Interesting Things and Pinterest


She (me) was last heard from somewhere in Texas!

My trip was wonderful, and I plan to share some of the best experiences.

But, as soon as I got back, an unexpected event just knocked me right out of my life routine. My Mom got pneumonia (she is recovering nicely), and I moved in with her to be Nurse Cratchett for the past week and a half.

So nothing has been normal as far as scheduling goes.

But, things are lightening up, my Sis came to town to give me some breaks and a chance to consider some of the interesting things I want to pursue in 2013.

The photo above is an interesting thing.

When I set off for Texas, I knew I would be traveling through some familiar (and uninteresting) territory.

So, I challenged myself to find one interesting thing in each small town I drove through.

Believe it or not, there are small towns where I failed to find anything at all. But, there were some treasures along the way.

The town of Ft. Sumner, NM is a place I have previously found less than interesting even though they have a claim to fame – hosting Billy the Kid’s gravesite.

But, this time, because I was searching, I found several murals on buildings in town that are painted by local artists (although I couldn’t find the names of the local artists).

I loved this dog, who seemed to be sniffing out interesting things in unlikely places – just as I was doing along this lonely highway.

And, I am always doing that on the web highways and byways as well – which are never lonely!

Social Media . . .

Have you ever been more sick of hearing about anything in your life?

Me too.

As a person with an online presence that is important to my livelihood, however, I have had to spend a lot of time figuring out whether I need to to have Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, etc. as a part of my “brand”.

I do have a Twitter account and can see no point to it. From my perspective, it is just another link source, and I care nothing for anything that anyone can say in 140 characters.

Facebook is also a completely foreign concept to me. Although I enjoy seeing family pictures of my nieces, nephews, their kids, etc., and it reminds me of birthdays, I would no more share my daily thoughts in that type of forum than fly to the moon.

I do have a Facebook page and post a link to my blog posts there for the sake of some friends and family who enjoy the blog.

But I rarely check the page, and when I do, I often get information that is sad (old and dear friends passing), or intensely irritating (old, dear friends who have fallen off some political cliff and can’t stop ranting).

I rarely watch television news, and I filter the news I get through my iPad to only my areas of interest (no murder, Hollywood, or politics). When I spend my precious time reading, I want to come away having gained something valuable.

Much of my reading for entertainment used to come from art and crafts magazines and books.

These days, it is very rare to find anything inspirational in those publications because they are all catering to one style.

But, here comes the positive part (I can’t keep whining) . . .

Awhile ago, a good friend turned me on to Pinterest.

Because it had pretty pictures, I joined up, even though I didn’t really understand what was going on.

Some time has passed.


Therein, I have found all that is missing from the art publications.

It’s a treasury of beauty and wonderful ideas on all the subjects that interest me most – art, photography, gardening, home decor, etc. I have even gathered some recipes! And I don’t like to cook!

For those who have spent the last few years under a rock, Pinterest is a place for you to save those inspirations you come across online – in a place where you can easily find them – on your own set of virtual bulletin boards. A bulletin board can be kept all to yourself, or you can share your boards with “friends”. Your boards can have themes.

You can also follow the boards of others – friends or not.

Every time I log in, there are pages of things my “friends” found interesting enough to post to their boards – all the newest additions to the boards I “follow”.

It’s so exciting – like years ago, when I ventured into a Texas Art Supply store and found a whole room of art books I had not seen before! New and different – got to love it!

I learn new things and get new ideas every time I visit Pinterest.

SO . . .

I have decided that Pinterest will be my “social media” place to be. It is there, on my boards that I will share all the things I come across that never make it to my blog because they have to wait until I have time to post.

I will also have boards with links to my blog posts, workshops, workbooks, videos, and everything else I do, so everything will be organized in one place.

So, I invite you, dear friends, to come and join me on Pinterest, and follow the boards that you find interesting.

You do not have to make boards of your own, but I bet you will end up doing that.

You have my permission to pin anything from this blog on your Pinterest Boards as long as the pin links back to my blog post.

And, you have permission to Re-Pin from my boards to yours.

As creative people, you will love the ideas, the inspiration, the learning, and the wonderful, visual environment.

Yes, there is a danger of spending too much time there, but I would never call it “wasting time” because there is no better way to spend your time than learning and feeling the joy of creative inspiration!

16 thoughts on “Interesting Things and Pinterest

  1. Diana in Texas

    Yay!! I’ll be making you my pin-up girlfriend. I also love Pinterest and can while away most of the day if I’m not careful. Thanks for joining. I’m looking forward to see you on the board.

  2. yogi

    yup LOVE Pinterest.I check it every day. Am always going back in to my boards for inspiration… Hate Twitter and Facebook, find them a waste of time. Will check out your pins.
    Have a great day

  3. Kathy Berger

    I have been laid up for a couple of years now with multiple leg surgeries, and Pinterest has kept me sane! I LOVE whiling away the time, looking at beautiful things, mostly sticking to arts and crafts, but sometimes checking into DIY home decor and recipes. I am going to be in real trouble when I have to be up and about because Pinterest is addictive, and I am going to want my fix, whether I have time for it or not. Lol. I look forward to following your pins!

  4. Donna M

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s like you could read my mind. I feel exactly the same way when it comes to TV, Twitter, Facebook and the art/craft magazines. I’ve built up quite the library of art and craft magazines, books, and videos but have stopped buying due to the same reasons you’ve stated. But when Pinterest exploded onto the world scene, I became hooked. I love the fact that I can have my boards all to myself and not have someone requesting to “like” them or to see messages on my wall of people who I haven’t a clue as to who they are. I guess I never understood Facebook and never will. Pinterest – finally a forum that I can get on board with!

  5. Jocelyn

    Donna just said pretty much what I was going to say so I don’t need to repeat it. I just discovered Pinterest two weeks ago and I love it. It’s a treasure trove – like your blog.

  6. Shelley

    I’ve been avoiding Pinterest because I figured it would be a major time waster, and I’m already quite skilled in that department. Thanks to this post though, I decided to give it a try. You’ve never steered me wrong yet Jessica!

    I figured out Facebook (at least the basics), but Pinterest looks overwhelming to me. I made it though the registration and found your boards so I can follow everything you do!

    Maybe you could do a simple tutorial on Pinterest for us newbies?

  7. Christine Newman-Aumiller

    I’m so excited that you joined. I love seeing what you do and seeing what inspires you will be equally fascinating.

  8. Susun

    I discovered Pinterest a while back, thanks to my daughter who tries to keep me reasonably informed about such things. Though I have reunited with several people from college and high school days through Facebook, I don’t tweet at all. Pinterest is a visual smorgasbord of all things wonderful…something for everyone and so inspiring. Can’t wait to see your pins!
    I’m happy you’re Mom is recovering so nicely…lots of tender, loving care from you and Cassie did the trick!

  9. linda g

    Pinterest is the best of addictions! I have found so much inspiration there for the garden, house, art ideas, techniques, helpful hints….I usually do my own version, but lots of ideas start out there like my bottle borders in the garden or penny covered bowling ball. So fun and very green!

  10. Shelley B

    I too am a huge fan of Pinterest. It is eye candy, inspiration and a great way to remember ideas. I love your blog and look forward to following you on Pinterest.

  11. Jeanne

    jessica, I am so glad your mom is recovering—and I’m so glad she had you and your sister to take care of her. Mothers ARE special people.

    I have also resisted Pinterest, but as the Great Terminator said, “Resistance is futile.” And with your whole-hearted acceptance, my goose is cooked. I give. Actually, all I needed was a little shove. I know I will enjoy it!

  12. Barbara

    I love pinterest, in fact, I saw something on there the other day for your iphone. ‘Olloclip – 3 in 1 photo lens for Iphone 4 & 4S. Thought about you when I saw it – figured you probably knew about it, since you are such a gadget person. Come to think about it – seems like I remember that you said you went to the 5?

  13. Cathy in AZ

    I am glad your mom is recoverying. I know how draining that can be because of worry.

    Like you I am sick of the social media stuff. Facebook is to keep tabs on family photos. I rarely post. I have blocked alot of people from the wall because I am embarrassed by what some say. I have deleted those whose views are too extreme for me and it gets me mad. I don’t Tweet. I saw no purpose in that one. It seemed to me that those who tweet thought they were important as they tweet about sitting in an airport going to an important place. Go figure. Blogs….yours is the only one I read.

    I spend so much time on the computer for my career and my research of things that I really don’t have time for this other technical stuff.

    I have heard of pinterest for quite some time. I haven’t visited it. It was like one more account/password to keep up with. I may check it out later. I just want some hands on stuff that doesn’t strain my eyes as all this computer/phone/kindle stuff does.


  14. jessica Post author

    Yvonne’s photo resized

    Here is Yvonne’s original comment:


    I’m with you on all your comments about social media. When I first got invited to Pinterest, I kept resisting it as yet another waste of time. Boy, once I went and had a look I haven’t looked back and regret not signing up sooner! Six months wasted…wasted I tell you! Anyway, I will check out your boards and follow you. Check out my boards, you may find some interesting stuff:
    Pin on!!

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