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Another good art starter when you can’t think of what to journal about is a chronicle of new things.

It seems like every year, I add some permanent things to the garden: tools, pots, sculptures, feeders, etc.

When you bring them home all shiny, it’s a good time to have them star on a garden journal page.

Plus, they hold still and let you sketch them, unlike many other things in the garden.

This page was done with pan watercolors in my Stillman & Birn Beta journal.

I didn’t do any transferring – just sketched with 3H pencil and painted over.

These pots really are a find.

They are beautiful and look just like ceramic.

You all know I don’t like plastic much, but I needed to get those Hibiscus into large pots and I have to be able to move them – to rescue them from hail.

These are still managable even when full of wet dirt. And they look natural.



Corona is my favorite brand of garden tool and I am excited every time I get a new one. The one in the journal is a mini lopper.

And, of course this trip to Lowes also yielded some Morning Glory Seeds. I have some full grown already that I started from nursery plants, and I am about to start another crop from seed. I got some incubators I will be telling you about, so they will get enough overhead light and still not get eaten by bunnies.

Another GREAT Thing from Lowes . . .


Oh do I love this app!

First of all, the print magazine you can pick up in the store is really good, but the interactive version on the iPad is TOO wonderful.

Great animated graphics – like watching little gardens grow right before your eyes, and every project has step-by-steps and supply lists to click on. It is ultra-entertaining – and free!

And maybe my favorite thing – Pin It! buttons with every article, so you can keep and share the projects for future “doing”.

Yay for Lowes! This is marketing at its best.

Here’s the link

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7 thoughts on “Garden Art Journal . . . New Stuff

  1. Vivian

    I am loving the sketching you are making of your garden. Most of my portable garden are edibles. (I am moving soon) and I have not thought about drawing my garden. Most likely it is because I am used to sketching buildings and not people or plants.

    But your colors are terrific! You inspire me to try my hand at sketching plants and adding notes along side them.

    Thanks for the tip on the Lowes app. I now have it on my iPad.

  2. Eva Erlendson

    This is a little off subject, but I’ve seen you comment about having to move your plants indoors when it hails. Have you considered a canvas sun shade/awning? I typed in a search on Pinterest. There are some pretty neat ideas.

    By the way, I also like seeing your ideas for art journals :)

  3. jessica

    Eva – you read my mind.
    That is exactly what I have done. I have cut a piece of shade cloth large enough to drape my flower beds and made supports I can clip them to. I have some photos I will share.

    Because of the strength of our winds here, I can’t put up anything permanent.

    It is a great idea and I am going to search on Pinterest too, to see what others have done.

  4. susan w

    Did you order those pots or find them in Santa fe (at Lowe’s maybe? – since you said “another great thing from Lowe’s). They are striking.

  5. jessica Post author

    HI Susan,
    The pots are a new brand at Lowes this year – Allen & Roth.

    They are located in the inside garden section, not out with the plants, and they are all larger sizes. There are no holes in the bottom but I easily drilled some for proper drainage. They are well priced too.

    I really do love them.

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