The best fountain secret in the world . . .



I have mentioned before that I have been involved with fountains for a long time – almost 20 years now, so keeping a fountain clean has been on the top of my priority list.

And I have tried every commercial product on the market. Some of the most highly recommended actually caused algae to bloom much faster! Chlorine keeps swimming pools clean but it destroys portable fountain pumps and is not healthy for the birds who love to splash and play in the fountains in the garden.

The final solution was right here in the medicine cabinet all along, and is very inexpensive – Hydrogen Peroxide.

I keep hydrogen peroxide in the house for wound cleaning for us and sometimes for the dogs if they get a scrape – like from climbing a tree, if we are talking about my Malamute/Husky, for example.

And I will never forget the other-worldly redhead I became when I used Hydrogen Peroxide as hair bleach in the eighth grade. Even my own mother didn’t think it was pretty.

But, who knew Hydrogen Peroxide was an awesome fountain cleaner all this time? And almost magic in the way it works. I have seen it clear a green and murky fountain to crystal clear water in 24 hours.

Of course the idea is to act before your fountain is green and murky, but that just doesn’t seem to happen.

It is smart to take your fountain apart and clean all the parts periodically, but even if you constantly recycle the water like we do here in Santa Fe – because it evaporates so quickly, you are bound to get algae bloom. And let’s face it, we don’t always do our scheduled cleaning chores – of fountains or anything else, on time.

Pour a generous amount – about 1/3 – 1/2 of a  16 oz bottle into the fountain water. The amount depends on how big your fountain is – I use the half bottle for my birdbath fountains and less for smaller bowl fountains.

Nothing will happen right away – but give it a day and you will be shocked to see every bit of green slime gone and your fountain returned to crystal clean beauty.

It does not hurt the wildlife either, because it turns into oxygen by the time those 24 hours are up!

And all this magic is at your supermarket near the band-aids for about $1/bottle!

Try it – you will be SO happy you did.

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18 comments to The best fountain secret in the world . . .

  • 1
    susun says:

    So good to know! Can’t wait to try this in my fountain and birdbath!

  • 2
    Linda G says:

    You are just a wealth of information! Thanks for the great tip!

  • 3
    Carolyn says:

    My backyard birds thank you.

  • 4
    Linda says:

    Thank you so much. I too have several fountains and have always worried about chlorine. TY TY TY

  • 5
    Bill says:

    How often do you replace the Peroxide?

    I have a 5 gallon fountain and find when the water starts to look a little cloudy that one oz of chlorine bleach will clean it up in an hour or so. I add the bleach to the top tier of the fountain so that it takes a time to cycle to the pump. Depending on the amount sun and temerity I find the water stays clear for two or three days.

    This has worked for me and I this small amount of bleach is bad for my pump or the birds who drink from the fountain from time to time. However, I do find that after a few weeks other debris the birds bring in accumulates in the fountain and I have to drain it and refill to get it out.

  • 6
    Sandy says:

    I hesitate using any kind of chemicals as so much of this is toxic to honey bees (once being a bee keeper). The Honey bee is so important to the environment and the hives are having such a difficult time surviving.

  • 7
    June says:

    Will this hurt goldfish?

  • 8
    margaret says:

    i wonder if it can be used in a pond with koi and goldfish

  • 9
    margaret says:

    good question June

  • 10
    Sheri says:

    can it be used in a koi and goldfish ponds.

  • 11
    kathy says:

    Yes, I would like to know if this is harmful to fish also?

  • 12
    Anonymous says:

    peroxide shouldnt hurt any wildlife, but the bleach will esp to sensitive smaller animals

  • 13
    Anonymous says:

    This is what I give my dog if he gets into something that could be harmful. Just a small amount will cause vomiting. What will happen to birds and pets who drink from the fountains? Maybe since its mixed with the water it won’t cause vomiting.

  • 14
    Rima says:

    could we use the hydrogen peroxide to clean our kitchen and bathroom pipes? what do u think?

  • 15

    This will kill fish, if you are trying it, cover the fountain to keep birds and pets out. I’m not so sure about it turning into oxygen in x hours– as a test on my dogs

  • 16
    Sami says:

    So the answer of using peroxide in Koi ponds is yes? I bet it would take a couple bottles since my pond is 9′x16′…Just wanted to be sure its safe before I pour peroxide in my pond with all my darling Koi and goldfish!

  • 17
    Marj says:

    Do not use any chemical on Koi, for green fish ponds use a barley bag available at any decent garden/pond store, it’s harmless and uses the waste of barley harvesting to clear water.

    An old employer of mine asked how she could clear her Koi pond, before I returned the next day she had dumped several bottles of bleach in the pond which was the size of a farm pond, the sight of all those very large Koi floating dead was disgusting, all she could say was “I want a clean pond”

  • 18

    This works WONDERFULLY!!!!!!!!!!! I have struggled for two years to keep the fountain at my church clean. I have scrubbed with bleach, pool chemicals, chlorine, vacuumed — you name it; I did it in an effort to get clear water. Within just a week of scrubbing and adding bleach or pool chemicals, the water always returned to green muck. BUT with just one 88-cent treatment of Hydrogen Peroxide the fountain has been crystal clear for one month…and counting. No scrubbing, no vacuuming, no harsh chemicals. I just poured one bottle into the fountain and in just a day or two, it was absolutely crystal clear. I am just amazed at how easy and inexpensive this is. I am going to do a blog post about it and link back to your site. THANK YOU for sharing this information!!!

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