Todays Tubac Workshop….


We really had fun today in my Polymer clay class. 2 Ladies came from San Diego and 2 were from Green Valley.

I love how their “Dolls” turned out.

Class pictures 001 copy

My friend Diana is opening a Stamp Store here in Tubac and I will be teaching there. I will be posting her progress. We will be open June 1st!

4 comments to Todays Tubac Workshop….

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    jessica says:

    The dolls are so cool! A new stamp store in Tubac and you teaching again – all good stuff!

    Where will the new store be? Near your gallery?

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    vesta says:

    Hi Jess, The Store is on the third street over, Camino Otero. The classes have been full so we need to expand.

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    Delores says:

    The polymer clay dolls look great! Love the colors!

    It is wonderful to hear of a new stamp store opening! If I am ever in the area, I will definitely check out the store! I looked at a map and Tubac is only 1,150 miles away!! LOL! Maybe someday though!

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    vesta says:

    Hi Dolores, not exactly down the block for you. Hope you make it out this way sometime!

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