Garden Art Journal . . . Remember the Soaker Hose?


If you remember this, you have been with me for a long while – five years at least!

Thank you for still being here – I really appreciate it.

Anyway, one of the big mistakes I made along the way was trusting Apple to have a blogging platform that would last (MobileMe). When they pulled the plug in June of 2012, I had moved to WordPress, but everything previous to that move went into oblivion.

Except that I had created it all in iWeb, which remains on my computer, and using it, I can find and bring back some archival posts.

This one was too much fun and I still feel the pain of that accident.

The journal page was done in my Moleskine Sketchbook with watercolor pencil, Pitt pen and the magic of the Sheer Heaven transfer, which allowed for the realistic newspaper article.

After doing this illustration, I was excited about how realistic my soaker hose looked and did another page about how that was drawn . . .


“Loop Doodle”? I maust have made that up. I wonder if it could have become as big as Zentangle? Oh well, another ship that sailed.

Anyway, if you follow these steps, you can have all the recycled rubber tire soaker hose you would ever want to draw. And the drawings can’t bite you on the heel.

And around that same time, I made an earthshaking discovery of something that everybody else in the world already knew about – how to use a hose repair kit . . .



And I still fix every hose that I can by using this method.

HOWEVER, I have moved on to a new kind of soaker hose . . .


First of all, it doesn’t bite – and it doesn’t fight you either.

It is a flat nylon ribbon, stitched along one side, which surrounds a “leaky” plastic tube.

As the water leaks out of the tube, the only place for it to go is out the holes made by the stitching. This provides a nice, slow soaking.

It lays flat on the ground and can easily be wound around wherever you need it.

Here, you can see it bottom left, running under the Monarda which grows in the shade of the Aspen.


And here is a close up to show you how it works . . .


I have become a devotee of soaker type watering. Last year, I did an experiment and did not use the weeper hoses, and my perennials grew to only half their usual height. Plus, I almost got carpal tunnel from holding hose guns.

These flat weeper hoses are not available in big box stores, but they can be found on Amazon here (Prime shipping too):

Gilmour Flat Weeper Hose

So, I hope you enjoyed the little trip to the past in my journal, and also learned something useful.

As I go through my old, lost blog posts, I plan to bring the good ones back for a second day in the sun. Do you like that idea? That also makes them available in the Archives of this blog, which is a good thing.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

7 thoughts on “Garden Art Journal . . . Remember the Soaker Hose?

  1. lllynnda

    I too know how to repair hoses. But that is because I have watched my husband so often while he repairs the hose that he has just run over with the garden tractor, once again. I have also learned a few new swear words.

    Llynnda, where water is in such great supply this year we have not needed to use the hose.

  2. Elaine Gongora

    Jane LaFazio just wrote on her blog today about making a book out of her blogs. It looked great. You might want to check it out at Jane Ville.
    It’s fun to see the trials and tribulations of having a garden, especially when one lives in an apartment! Actually I did have a garden once and quite enjoyed it.

  3. jessica

    Funny! Llynda. They never learn, do they? Actually, except for heavy lifting, my DH is not allowed to “work” on the garden. He can sit and enjoy, but no touching.

    Glad you liked the artical, Yogi.

    And thanks, Elaine. I have been working on “BlogBooks” for years but haven’t finished any yet. I think it’s a great idea and will go check out what Jane is doing.

    Blogs are searchable, and all have their archives (unless they were on Mobile Me!), but I do not think it is a good thing that all this content is lying in a digital “attic” without easy access!

  4. Jeanne

    jessica, I have been following you since the day I talked to you on the phone about some of your Mimbres-style rubber stamps! I don’t remember exactly when that was, only that it was a looooong time ago.

    And yes, I would love to read your blog posts from the past. The one on the hose made me laugh out loud—again. I have saved some of my favorite posts (including the Captured issues) on my computer,

  5. Marilyn

    I would like the oldies but goodies blogs also. I am surprised that with the wicked heat that the drops don’t evaporate before they get to the plants, but since it works that’s great.

  6. jessica

    Jeanne – oh it has been such a looong time. And I am so happy that you are one of my imaginary friends that I have actually spent time with in person! And you came with an extra friend (Hi, Jana!)

    HI Marilyn,
    Actually, soaker hoses are the best thing here where the ground is not only dry, but mostly clay, so it can’t absorb a bunch of water at once (hence the flash flood phenomenon). When you let the ground drink very slowly, it is able to take it all in.

    Sort of like when I sip my wine (grin).

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