea if these wildflowers have names or what they might be. But, I am going to do some research because these sketches would make a nice Notecard set for the gallery.

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5 thoughts on “Morning Walk with Teddy . . .

  1. Jeanne

    Who could resist that face? I’d drag myself outta bed for him too!

    I have always loved the way you surround your sketches with frames, and the way many of the subjects seem to come off the paper and stretch across the frame. I think it grounds them and makes them appear more three-dimensional. I’m trying to remember to do that for my sketches because I think it looks so good.

  2. Bonnie

    Oh Jessica, I so agree with you. I love to pick up one of my journals and re-read it and re-live the moments I have carefully recorded in it. It would un-nerve me if I had a page in there that I didn’t care for. I do realize we are all different kinds of folks and there is that ‘no rules’ thing I keep hearing about…

    I save my messy ways for my notebook of ideas of things I want to express when I have time…. and my closet. (both messy!!) In years to come my journals will fall into the hands of someone I don’t even know and I want them to think well of me. I wouldn’t show a guest my messy closet would I ? :-)

    I have been a fan of your journals for a long time. You have your own style and I hope one day to do a page that I can be absolutely sure is all mine. I am a product of many online classes, so I am not sure if anything is truly mine anymore.

    I do have my own rules for ‘my own journals’ though. :-)

    Thanks for mentioning Inktense watercolor pencils. Drug them out and I have a crush on the vivid colors all over again!! :o)

  3. jessica Post author

    Yes, those eyes are that blue – and he has my heart. DH’s eyes are also that blue and he has my heart too!

    I think the no rules thing is a good tool for banishing the beginning artist’s critical bogeymen.

    However, the more learn about art, the more you know there are rules. Plenty of them.

    I don’t have any surviving inner critics left (well, one scraggly old guy, but he doesn’t bother me much). so I expect my work to look good and if I screw up, I do it over.

    Personal; style is a funny thing – One day, it just coalesces out of all that you do. And you can have more than one. I have at least three, but somehow, everybody can always tell it’s me.

  4. Diana in Texas

    I love the way you frame your drawings and especially the way your subject matter “escapes.” Shows such freedom.

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