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Artist Journal Chronicles is Here!

ajccovershotblogI wish I were you for a couple hours.

That’s weird, because I have rarely wanted to be in someone else’s shoes. I like my crazy life.

Actually, I don’t even want to be in my “SHOES”, but you know what I mean.

I wish this book had been written by someone else, because then, I could be like you, and have the pleasure of opening and exploring a WONDERFUL adventure in my favorite subject – art journaling.

Since that can’t be true, I do appreciate the joy I had in putting this together for other journal lovers.

Artist Journal Chronicles, Volume One, is a PDF book that you download on checkout. It has 90+ pages about the What, Why, When, and How of visual journal pages. It has story, maps of creative process, tips and art lessons, reviews, tool talk, and page projects for every level of complexity.

In this age of boutique publishing, I don’t know whether to call this a series of books or a magazine. So I decided it is a periodical.

Then I looked up the meaning of “periodical” and was a little worried about the “Regular Interval” part of the definition, because you all know about my unpredictable art life, But I enjoyed this so much that I plan to start the next volume as soon as I see whether you support this project by purchasing this one.

One person should not go purchase this volume because she won the free copy. That’s you, Rhee. I have sent you an email with the download link.

The way I did this was to yell out to Mark to pick a number between 1 and 68. He picked 28. I then went and counted to the 28th comment from the beginning – leaving out myself and one duplicate. Random enough I figure.

Anyway, without further ado (I will be back with more ado later), here is your link to this most amazing publication (in my humble opinion, of course, since I am thus far the only one to have seen it).


Please let me know if you enjoy it. I would say “and if you don’t” but I just don’t think that’s possible (grin).

FALL-ing into a new studio space . . .

leafpageIt’s that time of year when I don’t want to get rid of the Wild Rose bush that I never planted in the first place, and that fights me all Summer – with thorns being the least of her weapons.

But I came from Michigan a LONG time ago, and Fall leaves had lots of reds (Santa Fe leaves do not), so when this Wild Rose produces such amazing color every Fall, she stays on my “keeper” list. Continue reading

When You Wish Upon a Star . . .

wishingstarsMany of you will remember that, during a studio tour last Fall, I fell in love – with glass. It was a grand passion and I went nuts, bought a kiln two weeks later, and jumped in with both feet (not into the kiln), but into the creation of beautiful sparkly things.

The thing about me is that, no matter the medium, my monkey mind starts swinging from idea trees, and I come up with new and unusual “product” ideas. It’s what I do. I think this comes from all my years in marketing and retailing, but who really knows where ideas come from? Not me. Continue reading