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Art Journal, Sheer Heaven Transfer, Inktense, and Toilet Paper!

In all of my art journal workshops and retreats, I stress the idea that you don’t have to finish any page before moving on and starting another one. Same with finishing one book before starting another. I currently have SIX volumes in action. I like it that way. I find this permission valuable because you

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Things not what they seem . . .

Sometimes, things are not what they seem, and on my recent road trip, I ran into a couple of good examples of this that I wanted to record in my trip journal. By the time I got done with the page, I had used some interesting techniques that I thought would be worth sharing with

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Sheer Heaven Moleskine Art Journal Cover

  So far, my continuing quest for the perfect art journal always leads me back to the Moleskine Large Sketchbook. Heaven knows I try to fall in love with another, but something is always missing. Not that the Moleskine is perfect, but it does the best over all. I keep my journals on a bookshelf,

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