On the Road Again . . .


This has been such a busy year so far. That will teach me to try to simplify!

I missed my yearly trip to southern Arizona in February, and now that my Mom is recovered, and before the garden ties me down, I am taking off with a dear friend on a little Southwestern circle tour.

My friend, Valerie, owns a wonderful gallery in Durango, CO, called The Earthen Vessel.

There is nothing we love more than visiting other galleries, so we are going to go do that, and refuel our energy tanks at the same time.

But the photo above is not from The Earthen Vessel. It is from The Art Garden – my gallery.

Although we are not setting up for online sales at this time, it seems that everyone expects every business to have a website.

So, I created a one page, simple site to serve only as a show and tell. I would love to have your opinion.


If you lived locally, would this page entice you to come and visit the gallery?

I think the most interesting thing for some of you would be that I created everything on this site on my iPad – the logo, the photo collages, even the photos themselves – all iPad!

Art Journaling in Paradise

Sandy and I are both amazed at the response to this retreat. We are quickly closing in on full capacity. I think there are only five spaces left at this time. Seems like a wonderful group of folks and I am so excited.

I have added the link to the sidebar here so you can find it easily.

For those who have already registered, we will set up a Yahoo Group when I return so we can share info prior to the event.

Armchair Road Trip . . .

I don’t even know how I stumbled upon this, but I was happy when I did.

I guess some motorcyclists have been wearing helmet cams on their road trips, and posting the results on YouTube.

This one guy does such a great job that I have to share a sample. He adds great soundtracks and everything.

This video takes you on a 15 minute ride on one of the most beautiful scenic byways in the country – Highway 12 in Utah – from Bryce Canyon National Park to Boulder, Utah.

I have taken this drive myself and it is NOT one I would have the guts to do again. At one point, the road soars over a hogback (a road with no side railings and extreme drop offs on BOTH sides). This comes along at about 13 minutes into the video, but the experience is only a hint of what it really feels like! By the time I got to Boulder, and stopped in the first gallery I saw, my hair was standing on end, and the gal said “You must have just come over the hogback.” Yup.

This is a really excellent experience, so get a cuppa, and take 15 minutes for one of the most beautiful rides of a lifetime . . . hit the Full Screen mode for the best ride.



Now that I am really in the mood, it’s time to hit the road.

Although I am going to devote a LOT of my time to art journaling on this trip, I will also, try to share some of it with you!

8 thoughts on “On the Road Again . . .

  1. Susun

    The ” show” definitely told a lovely story. The pictures, especially the bird section, would definitely get me in your gallery! And the unique collection of items stands out. Great job! I wanted to come to your retreat for my birthday, but two big conflicts, Yom Kippur and my daughter’s 40th bday! So disappointed! I really need a creative jump start!

  2. Cathy

    I love the one page website. It gives someone who wants to see more a desire to go visit. The page looks beautiful and well done. Wait, I saw a small typo… Lifetstyle. I’ll visit soon.

  3. Sheri

    The photo “top right” would get me in the shop. It is simple and artfully photographed. The layout of the site also was comfortable. The one shot that you might consider taking again is the outside of the shop itself. I can’t really see much there.
    Happy Trails,

  4. Pam Yee

    I would LOVE to visit, but the photos entice me even more. Soon as I get my iPad (next gen) I’m signing up for your studio.

  5. Christine

    Love the photos and the description of the shop. I would be inticed to drop by and find out more.

    I am on the road myself, on the other side of the country, east coast. I always thought that I wanted to ride a motor bike. When in high school, my brother’s friend took me for a ride. It lasted once around the block. I didn’t lean like I was supposed to (the art of not crashing), so it was a very short lived dream. I just have my iPad with me, and the bike trip is taking forever to download, so I’ll let it download tonight. I’ll watch it in the am.

    I’m journaling, but mostly words, nothing artsy, “just the facts, Mam.”. I can hardly wait for the September class.

  6. Jeanne

    Hope this isn’t too late for a comment! I love your Art Garden site, and I know you want it to be one page, but IMHO, you’re selling yourself short by not showing more detail. Would it be really difficult to make each “department” (Cards, Gifts, Jewelry, etc.) link to another page to show more detail of the things you have in the shop? Those of us who have been there know you have many wonderful things, but a first-time online viewer would not.

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