A Scarf in a Pot . . .


Scarves are so popular these days and the silky ones for Spring make a beautiful gift.

So, here’s an idea that adds extra gifts of a coordinated scarf clip and a flower pot – all in one clever package.

I put a number of these together for my gallery for Mother’s Day, but this would make a great housewarming or birthday gift too.

The message washes right off the pot rim after the gift is “opened”.

Let’s look at what it took to make this blue one.




That’s all there is to it – and you still have time before Mother’s Day.

Back from the Road Trip . . .

I know I promised to try to share along the way. I also thought this would be a relaxing “vacation”. Not so much.

Do not go on a “relaxing” vacation with a friend (Valerie) who is a creative whirling dervish, and a gallery owner like yourself. Somehow, the synergy keeps you up at night! And then don’t go with that friend to visit your other gallery owning friend (Vesta), who is a perpetual creative explosion of some type.

OMG – I was quite sure my head would blow up.

After having such a great adventure with V and V, I need some R and R.

It was a fabulous trip through Ruidoso, NM and White Sands, Tubac, Tucson, Scottsdale and Sedona. I will share as I get the photos and art journal pages organized.

Meanwhile, hope you like the Scarf Pot.

5 thoughts on “A Scarf in a Pot . . .

  1. Patricia

    Spring has definitely blossomed forth. Pure creativity – that is the definition of Jessica. Thanks for making this a lovely day.

  2. sandyh

    very cute idea for the scarf pot! i am going to do that for my friend’s birthday next month! she loves scarves and this is a delightful way to present it to her! thanks for the idea!

  3. Gwen Bunnell

    Jessica, I really love the “Scarf Pot ” idea. I don’t always get to read your blog on the day that you post it, but believe me I do read them all. Life for me as been a bit full and hurried these past few months, and I have not had the time to keep up with my normally restful art journaling projects and blog reading. (smile), but as the saying goes “God willing and the creek don’t rise”, I’ll get back to doing “stuff” before too
    long. Thanks for all you do.

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