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Creative Process, Part 4 – The Earth Paints

earthpaints1There is just no way to describe the sheer beauty of the Tucson Gem & Mineral show. The venues aren’t fancy or pretty (at least the ones I attend), but whether you are an “earthy” girl like me, or appreciate the “sparkly” side of things, the visual feast here is beyond imagining.

And the best part of all – it all comes from the Earth and its amazing processes.

I have to make this post rather short because I have to head home today, but I wanted to share one of those “creative process” moments that happened as I laid out my newly purchased treasures last night in my room at the inn. (Tubac Country Inn – I LOVE it here).

The pieces you see above are various picture Jaspers. Impurities in the formation of this form of quartz create landscape paintings you could never duplicate with paint and canvas.

I will make pendants from these for the gallery and I was thinking I should have a “name” for this particular line.

As serendipity would have it, my friend, Val, who was here with me for a few days, had pulled a book from the bookcase (which I never have the time to notice!), and left it on the coffee table – where I was laying out my goodies.

It’s a wonderful book called “The Earth Speaks” . . .

earthpaints2I thought “and the Earth PAINTS, too”.


So the name of this line will be “The Earth Paints”

Byline: The most beautiful landscapes are painted by the Earth itself.

I like it.

And this brings me to a question.

Is there any point to my sharing the pieces I create from this and other lines here on the blog?

I read a lot of blogs written by folks with Etsy Shops who show their works and seem to sell them. I don’t want an Etsy Shop because I have my own e-commerce site to use, but would you all (just spent a few days with my brother from Texas, y’all), be interested in being able to shop from my new gallery here online?

You sure like shopping my gallery when you are here in Santa Fe! (thank you all very much). So maybe I should put somethings online?

I have to create a website for the new gallery and I am debating whether to make it a pretty page or enable it for shopping. Of course, the shopping would also come from the tourists we would meet as they came through, but why not you too?

Would you be interested?

Sketch Journal Note . . .

Sketch Journal 2 starts Saturday, and after that, the tuition on both Sketch Journal 1 and 2 returns to normal.

Here’s the link:

Sketch Journal Workshops


The Last Hurrah . . .


I wore shoes when I walked the dog this morning.

Long time readers know what THAT means. Summer is officially over.

I never pick flowers. I believe in spending time with them in their environment instead of forcing them into mine.

The only time you will find a flower in a vase in my house is when I have a deadheading accident and cut off the wrong stem.

But, when I know the last beautiful blooms will be popsicles by morning, I gather a few to enjoy a little longer.

This gorgeous bloom is a Matchstick Crysanthemum.

I planted it two years ago. Last year, it hardly bloomed and the flowers had none of their personality. But this year, I watered better and it came back with a bang . . .


When I first bought the plant, I painted it in my journal . . .


Here’s a detail of the flower structure in case you want to try painting one.


This was done with watercolor in an American Journey Journaling Sketchbook from Cheap Joe’s. That was my favorite journal before meeting Stillman & Birn sketchbook, and I still adore them.


It’s 9×12 and has great hot pressed watercolor paper (140lb.)

Do You Ever You Call Yourself a Pack Rat?

I often call myself a pack rat without giving it a lot of thought. But no more.

For the last couple of weeks, I have noticed a burning smell intermittently in my van. Since it came and went, I first thought it was coming from other vehicles, but last Thursday, I smelled it strongly (like burned coffee), and there were no other vehicles to blame it on. I tried to open my hood, but couldn’t figure out the lever.

We were meeting our friend, Lynn, for dinner (Lynn is a Santa Fe Journaling Retreat student who is back to visit already!). I drove over to pick up my Mom and Betsy (a BFFL of mine who is very savvy about nature).

She was also savvy about how to open the hood. I popped it from inside the car and she raised it, and the expression on her face made me think the engine was on fire and we were both bound for glory.

You’ve got to see this, she said.

So do you, dear readers . . .


There were no dead animals, thank the stars, but this is what pack rats do. They build an elaborate nest out of EVERYTHING they can find. There were parts of Yucca plants, Juniper trees, Morning Glory vine, pine cones, and every other plant in my garden. They throw in pieces of cactus to discourage predators, and something even more discouraging – dog droppings. We clean up after our three Huskies diligently, but there were temporary supplies available, evidently.

Betsy volunteers at a Wildlife Center. She had gloves in her car that she uses for cleaning out cages. With a broom, a rake, a stick, and those gloves, she was able to clear most of this out of there (she is SUCH a good friend.)

I’m not afraid of dog droppings (how could I be?) but I am afraid of finding dead animals, and I didn’t have any cage cleaning gloves handy, so I acted as cheerleader, and raker of what got swept from the engine compartment – while listening to a great story . . .

Betsy once went up to her mountain cabin to find that pack rats had made a big nest of everything in there. They even used the forks and knives to stand up a fence around the nest they built! You gotta hand it to them for ingenuity.

We did make it to dinner – a bit late – and Lynn found the whole thing quite entertaining. Betsy wanted me to journal it, but when I draw something in my journal, I have to get way too close and personal with it, so I think I’ll just show you the photo instead. I love my dogs but not THAT much.


Sketch Journaling #1 – my brand new online art journal workshop starts next Saturday!

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Art Journal Retreat


It seems like forever since I’ve had a chance to chat with you all.

As you know the great Art Journaling In Paradise Retreat happened September 14 -19, and it turned out so much better than we ever even dreamed it could be. No foolin.

I had no time to blog, but Sandy Bartholomew did daily posts of her experiences at the retreat, which you will enjoy:

The whole idea of this happening was to spend some fabulous fun time here in Santa Fe, and to learn enough about drawing and painting to capture it all in our journals.

We had a few cancellations dues to health issues, but still had 25 wonderful ladies in attendance. It was an amazing group with so much talent!

We started out with some Mindfulness exercises and then learned to paint a realistic Tortilla Chip (very important food here!) using wet-in-wet watercolor techniques. We also learned tricks to capture the usually blue skies of Santa Fe, which is why my tortilla chip is high flying in the picture above.

However, at first it was hard to tell we have such beautiful blue skies in Santa Fe . . .


I have never seen it rain for four days in a row here, but that’s what it did  for four days before the retreat started. Very good for our land, but pretty soggy going for early arrivals.

Saturday, our first day was still a bit rainy, but we were mostly in the studio that day so it was okay. From Sunday through the rest of the week, we had beautiful weather.

For lunch on Saturday, we had nachos, and everyone had to draw anything they put on top – along with a page of tortilla chips.


We started by sketching our chips – adding some of their curls and twists, and then painted them with the techniques we had learned.


On the other side of the spread, we drew and painted all our add-ons . . .


In the process, we learned how to draw all the basic shapes.

This spread turned out to be the favorite for many of the students.

I will be sharing more of my journal pages from the retreat as soon as I can finish them.

AND, I will soon be posting the information for the 2014 art journal retreat in Santa Fe.

I am also planning an art journal retreat in early April, 2014 which will be held in Tubac, Arizona – using an 1885 Schoolhouse as our classroom. How cool is that?

And all my readers know how much I love Tubac!

Hopefully, I will be back to blogging  more often now that the retreat is successfully behind me. I usually feel that my life is a wild thing, but somehow, it seems so quiet right now . . .


Tubac Time and Flipping Coins


I ran away.

I have never understood the saying “same old . . .same old” when somebody asks you what’s up. Nothing in my life stays the same for even 24 hours.

This story is about dilemma and big life decisions and I think you will find it entertaining.

We are not happy with the performance of our gallery since the landlord moved a competitor in two doors away, and the restaurant next door failed and closed. This village is too small a market for one gift gallery, let alone two. Without a restaurant serving lunch in the courtyard, foot traffic is not good. Our lease ends December 31 and we would have to re-up for three years with a rent increase. We have to tell the landlord NOW, however, whether we plan to stay.

First big question – whether to re-sign or not.

So, we wandered into Santa Fe downtown one Sunday to look at what retail space might be available. We looked all afternoon and saw nothing suitable. We were walking back to the car and cut down a little side street one block off the Plaza, which I think is one of the prettiest streets downtown – tree shaded and all.

And right there was an adorable small gallery space – directly across the street from one of Santa Fe’s long time popular clothing boutiques, and next door to a trendy restaurant with a rooftop bar. The space was all brand new inside – tile and wood flooring, corrugated tin ceiling, all new lighting, rubbed plaster walls – the whole building had just been gutted and redone. I would call the look “urban rustic”.

I called and found the rent to be less than we would be paying out here, and the landlord is well liked by his tenants. But we couldn’t move until January because we can’t break our current lease.

Unbelievably, the landlord is willing to wait for us! And we can try it out with just a one year lease! This stuff is unheard of in Santa Fe.

At first, you may think this sounds like a no-brainer. But Mark has a 1957 Chevy in the garage that wants to be a car again, and he is discouraged with how business has been this year, and he basically wants to quit.

So, the second question – whether to retire or not. That is kind of a joke in my case because I would be “retiring” to just my full time online business.

But, for some crazy reason, I have been drawn to the gallery business for the last twenty years, and actually been in the business for thirteen of those years.

Next question – do I want to go on without Mark as a partner in the gallery?

And BIG question – what would it be like if I just concentrated on making and teaching art? Would I be a more relaxed version of me?

Is there such a thing?

We made one decision – neither of us wanted to continue the gallery where it is. That had obvious downsides that could be measured, and not much going for it except convenience.

But the rest of these questions were much more difficult – the choices had enough good and not much bad, but try as we might, we could not land on one thing or another.

At the point a couple weeks ago, when my eyes looked like pinwheels from sleeplessness, and my brain felt like it was trapped in a traffic circle without a clue which way to go, I called Vesta, one of my DFFL (Dear Friends For Life), and she said “Get out of there and come down here for awhile.”

So, I ran away . . . to wonderful Tubac, Arizona.

I started my drive listening to a podcast by Freakonomics radio. Freakonomics was a best selling book a few years back, in which a couple of economists interpret life and society – in terms of economics. I know that sounds as exciting as watching grass grow, but trust me, they are very entertaining.

The title of this episode was:

“Making Major Life Decisions by Flipping a Coin”

WTF? But I listened to the whole podcast anyway, because I certainly was trying to make some major decisions.

Freakonomics started a website where they invite people facing choices they can’t seem to make, to flip a coin (electronic flip) and go along with the result. The economists will follow up at 6 month intervals to see whether you did go along with the flip and how things turned out. They are hoping to study whether flipping a coin is as valid as other ways of making a decision. Here is the website:

I was driving, so I didn’t go to the website. I just pondered the podcast.

The next morning, I was sipping coffee on the veranda of the best B&B in Tubac (or maybe the world) with April, who owns the B&B (Tubac Country Inn), and who is fast becoming one of my DFFL.

I told her about my quandary. She listened well, she asked all the right questions, and then she saw how difficult the choices were.

“You may as well flip a coin,” she said.

I laughed and told her about the podcast.

I then proceeded to go inside my head and heart, sketched a lot, fell in love with a Red Bird of Paradise plant outside my room, spent lots of time in silence, and lots of time chatting with Vesta and April, and ate a bunch of Blood Orange Gelato.

By Sunday morning, I knew that I had gotten as far as I could without knowing what Mark had decided.

I had decided I did not want to continue the business without him as a partner.

I had also decided that I would be OK with the idea of having a lot more time and energy for my art and photography, and with letting go of all the work and stresses of a retail storefront.

So I called home and convinced my DH it was a time for a decision.

He said he really did not want to do it, but he knew I did, and he loves me, and so he would do it.

I said I really did want to do it, but knew he did not, and I love him, so I was willing to not do it.

There we sat on the horns of dilemma. Seconds passed . . .

And then he said . . .

wait for it . . .

“We may as well flip a coin.”

Silent shock on my part.

“I think that’s a good idea.” I said.

“Huh?” he said.

And I told him about the podcast.

So, he flipped a coin, I called Heads (which I always do), and we are going to try our gallery in Santa Fe for a year.

I think.

Unless something un-flips our coin.

I hope I haven’t bored you with this story, but if I have, I reward your patience by showing you the Red Bird of Paradise with whom I had the affair of the heart . . .

redbop1 redbop2

I’m back home now and a little more settled, so you should be hearing from me more often.

Would you trust a big decision to a coin toss? Have you ever done so? How did it turn out? I would love to know.




Garden Art Journal . . . Birdcages & Blocks of All Kinds


Watercolor & Ink – Stilman & Birns Beta Journal

On Pinterest yesterday, I found a board dedicated to Garden Journals – when someone pinned my birdbath sketch to it, and it occurred to me that, for the most part, Garden Journals are Art Journals because they tell a story about your life, help you remember things that happened, and usually have sketches, photos and other kinds of visual note-taking.

Since that happens to be my definition of “Art Journal”, I decided they belong in the same category.

And it’s a good thing, because so many of my art journal pages are about my garden that I would hate to have to separate the two.

This page is from back in April, but I rediscovered it yesterday.

When I created the page, I had just gotten home from a trip to Lowes, where I bought some stepping stones that I thought were the same as all the ones I put in last year.

They weren’t.

It’s weird how you can look at something everyday and not remember what it looks like.

But, it’s ok because I only bought these for the birdbaths to sit on – not to add to my walkways.

And I was having an uninspired journaling day, so it gave me something to draw – (grin).

Which brings me to a good idea to share with you.

What to Draw?

OK – sometimes that is a problem for everybody. You’ve got the urge – but no subject.

When it happens to me, I turn to some books I keep around for just such an occasion. These are fun, illustrated books of one kind or another, and seeing some simple pictures always gives me ideas of things to draw.

I will share these books with you from time to time. Here is a favorite:

Beautiful Doodles – Nellie Ryan


This is not a tangle type of doodling, but rather, simple sketches and partially drawn scenes for you to fill in. You can even work in the book itself if you want . . .


Either way, there are enough idea starters in here to get you out of any drawing block.

Past Garden Journal Pages . . .

This page brought up memories of other garden journal pages that are now lost in the archives.

Do you remember the Story of the Morning Glories I tried to grow from seed?

That was a five page garden journal story way back in 2011.

You can find the entire story here:

I enjoyed reading that story again – hope you do too.

And, I have the urge to blog more often again – let’s see how that goes?!?

Have You Ever Seen a Robin Bathing?


It was one of those slightly interesting pieces of time anyway.

I was reading an old gardening issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine – from 2005 in fact.

The gardening issues are the only ones I ever read because the garden is the only place I ever stand a chance of doing Martha Stewart type things.

I started reading the Letter from the Editor because it was about Martha coming home from prison.

I spent some time thinking how weird that was that Martha Stewart went off to prison. As I understand it, she even did Martha Stewart type things in prison.

Then I realized who the Editor was at that time – my current gardening GURU from my favorite gardening blog – Margaret Roach.

It’s called A Way to Garden and she is wonderful.

One of the things I found so interesting about her is that she had left such a very high position in publishing to flee the city and spend her life gardening on her own piece of land in upstate New York.

Anyway, here was a glimpse of Margaret before fleeing the corporate echelons of Martha Stewart magazine.

So, I was entertained already when this Robin came along.

I found his bathing rituals so interesting that I started shooting pictures. Then I found the flying water in the photos even more interesting.

Here’s a little treat for you . . .






And now we have one very clean Robin. Anyone got a towel?

Art in the Summertime . . .

It’s funny about Summer. Many of us actually have a little more time for doing art, but it is hard to take workshops and such because our schedules get knocked around by gardening, vacationing, family get togethers, etc.

With that in mind, I have converted two more art workshops to the WHENEVER format so you can take them anytime and work at your own pace.

Inktense – Soups to Nuts is now a WHENEVER workshop after three very successful classroom sessions. There are 12 PDF Lessons which run these great water soluble pencils through all their tricks – and there are plenty! Inktense can masquerade as everything from watercolor to wood stain. I’ll show you how.

Watercolor for the Art Journal and Sketchbook is also now a WHENEVER workshop. Ten videos lessons and three PDFs teach you all about how watercolor works – in the way that I wish somebody would have taught me! Watercolor goes great with Summer because it is so light in nature and so portable.

Both of these Workshops can be found on the

WHENEVER Workshop page

Another Wonderful Book

This one isn’t fiction, but it is funny and informative and completely illustrated in a charming style.

It might even accidentally teach you something about gardening.


Kiss My Aster at Amazon

The Look Inside feature at Amazon allows you to get a very good idea of the humor and fun to be had in this book. I suspect the illustrations might also get you wanting to do a little drawing!

That’s what I’m wanting to do right now . . . let’s see if anything stops me on the way to my journal.

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About That Road Trip . . .


Don’t worry – this won’t be like one of those slideshows of the neighbor’s vacation. I will only be showing you the interesting parts – and relating them to my travel art journal of the trip – because that is even more interesting for all the artists here.

We wanted to leave very early on Friday, the 26th. But every artist knows how it is to make sure you have packed *everything* you think you need. Lots of worry/hurry. Got to have the art supplies!

So, we finally pulled out in mid-afternoon. And then we realized there had been no food, so the whole trip started out right here at Harry’s Roadhouse with a big cheeseburger.

Harry’s is a local favorite because it is picturesque and colorful – and has good food. My favorite of all the art stuff on their walls is this Tree of Life . . .


So, I thought I would include it on the first page of my art journal for this trip. It would have been great to get the blue wall too, but that would have taken a lot of masking tricks (I don’t use acrylics in my journal), so I went with the plain old sketch method. It’s the idea that counts, right?


We headed south on I-25 for a couple of hours. We were talking and I was reading to Val (who was driving) from a Ceramics magazine (she’s a potter and that’s her passion).

We got distracted – 14 miles worth – and had to u-turn and come back to catch our exit. That’s ok – we’re just on vacation, right? Who’s in a hurry? Not us!

Some two lane highways  (with traffic signs for Wild Horse crossings), and we arrived in Ruidoso, NM.

Ruidoso is an artsy, tourist town that was popularized by vacationing Texans because it is easy access from Texas. So, there’s a decided Western, rustic feeling. It’s another mountain town, like Santa Fe, but the mountains are a lot greener.


The reason the mountains are a lot greener is that they get more rain, and there are lots of TREES. There is something I love about this photo of the woods . . . it’s so peaceful.


It’s not easy to get a good photo in the woods. This is mostly because a good photo needs a strong focal point, and you usually can’t see the forest for the trees – literally. I was lucky here because that hollowed out tree trunk provided a nice contrast and made a good focal point.

This photo has no focal point . . .


But that’s ok because it is a perfect photo of the inside of my brain since 2013 began – and there has been very little focus in there for sure!

The Chief at the top of this post also reflects something of how I have been feeling this year. I am not a huge fan of these totem sculptures usually, but I LOVED this artist (could not find name, but his sculptures are scattered around Ruidoso). The emotion he can portray! I will share another of his sculptures next time.

There are some other things I want to let you know about, and a great laugh to share.

Inktense Workshop . . .

The third session started Friday, and it will probably be the last live session. By that, I mean the last Group session before it becomes a WHENEVER, self-paced workshop. If sharing with other students is important to you, you may want to jump in this one

Inktense Workshop Details Page

NEW Mailing List . . .

My mailing list is very old. Lots of email addresses have gone away or changed, and the task of clean-up looks impossible because it is actually a Yahoo Group used only for announcements of new posts to this blog. I also don’t like that folks have to be a Yahoo member to subscribe to my blog this way.

SO . . . I have created a brand new email notification list here

It is really easy to fill out – only your Email address is required, and then a confirmation is emailed to you and all you do is click that you indeed did sign-up.

You can find the sign-up link at the top of Sidebar too – anytime. Just click Subscribe – Email.

I will use this list only for notifications of new posts to this blog or a newsletter if I ever find a reason to do one.

If you already get new post notices from the Yahoo list, I will be sending this new link out to you there also for easy switching, and in a couple weeks, I will kill off that Yahoo Group.

I want to do a lot of simplifying this year, and you can really help with that by signing up on this new list. Thanks in advance.

Photo Feedback?

I gave some little tips when I posted the photo of the woods above, and I am going to add that kind of thing to my posts because we have a lot of aspiring photographers reading this blog.

When I held my Photography Workshops (I will again, but I have to find some time), one of the most valuable parts of the learning was the weekly reviews of students’ photos (the reason those workshops take so much time).

Everyone seemed to really learn from those reviews, and so I was thinking it might be a good thing for this blog if I reviewed a submitted photo periodically – as a learning thing.

Let me know in comments if you like this idea, AND I would need photos to review.

If you have a photo you wish were better, please email a copy to me at

I will choose one (maybe weekly) to review and offer tips on improvement. You can be anonymous if you want or we can credit you – let me know your preference in your email.

REMEMBER . . . the point of this is not almighty praise (although I will certainly point out what is good about the photo). The point is to look at what could have been better, and all of us learning from that. So, don’t send your best shots and get hurt feelings if I say they aren’t perfect. We are all grown-ups here – well, maybe not me, but you are – and we can understand the value of learning through constructive criticism.

If this works (i.e. if readers send me photos), I may also add a design feedback thing.

I want this blog to become valuable for learning as well as, hopefully, some entertainment.


The following is one of the funniest things I have ever seen, and it will make your day.

It’s about what some monkeys think about inequaity.

If you do not spit your coffee in a burst of laughter at some point during this short video, rush right out tomorrow and get your laugher checked.


To my own beloved Mother who has so valiantly recovered from her recent bout with pneumonia, and who is an inspiration everyday. Here with my Sis at a local restaurant . . . Cassie is a great Mother too!


88 on March 8, and slowing her down is like trying to herd kittens!


AND Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who live the unselfish lives required to nurture and care, and love unconditionally. You deserve the best thanks.

That goes for you Moms of furkids too. I know what that takes! I asked mine not to make me the “presents” they made last year. Just a kiss will do!

Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon.

You Can’t Do Anything About It . . .


It is that time of year again. Time for a season change and putting the garden to rest for the Winter. But always in October, there are still a couple of weeks when things still look great, and I can sit and enjoy everything a little while longer.

Then, I am luckier than most because I did build that Garden Room where I can enjoy some of the ambiance all Winter long.

So, on Saturday afternoon, after that last post and after a bunch of other work was done, I took a glass of wine and went out to sit on my swing. The plan was to think about which plants to take inside and when (besides the15 Hibiscus of course), and which to root cuttings from for next year – the usual gardener type stuff.

As soon as I sat down, it started to sprinkle a bit. I thought it odd because I had just checked the radar and there were no storms nearby.

The sprinkles became bigger and a couple of them made the dreaded ping noise of hail.

I started moving the Hibiscus containers under shelter and brought the Huskies in out of the yard.

What followed was a forty minute hail storm that pretty much wiped out the garden in one fell swoop, flooded everything and left about six inches of ice on the ground.

Of course, a sense of shock and sadness and loss ensued.

When I get upset about something, DH often remarks, “There’s nothing you can do about it.” That makes me madder still, of course, because I am a control freak who must fix everything, don’t you know.

But this time, when I heard the words, there was some comfort there.

Truly, there are things you just can’t do anything about, and there is a nice sense of relief in accepting that.

At least I was not going to have to make the decision about when to move things to the greenhouse! That would be now!

12 Days of Christmas Sale!

Every December, I have a BIG SALE for my blog Subscribers. Usually, that is a 20/20 Sheer Heaven Sale, but alas, I cannot do that this year. For the first time, our conversion mill must do some retooling and shut down for a large part of January. For the first time ever, I face the possibility that I will temporarily run out of Sheer Heaven, so having a big sale on it right now makes no sense at all.

It has been my experience that when folks take one of my workshops, they want another.

It has also been true that when someone enjoys a workshop, they often buy one for a friend.

So, I have decided that having a 2 for 1 Sale on WHENEVER Workshops might be a sale that is earthshaking enough.

Here’s how it works: You buy two workshops and the second one is free.

Two for you – or buy one for you, and the second as a gift for a friend.

The less expensive of the two is the free one. If both are the same price, one of them is free.

The Shopping Cart cannot figure this out, but I can. I will subtract the free workshop BEFORE processing your charge.

I cannot figure out how to make PayPal work for this, however, so you have to use a VISA or Mastercard through the Shopping Cart this time. If you cannot do that, email me and we will figure something out.

If you are giving a Workshop as a Gift, you must tell me the recipient’s Name and Email address in the Comments section of the order, so I can set up their registration and access to the workshop files, and they will then be eligible to send me questions and get answers as well.

You can then go ahead and Download both Workshop Guides and email one to your friend.


Here is the link to the WHENEVER Workshop page (and you can always find it in the sidebar as well.

What a heart breaking loss . . .

Although my graphics firm did marketing materials for Apple Computer way back in the 80′s, I never actually met Steve Jobs.

Yet the intensity of my grief at his passing feels like the loss of a dear friend. Someone who was a hero to me.

No one has had a greater impact on the path my life has taken. And his gifts just kept coming. in fact, I have only recently stated that the iPad has changed my art life once again.

I can’t imagine a greater gift to the world than bringing the magic of the information age to every person, even if they are not technically inclined.

I felt compelled to go to the Apple website tonight and had to smile at the perfection, the simplicity, of this home page. It’s so Apple. Steve would be proud – in fact, he probably designed it.

My sense of grief is exceeded only by my sense of gratitude that this man lived, followed his dreams, and enabled mine.