What In the World?!


Happy New Year, everybody!

I am going to start off the year with a little challenge . . .

Anyone who can guess what this is, wins a $10 gift certificate from Cre8it.com. Just leave a comment and tell me exactly what this is.

I love macro photography. It helps me to see things that are ordinarily passed over. It helps me be in the moment by holding me in the detail.

Although most digital cameras have a Macro or even Super Macro capability built right in, most folks don’t use it because they don’t know about it.

Every lens on a camera or every focal length of a zoom lens has an MFD or Minimum Focusing Distance. That is the shortest distance from the subject that the camera is able to focus. Get any closer and you are out of luck.

If you have ever experienced a situation when your camera just plain refused to focus, you were too close to your subject, If you had backed up a little, your camera would have been able to focus just fine.

The Macro lens on a DSLR (or the Macro function on a zoom lens camera), decreases the MFD and allows you to focus closer to the subject.

Super macro modes can allow you to be SO close that you have to be careful that the lens does not actually touch the subject.

MFD on a normal lens can be as close as a foot, but Macro can take you in to as close as a half inch on some cameras.

As you can imagine, this is something like deep sea diving. You find yourself in a new “landscape” where nothing is all that familiar. It is a wonderful place to get lost and forget any troubles. It is an experience that can give you religion if you happen to be doing macro shots of things in nature.

If you want to have a whole new experience with your camera, check it for a Macro or Super Macro shooting mode – usually indicated by a Tulip icon.

Set your camera to that mode and explore your familiar surroundings from an inch or half an inch away.

It’s a new world.

If you get a wonderful shot, share it with us in a comment.

Meanwhile, what is that at the top of this post?


48 thoughts on “What In the World?!

  1. Eva Erlendson

    By the way, my Canon XTi almost always has my favorite macro lens attached. 100mm F2.8 I LOVE it. You’re right about seeing the world in a whole different way.
    Did you know that strawberries are HAIRY?

  2. Donna Moore

    I’m thinking chocolate ice cream. It appears to have some ice crystals, smoothness where it was scooped out with a spoon and pressure cracks due to the scooping action of getting frozen ice cream out of the container.

  3. Kathy Berger

    It looks like pine sap on a cut branch, though it also reminds me somewhat of a glazed spiral cut ham.

  4. Carol

    Dried paint on your palette.
    I often take pictures of the paper and plates I have used as palettes for painting. It is disappointing when one of them looks better than a particular painting, but I am willing to grab interesting combinations of color and texture wherever I find them.

    Whatever it is, the photo could be a painting.

  5. Tesuque

    I’m with those who see it as sap on cut wood. But then again, it resembles the unrecognizable “forgottens” occasionally discovered in a back corner of my refrigerator!

  6. Diana in Texas

    I have to go with the “chocolate ice cream bunch.” Though, I know you love floral photography and perhaps it could be part of a dying poinsettia. What a fun challenge. I must use the Macro on my camera more.

  7. Christine Newman-Aumiller

    Everyone beat me to it but I go with the cross-section of wood. I think it’s fungus, though, not sap.

  8. Suzanne B

    I was thinking fudge, yam…..and they’ve been guessed. So I’ll go for fossilized wood. Love macro photography!!

  9. Sandie Reid

    I’m thinking it is in the food catagory and possibly the inside of crisp turkey skin near a fatty section.

  10. jessica Post author

    I have done a new post with the answer init. There are several winners.

    But now, I will have to shut off further guesses because the secret is out.

    See the most recent post.

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