Talented Students Meet Great Art Pencils . . .

Cherryl Moote Botanicals


Given that this Friday, March 15, is the start date for the second session of my Inktense, Soup to Nuts Workshop, I thought it would be good to show off some of what students in the current session are creating – because I am so pleased and amazed.

So this is sort of a “gallery” post. I wish I could show you all the art, but a sampling will have to do.

This gorgeous accordian book at the top of the post, by Cherryl Moote, pops off the page in more ways than one, because of the brilliance of Inktense color.

And this Snowman by Susan Jeffers has a whole lot of personality.

Susan Jeffers

This has nothing to do with snowmen or Inktense, but the carrot nose reminds me. You know how you learn something everyday? Well, yesterday, reading an article on heirloom seeds, I learned that carrots were originally purple! Just thought you might like to know.

Seeing a Winter scene, and maybe being sick of the season, one might turn to thoughts of running off to Florida beaches, or conjure up some Spring Tulips or Butterflies . . .

Daniela Mellon Sea Life

Underwater scene by Daniela Mellon.

Jan Ruhnow Tulips

Tulips by Jan Ruhnow

Tyanne Agle butterfly+small

Butterfly by Tyanne Agle

Here’s a very clever idea using dry Inktense techniques, by Christine Anderson – “Cliff Notes”

cliff notes Christine Anderson

Elaine Golt Gongora painted these really lovely ink bottles using Inktense wash techniques . . .

Elaine Golt Gongora Ink Bottles

And Jeanne Minnich used some of the same techniques on this boot . . .

Jeanne Minnich Child Boot

Jerrie Hall found it relaxing to create what we call Zen Flowers . . .

Jerrie Hall Flowers

Inktense can be used on dark papers if you know some tricks – as demonstrated by Jaffra Masad’s Heart . . .

Jaffra Masad Heart

And you saw some of Sandy Steen’s stuff last post, but I had to share these characters – done on gray paper with a hand carved stamp . . . Those hens are very cute! I wonder which one that rooster will date?

Sandy Hens

So, lots of creative fun is being had by all, and a brand new session starts tomorrow.

Join us if you can. No skill level is necessary and no inner critics are allowed.

Inktense – Soup to Nuts


2 thoughts on “Talented Students Meet Great Art Pencils . . .

  1. Jeanne

    I have taken many of jessica’s classes, and they have ALL been excellent. I think that the Inktense class is one of the funnest! The pencils are so very colorful, versatile, and easy to use. If you have ever thought about taking a class, take this one!

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