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Whatever Is MOVING!


I have not posted here since February because an accidental fall broke my hip on February 6, and I have been recovering from surgery since.

The other thing I am trying to heal is the confusion in my online life. What to post where is a biggie.

Back in December, I launched my Art-FULL Life blog which is hosted on my artist site (

I am leaving the Whatever blog here so archives can be accessed, but from this date, I will only be blogging on Art-FULL Life. Much simpler.

If you are Subscribed to this Whatever blog, you do not have to do anything. I have transferred your subscription, and you will now get post notices from Art-FULL Life.

If you are not subscribed and want to be, you can make that happen at this link:



An iPad Art Journal Retreat! What?


I am very excited about this because I always get excited about doing things that have never been done before, and anything cutting edge and DIFFERENT n the art world.

The best way to describe this is the way I describe it on the info page . . .


A one-of-a-kind art journaling retreat in beautiful, Santa Fe!

Supply List:  iPad and Stylus . . .That’s all, folks!

Believe it or not, you can create an ENTIRE art journal, travel journal, or any other kind of journal COMPLETELY on your iPad.

Your itinerary, your sketches, your paintings (in any media you prefer – from colored pencils to watercolor) your photos, your collages, your handwritten notes, and anything you want to type in a choice of fonts. Take quick guerrilla photos of your surroundings, meals, and adventures on the spot, and stick them on a page immediately with your added notes. No glue, no supplies to carry. You can journal anywhere . . .

Have you ever picked up your art journal and taken a picture with it? And the picture is right there on the page to resize, rotate, and place.? That’s just one magic trick you can do with iPad journaling.

“But I just love having real life journals.” you might say.

This is NOT an either/or situation. You can save this journal as a PDF to print and bind into a real life journal at any time. You can print individual pages just the right size to stick into other journals. You can even make your journal into a slideshow or video to share.

This is magical stuff indeed. And the best thing is that this way of journaling is so easy that you get it all done and don’t leave out a thing!

And you can shuffle the page order around at any time you want.

What’s not to love?

We will spend a wonderfully relaxing five days immersing ourselves in the creative magic and beauty that is Santa Fe, and recording it all in the journals we create right inside our iPads.

We have a great classroom, with just the perfect lighting for working with our iPads, and a huge flat screen TV for sharing our pages.

You DO NOT need to have drawing skills when you get here, but you WILL bring some home with you! I just can’t help teaching people that they can draw, and drawing on the iPad is easy!

We will have our iPad art lessons in the morning, when we are bright-eyed and bushy tailed, then go off on our Santa Fe adventures and come back to the classroom to create and fine tune our pages.

Workshop hours are from 10am – 5pm, but you will be out and about for much of that time, so you will see plenty of Santa Fe.

This Retreat is limited to 10 students because of our classroom size. If you think this sounds like fun, all the other details are here:

iPad Art Journal Retreat in Santa Fe

Happy Birthday, Sheer Heaven!


It was one wonderful day early in 2000 that I finally thought Sheer Heaven was just right. I was using it for making lamps and artwork then, but in 2001, I started, and took Sheer Heaven to a craft wholesale show, and the rest is history. Here we all are today, and I would not have met you if it were not for Sheer Heaven.

Although Sheer Heaven is an art paper of astounding performance and possibilities, the most amazing of those turned out to be a suggestion from reader, Ann Lloyd, that I try an inkjet transfer using rubbing alcohol.

And the rest is a whole new history.

So, 2015 is Sheer Heaven’s 15th Birthday, and we need to celebrate.

I will be doing posts here and in our new ART-Full Life Magazine on some of the millions of things you can do with this magic stuff – there is one on the ART-Full Life blog today, in fact.

I would love to have a 15-15 Sale for my readers – like we used to have the 20-20 sales, but  since my costs went up 39% two years ago, that would now be a loss for me.

But, I want to do something for our fans, so I am having a 15% Off Birthday Sale from today through January 15, 2015.

15% Off represents a significant discount on the larger packages, which already have a lower sheet price, but you save almost $3 on the ten pack as well.

This sale is only for my blog readers so you will not find it on my website or in the Shopping Cart. You must follow this special link to a special section just for you . . .

Sheer Heaven Birthday Sale

Merry Christmas from Santa Fe!

lorettolightsIt’s a low key Christmas. Family is elsewhere and we can’t be, because when you are in retail, in a tourist destination, you don’t close your gallery and go away.

I love how the faralitos (what they are called in Santa Fe) line the pueblo architecture of the Inn at Loretto. This is the iconic Santa Fe Christmas shot, but I just took it with my iPhone, so it’s not all it could be. My hands were cold! Continue reading