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On Pinterest yesterday, I found a board dedicated to Garden Journals – when someone pinned my birdbath sketch to it, and it occurred to me that, for the most part, Garden Journals are Art Journals because they tell a story about your life, help you remember things that happened, and usually have sketches, photos and other kinds of visual note-taking.

Since that happens to be my definition of “Art Journal”, I decided they belong in the same category.

And it’s a good thing, because so many of my art journal pages are about my garden that I would hate to have to separate the two.

This page is from back in April, but I rediscovered it yesterday.

When I created the page, I had just gotten home from a trip to Lowes, where I bought some stepping stones that I thought were the same as all the ones I put in last year.

They weren’t.

It’s weird how you can look at something everyday and not remember what it looks like.

But, it’s ok because I only bought these for the birdbaths to sit on – not to add to my walkways.

And I was having an uninspired journaling day, so it gave me something to draw – (grin).

Which brings me to a good idea to share with you.

What to Draw?

OK – sometimes that is a problem for everybody. You’ve got the urge – but no subject.

When it happens to me, I turn to some books I keep around for just such an occasion. These are fun, illustrated books of one kind or another, and seeing some simple pictures always gives me ideas of things to draw.

I will share these books with you from time to time. Here is a favorite:

Beautiful Doodles – Nellie Ryan


This is not a tangle type of doodling, but rather, simple sketches and partially drawn scenes for you to fill in. You can even work in the book itself if you want . . .


Either way, there are enough idea starters in here to get you out of any drawing block.

Past Garden Journal Pages . . .

This page brought up memories of other garden journal pages that are now lost in the archives.

Do you remember the Story of the Morning Glories I tried to grow from seed?

That was a five page garden journal story way back in 2011.

You can find the entire story here:

I enjoyed reading that story again – hope you do too.

And, I have the urge to blog more often again – let’s see how that goes?!?

6 thoughts on “Garden Art Journal . . . Birdcages & Blocks of All Kinds

  1. Elaine Gongora

    I can’t believe that I remember the Morning Glory journal page or that it was such a long time ago. The memories that my journals bring back to me are priceless, like being there all over again.

  2. Diana in Texas

    I, like others, love peeking inside your journals and taking a walk down memory lane with you. My art journals encompass everything including gardening, but you have been my total inspiration to keep on keeping on. I love the idea of “filling in” a frame, etc when you have an artist’s block. Gets the juices flowing.

  3. Jennifer Martin

    I love your blog and everything. I have a question. Is there anyway you can “slow” down the lovely quotes that appears at the top of the page on your blog posts. Just as I am trying to read them, they change.I find it frustrating because I really do want to finish reading them. If there is a way to slow them down, I would so appreciate it.

  4. Kenisha Sjaarda

    Thanks for investigating down in our waters. With plastics washing up on the beaches of the Antartic, we knew the problem was here but not explored and measured. Let’s hope New Zealand takes some action to limit plastic pollution and stop the use of single-use disposable plastic bags soon!

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