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I wrote yesterday’s post while sitting in my favorite place on earth – my garden swing.

No matter what I am doing in the garden, this is always right beside me . . .


And so it was that I could capture this most perfect headshot of Ms. Hummingbird.

And such a strange thing happened right afterward.

But first let me set the scene . . .

This is my all time favorite Hummingbird feeder, and it has its own story


This ceramic apple feeder was marketed by Havahart several years ago and is no longer sold. I loved it so much when I saw it at a local nursery, that I bought two.

I don’t know why I loved it so much – just one of those things. It was red and wonderfully shaped and shiny. May as well have been a heart. I loved it.

And my Hummingbirds loved it too. They know a good thing when they sip at one.

As much as I loved it, however, I gave the second one to my Mom for her garden.

Years passed and my wonderful apple got sun faded, cracked and finally got broken. I tried to find another one, and there were none to be had.

Then I went to Michigan to help my mother move to Santa Fe, and lo and behold, there was her apple feeder still in the box – just like new!

I gushed all over it until she gave it back to me.

And I was really happy with this new red apple. This time, I hung it on a shady branch of a tree so it wouldn’t fade.

But the tree I hung it in was this one – a Chinese Elm I have to keep cutting way back so it won’t become too big for the courtyard.


And one day, I cut the wrong branch and my apple feeder fell and smashed.

Great weeping and gnashing of teeth ensued.

I went back on the web determined to find another one. I called the manufacturer in case there might be one sitting forgotten in a warehouse somewhere. No luck.

But then, my friend, Google, came up with a woman on ebay who was selling some “VIntage Fruit Hummingbird Feeders”. The early 2000′s isn’t quite vintage in my book, but I went to look anyway.

You guessed it . . . there was my apple amongst some very ugly fruit that may as well have been vintage.

And I bought it.

So, that’s the ebay find hanging in the midget Elm as of yesterday (the garden is still very much a work in progress!)

And the tree is about 6 feet from my swing, so when my Hummingbird friend decided to visit the apple, I grabbed that telephoto lens and got right in her face with it.

And now, the strange thing that happened . . . she got right back in my face. She flew right up to the end of my lens – she didn’t hit it but she hovered there – just as close as she had been to the feeder. Obviously, there was no way to focus, so I just sat there until she had enough and flew away.

Maybe she was checking her make-up in the lens reflection?

Mark passed through the garden about then and I told him about it.

“Maybe she thought I was some exotic flower or something,” I said to him.

“Maybe she thought you were a gigantic Hummingbird with a REALLY weird beak,” he said.

It’s for moments like that that I keep him around.

Copyright Notice

You may have seen that I added copyright type to the lead photo in this post. I hate the look of that, but with Pinterest and all that going on, it is something I have to do – at least to the important images. I will try to keep it as unobtrusive as possible.

A Great Read . . .

I am really picky about fiction. It has to be very well written, not stupid or saccharin or hopelessly insipid. I am also sick to death of violence as entertainment. So, it is not very often that I will recommend a work of fiction, but . . .

This book I loved.



This is historical fiction at its best – telling the story of two women born at opposite ends of a century, who you would not think have anything in common – but they do. The narrative switches back and forth between the early 1900′s and 2011. I could not put it down – and smiled at the end.

Doesn’t get any better than that.


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7 thoughts on “For the Birds . . .

  1. Elaine Gongora

    I love this photo. I only saw Humming birds a few times. There aren’t so many in NJ. But to get this shot….That’s why we take classes from you.
    I’m off to Sardinia tomorrow. I hope to have material for experimenting with the iPad lessons.

  2. Diana in Texas

    Thanks for sharing that great story about the hummingbird feeder(s). Made my day. Your photos are always top notch and I didn’t even notice the copyright. I had to go back and look a second time. Hope you are all safe from wild fires up there.

  3. Susun

    I had to look again for the copyright, too! Your entries always make me feel like I’m sitting there with you! Amazing photo and I’m looking for a good summer read, so thank you so much!

  4. Teri

    Hey Jessica,
    Love reading your posts, hope some day we can hang out and catch up. I love this post because it reminded me of a set of 1960′s era electric rollers I always used, since they were new, until a few years ago when they finally broke. I was heartbroken. A few days later I went to a garage sale two doors down the street and there was a brand new set in the box, never used. Some things were just meant to be ours, like you and your hummingbird feeder. Hope you are well. Take good care, Teri.

  5. jessica Post author

    So wonderful to hear from you, Teri. We will do that hang out and catch up – it’s one of those things that is meant to be.

    There are things that just are meant to be in our lives – great friends are one of them!

  6. Jeanne

    Thank you for yet another great photo, jessica, reminding us again to always carry our camera with us—no matter where! And that book has just been put on my “must-read” list, so thanks for that as well.

    Your story of the “vintage” hummingbird feeder reminded me of a blog posting I just responded to. The remark: “it’s a really old apartment (probably from the ’60s).” My response: “since I was alive in the ’60s, I resemble that remark!” :-P

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